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It’s been some time since I have seen an advertisement as cute as the video featuring what must be the cutest corporate mascot, Chinese online-retailer’s JOY, bringing Christmas magic alongside cultural icon of cuteness, Hello Kitty. This year, around three-hundred million consumers in China will experience the joy Hello Kitty brings. This is thanks to a partnership between and Sanrio.


On December 22nd of 2018, China’s largest online retailer,, launched a special sales promotion featuring these two adorable furry friends in holiday themed outfits. They also launched some precious Hello Kitty-themed merchandise from a wide variety of brands. These are all available from their online platform. believes in “enabling consumers to buy whatever they want, whenever and wherever they want it.” In this spirit, which they call “Boundaryless Retail”, they are installing an interactive photobooth in the popular Wangfujin APM shopping mall in Beijing, China. Customers will be able to take a selfie with JOY and Hello Kitty and then scan a QR code that will take them to’s promotion.


Head of Marketing at, Jipeng Men says, “We are delighted to be able to leverage our platform’s extensive offerings to bring Hello Kitty closer to over 300 million consumers across China this holiday season. As we advance our Boundaryless Retail vision, we look forward to bringing other beloved characters to our customers, providing a truly interactive and engaging shopping experience, no matter where they choose to shop.” has a long history of joining forces with a wide range of companies and franchises. These include brands such as LINE FRIENDS, Warner Bro.’s Justice League and even Walmart. JD is in a great position to help brands reach a wide range of consumers across various platforms. View Additional Info Here.


With all of these avenues, is pushing to be one of the most successful companies in the world. They clearly are striving to be in touch with consumers as well as helping brands become even more recognized. The advertisement video does a fantastic job of showing their relationship with their business partners and consumers.


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Matthew Fleeger Reveals A Few Of His Leadership Strategies That Have Kept Gulf Coast Western In Business

Matthew Fleeger has been working in Texas oil fields since he was younger. After building his own career, on the side, he took over as chief executive officer for Gulf Coast Western, which is a company his father started up in 1970. Since he has been in charge of the company, many improvements have been made, and it has become a leader in the oil industry in the United States.

Matthew Fleeger led his company through the oil recession that took place some years back and did so by focusing on making it more efficient. He had to take a closer look at every aspect of how the business ran and discovered there were many ways to cut down on costs without having to let go of too many employees. He has given his team a lot of credit for helping to keep the company afloat during the recession and was able to find many new business opportunities by looking in places he would have never considered to look before.

Matthew Fleeger has always been quick to access Gulf Coast Western’s deep knowledge of how to successfully produce oil and find it. Over the years, he has also built many different partnerships that have stood the test of time. Fleeger has always been open to learning more about and using new drilling technologies, and this has given his company that extra edge it has needed. Matthew Fleeger believes that one of his best leadership qualities is his ability to stay positive when the chips are down. He has seen that this kind of attitude spreads to others, and this has kept the energy of his workers up. He has also found that it is always a good idea to be transparent with his employees about what direction he wants to take the company in, and this has kept many of his longtime employees loyal and happy.

A Breakdown of the Math and Statistics Behind Behaviour by Gareth Henry

In his article on Quantitative Investment, Gareth Henry seeks to elucidate the complexity behind the method that is widely used in Finance circles to predict and understand people’s mannerisms. He also explains how this method has gained traction over the years in the SEC market and with investors.

From numerous myriad of methods used in the early 90s Stock Exchange, there arose Program Trading. Unlike its alternative, this method quickly gained the market’s attention; resulting from the high profits it accrued.

With time, Program Trading gave rise to Quantitative Analysis; a technique much like its predecessor, albeit using statistical modeling and mathematics to gain understanding on the human behavior and apply the knowledge gained to Stock Market investment. Today, more than 80% of trade made in the American Stock Exchange is carried out with this method.

As Gareth Henry observes, the popularity of Quant Analysis has resulted in its marriage to other relating factors for analysis, generally known as Qualitative analysis. This varies, however, as some investment funds prefer plain old rational number-driven decisions as opposed to factoring in emotions which can sometimes be detrimental.

According to Mr. Gareth Henry, different strategies are employed depending on the market’s state. Typical key examples of Quant Trading applications can be found in:

  1. Risk Parity
  2. Statistical Arbitrage
  3. Factor Investing
  4. System Global Macro

Gareth Henry, however, also points out that in any typical Economic setup, things become relatively cheap whenever supply is more than the demand. With the influx of Quant Investment in the market over the last decade, competition has become stiff. Majority of investment funds are on par now regarding skill, and this has made attaining profit margins and beating competitors extremely difficult.

The methods and high-profit risks earlier Quant Investors had been relying on to defeat the system have generally become the unofficial standard.

This, coupled with the sudden behaviors of in interest rates observed over the past 30 years have resulted in a Quant Trading “rough patch.” Quants have addressed this by slowly upgrading their methods. Conclusively, Gareth notes that a different approach will be needed to tackle the colossal changes in today’s market.

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Stream Energy as a Corporate Philantrophy

Stream Energy is not your average company. They are committed not only to their clients and employees but also to the community. When Hurricane Harvey struck, it struck hard, and many Americans lost their homes, their pets, and even their lives. Stream, a Dallas company, didn’t hesitate to jump in and help out. They were one of the first to fund the recovery and to help ease the huge financial burden that fell upon many of their customers.

Corporate philanthropy is a big part of the compassionate company, and they have formed what is known as “Stream Cares.” Stream is a company that gives back, and they are big supporters of many different causes and organizations. The company has relationships with the Red Cross, and Hope Supply Co, as well as many others. Stream teamed up with Hope Supply Co. In order to cover the entrance fee and meals costs for over 1,000 children who are homeless in the Dallas area at the Splash for Hope which is held annually.

Stream Energy was also there when a tornado devastated the lives of countless Texans. Many lost their businesses, and their homes and Stream matched donations that were given to help victims of the Tornado’s destruction.

Stream Energy partnered with Operation Once in a Lifetime to provide both moral as well as financial support to Veterans in the Dallas area as well as their families. Stream provided transportation to disadvantaged veterans and their families and hosted a December lunch at a Texas restaurant. They also co-hosted an all-expenses-paid American Girl Doll Experience for ten daughters of members of the military.

Stream has a big heart does all that they can to help out. They are trying to make life better for many Texans and to spread awareness to the situations of many struggling or who have had their lives torn apart by a natural disaster. The generosity of the company is infectious and more organizations are following suit. Stream Energy is a company that truly cares, and it shows. They try to do good and to spread the love with actions.

Paul Mampilly: Precision Medicine is a Great Investment Idea

Paul Mampilly doesn’t want American middle-class investors to struggle when investing their wealth. The renowned investment guru, who has been working with the elite class in the community, is passionate about his career life, and he has not failed those who have been seeking his investment advice over the years. Paul Mampilly has been the person in charge of writing a popular investment newsletter in the country that is called Profits Unlimited. The main reason this newspaper has been written is to help American readers to make the right choices concerning their stocks. Everyone in the country wants to get high returns on the different places they have invested, but without help from an expert, many have been failing.

There are over ninety thousand people who read the newsletter that is published by Banyan Hill. If you are one of the few individuals who follow the advice given by Paul Mampilly, you have all the reason to celebrate. The American hedge fund manager has asked his readers to consider taking part in precision medicine. The investment guru has been keen on the changes taking place in the healthcare department, and according to Paul, precision medicine is a great area that is brewing, and soon people will be earning and benefiting from it. According to the hedge fund manager, this is an area that will be considered as a huge win for the people who will start to take it seriously.

In the recent years, Paul Mampilly says that the healthcare market has transitioned, and there are new trends that are bringing a smile to people who are dealing with various types of diseases. This ground breaking area is, however, not common among many investors in the world. Many are still scared of investments that involve medicine, and this has been hindering growth. The government and many powerful institutions have been offering the funds and support needed by this department, but it is time for private investors to take interest and earn some good profits. Experts in medicine are happy about this investment idea too, and they are supporting it in all ways. The hedge fund manager has explained more about this investment opportunity in his investment newsletter so that people can grab the opportunity.

How Victoria Doramus overcame great odds to build a fruitful career in the media industry

The creative industry, just like any other sector, is flocked with a myriad of challenges that all professionals worth their salt must overcome to become successful. This was the case with Victoria Doramus , who entered the media and entertainment industry immediately after completing her degree in journalism and mass communication from the University of Colorado. From an early age, Victoria Doramus showed a strong interest in arts and history and her career was the culmination of her passion.

Genesis of Victoria’s career

What would become a glamorous career, started when Victoria landed her first job at Mindshare where she worked as a media planner assistant. This job required her work hand in glove with clients to come up with branded and personalized content as well as negotiate contracts with media vendors. This put her in a catbird seat; where she was able build cordial working relationships with various media executives.

Following her ambition to learn more and do more, Victoria Doramus would switch to Stila Cosmetics where she worked as the creative consultant. This is a job that really exposed her creativity as she had more freedom to express her thoughts and ideas with more experienced art directors.

Further engagements and experience

A few years later in 2007, Victoria decided to change camps and moved to work with the Creative Artists Agency as a group coordinator. During her three –year stay with the Agency, Doramus would handle all the correspondents of the Agency spread across the world besides reviewing market reports and maintaining communication with their clients. She also engaged her creative side and wrote several articles for notable publications such as The Cassandra Report and Trend Central.

Always on the move for better things, Victoria Doramus would move to Trendera where she was tasked with building marketing campaigns, product development, acquisition of new businesses, supervising contract workers.

More about Victoria Doramus

She has assisted in the writing of many books such as What’s Next: The Expert’s Guide and The Modern Girl’s Guide to Sticky Situations both by Harper Collins , and Decades: A Century of Fashion published by Bloomsburry. Victoria has also written for USA Today, Cosmopolitan, and The Huffington Post.

The Oustanding Ability Of’s Corporate Responsibility

Jingdong is a proven Chinese based company that provide millions of products to consumers. All people have to do is log online to this site to find the products and services they desire. Jingdong or has been providing this service since 1998 when ti was formally known as 360buy. Today, Jingdong is a leading retail organization. It has hundred of millions of consumers as clients.


One of the most important aspects of Jingdong is their corporate responsibility. People might not realize this but all corporations hold themselves and other companies to a high standard of excellence. These organizations must ensure that they are developing, marketing and selling products in a way that works within the environment.


Jingdong makes sure that their products are meeting standards established by environmental organizations. They are also working to ensure that they are not causing distress to the communities that they serve. Jingdong supports the environment and it also helps to alleviate poverty through its multi-faceted sustainable platforms. Jingdong helps to eliminate poverty through job creation, business ventures and product sales. They also provide education and other resources that helps to get people employed.


Jingdong Mall was honored with SEAL Business Sustainability Award for their outstanding corporate responsibility. This award is typically given to a chosen company from around the world who shows outstanding work in in the area of corporate work.


Jingdong wants to contribute to society. They know that partnering with communities will allow them to make a difference in the lives of people all over China and in surrounding territories. Corporate responsibility should never be taken lightly by any organization. All companies must make it a point to give back to communities they do business with and that they represent.


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Jacob Gottlieb: A Real Titan of Healthcare Investments

Jacob Gottlieb is famously known for his unrivaled success in investment and entrepreneurship. He majorly focuses on healthcare investments, which has earned him the title ‘titan of healthcare investing.’ For Gottlieb, the sky is the limit when it comes to the advancement of medical treatments and meaningful health services. As such, he is adding Altium Capital to his endeavors. Altium Capital is a healthcare-based venture focusing on investment opportunities that impart growth of firms in the said sector.

Understanding the Concept of Altium Capital

This enterprise has had several recent investments among them being Oramed Pharmaceuticals (ORMP), Oragenics, and Amarin Corporation (AMRN). Their initial investment in Oramed was a 5.61% stake, which has developed an alternative oral treatment for diabetic patients who depend on injection. Their innovative oral insulin capsule (ORMD-0801) has been tried, tested, and grouped with Glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1), capsule (ORMD-0901), and analog (exenatide).

Amarin is an innovative pharmaceutical firm that seeks to develop cardiovascular drugs. They have experienced rapid growth over time. In 2012, they had their first drug, Vascepa (AMR-101), approved by FDA, and this was among the most significant milestones. Oragenics is also growing quite fast since it was launched in 1996. It borrows from the concept of replacement therapy, which is based on the replacement of destructive microbes with helpful bacteria for enhanced health.

Gottlieb Envisions Healthcare Improvement Day and Night

Throughout his career, Jacob has been fine-tuning his instinct and amazing skills for growth in the healthcare sector. His fingers are always on the pulse of development in this sector, which is evident through his founded ventures. Before the idea of Altium, Jacob had launched Visium Asset Management, a highly successful enterprise that had raised $8 billion by 2016. Although it later shut down due to insider trading by several employees, it did not deter Jacob Gottlieb from pursuing further meaningful investments.

Improve Your Well-Being With Dherbs Cleanses

Dherbs is a wellness brand selling cleanses and other supplements online and through independent representatives. The Los Angeles based company is known across the world as a trusted provider of products that detoxify the body and help you feel your very best. The Full Body Cleanse is the most popular product offer from Dherbs, but one of many the company sells.

Why use the Full Body Cleanse?

Using the Full Body Cleanse is a great way to rejuvenate the body and get those toxins out of the body. You may shed a few pounds over the course of the 20-days of the cleanse, which is a benefit for most people. You’ll certainly improve energy levels, improve your immune system, improve your sleep, and otherwise feel your very best. Read the article at Huffpost to know more about Dherbs

A New Beginning

A.D. Dolphin founded Dherbs in 2004. Since then, the company has risen in popularity as people discover how revolutionary the products really are. The cleanses provide a safe, effective way to rid the harmful toxins we put into our bodies each day, through both voluntary and involuntary means. The cleanses are made in a certified lab using the highest-quality ingredients that ensure their effectiveness safety.

Could You use Some Money?

Not only can Dherbs help you look and feel your best asa product user, they can also help you pocket some cash. Selling the Dherbs products is a great way to earn a full or part-time income from home. Since people trust the name and want to improve their health, the products practically sell themselves. Reps earn 50% commission on all sales as well as other incentives and discounts.

Final Thoughts

Detoxing the body is the easy way to improve your health without the need for medical intervention. Men and women of all ages use detoxes and now it is your turn to learn why they say there is no better way to feel your best than by using a Dherbs cleanse.

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Steve Ritchie’s Plan to Revive Papa Johns

Steve Ritchie believes that the enterprise requires to work extra hard to conquer back their clienteles trust by use of several means. During a conference to analyze the third quarter earnings report, which seemed to be administering depreciation in sales, profits, and income. Steve Richie said the administrators could conclude that Papa John’s progress is operational and they have high hopes in opportunities in the future to revive the company.

Steve Ritchie (@PapaJohns) while talking on the phone said that an improvement is made and essential footsteps are practiced in the sector. The organization aims to concentrate on their workers to hold a positive influence on the purchasers’ feeling where he had faith in it. Critical stages are being made in the section as a lot is needed to be done due to the shortcomings, which are facing the firm.

The company is dedicated to its accomplishment and construct on energy. Steve Ritchie Papa Johns uttered that despite the encounters the institute encountered was worth noticing the progress of Papa John. The measures kept in place are seen to be working as planned. Customers trust is brand for survival because they are the determinants of a company’s success.

Steve Richie stepped in as the chief executive to Louisville in January illustrated that the organization’s way forward to rebrand and emphasize on the staffs was successful as he expected. After the introduction of ‘Voice’ campaign in September, consumer opinion of Papa Johns ( moved from negative to positive according to statistics from a couple of investigations conducted by the firm.

The company’s renovation of the decision-makers suite is going to help Louisville pizza masters give attention to its customers. Reconstruction of new administrative assistant commander, leading operational and progress captain, which is driven by the company’s expert Mike Nettles will be of help to the organization as a whole. The new vice president’s duties is to focus on customer’s opinions or points of interaction and revolution.

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