Building Material Supplier Eucatex Had A Humble Beginning

In 1923, the Maluf family started a sawmill business in Sao Paulo Brazil. The family decided to get into the building material supply business in November 1951. The new business was called Eucatex. Eucatex was named after the tree the sawmill cut for almost thirty years. Eucalyptus trees grow naturally in the state of Sao Paulo, so it was only fitting that the Maluf family would honor the tree for its service.

Eucatex produced a couple of products in the 1950s. The main product was eucalyptus wood ceiling tiles. The company opened a fiberboard factory in 1954 and called it the Fiberboard Industrial unit. That factory produced ceiling tiles and softboards. The company started to grow rapidly between 1956 and 1965. Company offices were opened in other Brazilian cities. Eucatex also expanded to Buenos Aires.

In 1965, Eucatex started exporting products to Europe. That was the year the Fiberboard Industrial Unit reached 100 tons per day in manufacturing capacity. Eucatex started to get more domestic orders and orders from other countries, so the company opened a hard mill factory, and a Metal Industrial Unit in Barueri, in the state of Sao Paulo. New sales offices were opened in Holland, the UK, Germany, Mexico, and the United States in the 1980s. At the end of the 1980s, Eucatex was exporting products to 50 countries. The grandson of the founder, Flavio Maluf, joined the company in 1987 after spending time in the United States.

Flavio Maluf became president of Eucatex in 1997. Maluf’s vision and leadership helped make the company a major force in the worldwide building material supply industry. Today, Flavio Maluf oversees more than 2,200 employees, four factories, four offices in Brazil, and several international sales offices.

Eucatex is considered a leader in the current environmental movement in Brazil. Maluf supports the clean air agreement. All Eucatex factories and offices use natural energy sources instead of fossil fuel. Mr. Maluf is frequently asked to speak about environmental issues as well as the success he has had in the business world. Eucatex started to develop an Environmental Education Program called “House of Nature” 15 years ago. Since the program’s inception, more than 22,000 people have visited the company’s visiting center.