Everything You Need To Know About Louis Chenevert

The inspiration that we get from reading from the pioneers of the investment world is enough to keep us going during tough moments. The information we scoop from the Louis Chenevert’s success journey gives us a chance to learn new mechanisms of running our businesses.


Louis Chenevert is among the business persons we can look up to, to tap wisdom and knowledge on the field. Although Louis Chenevert is mostly known for the legacy he left in the United Technologies Corporation (UTC), Louis has been involved in more than 50 enterprises that have turned out very successful.


Louis Chenevert is an alumnus of the HEC Montreal, where he studied Production Management. After school, he worked with General Motors for 14 good years. By the time he left the company, he was serving as the Production General Manager. (Learn Louis Chenevert’s Business Successes Past, Present and Future)


In 1993, he was hired by an engineering company: Pratt & Whitney. At the time of his employment, it was recession period. Surprisingly, the unit he was assigned tremendously improved. On seeing this, the management promoted him to the President of the firm. This was the beginning of the peak time of his career.


In 2006, the UTC nominated him as their CEO. It is crucial to note that by then, Pratt & Whitney Company was a subsidiary of UTC. Their decision must have been influenced by his significant performance in Pratt & Whitney.


Louis Chenevert resigned as the CEO of UTC in 2014. However, this was not influenced by any scandals or misunderstandings. Louis Chenevert wanted to live a semi-retired life and focus on his family and other passions like designing yachts.


Despite his resignation, United Technologies Corporation Company is still reaping the benefits of his presence in the company. For instance, the acquisitions that Louis Chenevert made have enlarged the market for their products in the market. This was Chenevert’s way of securing the future of the company and the economy of the USA. UTC Company is expected to offer more 25000 employment opportunities in the years to come. Besides the investments, the current CEO of the firm uses Chenevert’s methods to ensure the firm maintains its standards. See Related Link to learn more.