Johanan Rand Talks about the Changes Our Body Goes Through with Age

There have been numerous studies and research on aging and how the modern medical science can delay the process of aging and help a person look young for longer. Even though there has been some medical therapies and treatment available to help people look younger and stop the aging signs from becoming prominent, there are some areas that still need to be worked upon. One of the names in the field of anti-aging research and treatment that has become highly popular among the people is that of Dr. Johanan Rand. Dr. Johanan Rand has completed his medical education from the famous Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York.


There are many different types of aging-related health complications and other symptoms that people face as they get older. Dr. Johanan Rand helps his patients face these issues through his treatment that is quite popular. Some of the age-related complications that Dr. Johanan Rand is known to help patients with are fatigue, low libido, anxiety, depression, hot flashes, night sweats, and more. Dr. Rand actually studies the medical history of the patient and provides them with the comprehensive medical treatment that helps them live their life normally without feeling the negative effect of these complications. Dr. Rand feels that the loss of good hormones in the body is one of the reasons why the aging signs show up. Some of the good hormones that the body loses with age are progesterone, estrogen, DHEA, and HGH hormone.


Dr. Johanan Rand has been able to devise HCG diet that he asks his patients to follow. It would help with weight management and ensure that they can stay energized and look young. It would also help the body with hormone management. Dr. Johanan Rand combines the power of hormone therapy, diet, and nutrition to help the patients get over the aging problems they are facing. The best part of him is that he understands the patient’s problems first and do not come to a conclusion till all the tests are done with. After that, he prescribes the medicines and other physical exercises to help the patient get better.