The Oxford Club’s Role in Building its Members

Oxford Club is an international and independent organization that links investors and entrepreneurs. The Club’s members are offered high-class and time-tested codes that are intended to bring high returns in ordinary stocks. Oxford Club covers a wide range of markets including commodities, stocks, real estate, bonds, and cryptocurrencies. Oxford Club aims at enabling its members to raise and guard their resources. The club advises its members on means to ensure that they maintain their wealthy statuses.


The research team of Oxford Club conducts multiple kinds of research to find the investment chances with the highest yields and minimum risks. Oxford Club’s success is as a result of its thorough and all-inclusive approaches that help the investors receive high returns at the end of the year irrespective of the market state. Their primary investment approaches include the following:


  1. A clearly-drawn investment plan.

Oxford Club capitalizes on diversification to reduce chances of risks. Oxford Club also encourages its members to avoid investing in a single commodity. The investment club has many financial experts who are tasked with finding the most suitable investment for the members. An investor targeting great returns should have a portfolio that includes a wide range of equities.

  1. Reducing one’s investment expenses.

Cutting the costs helps investors to reduce liabilities and expenses that accrue from taxes and keeping stock for a long time. This strategy allows Oxford Club investors to avoid short-term investment gains.

  1. Devise an exit strategy.

The Oxford Club equips its members with knowledge on when to purchase their stock. The entrepreneurs should have clear ways of when and how to sell their purchases to make high returns.

  1. Size of the stock.

A successful investor knows the what size of stock he/she needs to purchase in a particular investment. The right size is the one that can sell quickly and also generates higher returns.

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Greg Aziz: A History of Excellence at National Steel Car

When Gregory James Aziz joined National Steel Car, it could be said that the rail freight company was still in its infancy. Although it had been around for nearly 80 years, there was still much development to be done to bring National Steel Car to the top global leader it is today.

History of National Steel Car

National Steel Car has had a highly proud and prominent career since it was founded over one hundred years ago. It is one of Canada’s proudest and has built a solid legacy that continues on today. Six established businessmen from Hamilton, Ontario came together in 1912 to bring Canada into the front line of rail car development. It was the hay day of the rail road industry and through the efforts of these six businessmen Canada shot to the front of the lines in rail car development.


National Steel Car may have come from humble beginnings, but the company has continued to grow until it earned the honor of being named as North America’s leader in freight and rail car manufacturing. In fact, it is the only company that has been honored with the prestigious TTX SECO award each year for over ten years.

A Legend in Quality

Among its accolades, National Steel Car has earned a reputation for being the consistent leader in quality products. National Steel Car has set the bar that other companies in the industry now much meet or be left behind. The company has earned numerous accolades and honors in the industry for both its quality of work and for the consistency of excellence in the product that they supply around the world. Click Here for more information about Aziz and National Steel Car.


A Testament to Leadership

At the helm of National Steel Car is its leader, Gregory James Aziz. Greg Aziz has been with the company since 1994. During that time, he made major changes to bring National Steel Car to the forefront of technology. The rail industry is often one that is noted for being traditional in their engineering and manufacturing. Through Gregory J. Aziz’s commitment to innovation, National Steel Car is now one of the leaders in technology in the industry.


Greg Aziz has grown the company to great heights. Gregory J Aziz has helped to more than triple the company’s workforce in just a few short years. He has also managed to grow production over 400% in those same short years.


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It is your time to Know Paul Mampilly More

Are you a serious investor? If yes, then you have read this popular newsletter called Profits Unlimited. This is an eight-page document that is written by Paul Mampilly. In this great report, Mampilly focuses on a new investment that people can invest in and explain why he recommends it to you. With 60,000 subscribers, Profits Unlimited is one of the favorite newsletters in the world today.

Why is this newsletter successful? That is the question many investors like Mampilly are asking today. The reasons are just out their visible to everybody but hidden in between words. One of the reasons is, Mampilly is a proven successful investor too. Every person who reads this newsletter wants to know how he turned an investment of $50 million to $88 million. This was a profit of more than 75% which was uncommon during his time. Due to that, he won an award called Templeton Foundation’s investment competition which made him even more famous.

Simple communication is the primary aim of any written material. That is why Paul Mampilly writes his newsletter in a way that most people can understand. He has people helping the heart. This makes him write his ideas in a straightforward way which everybody can understand. His publisher Banyan Hill Publishing recognizes the need for communication by doing a great job. In addition to a newsletter, Mampilly has a website where he helps people in tracking stocks.

Paul Mampilly was an Indian resident who migrated to the United States while young. With over 20 years in the investment field, Mampilly is a very successful financial investor. In the year 1991, he started his bright career from Deutsche Bank. After that, he his skills grew, and he began managing several accounts with millions of cash inside.

Paul Mampilly is one of those people who have an excellent reputation enhanced by his high profile. Most of his successes come when worked as account management at Royal Bank of Scotland, Kinetics International Fund, and Hedge Fund Company.

After retirement, Mampilly is currently working on his Profits Unlimited newsletter and website as mentioned early. During his working time, Mampilly was as successful as he is today. The Templeton Foundation’s competition was one of the awards that he won during that time. Like most other successful, Mampilly uses his philosophy knowledge to help young investors to grow by them resources and goal reaching tools.


The Philanthropic Efforts of Gregory Aziz through National Steel Car

National Steel Car is among the top manufacturing industries in the world. The company is proud to be associated with Gregory J Aziz, who works as the chief executive officer of the firm. National Steel Car boasts of being the leading manufacturers of railroad freight cars. Based in Hamilton, Ontario the manufacturing enterprise has over one hundred years of experience in the production of cargo vehicles. The firm provides unique solutions to the transport industry. National Steel Car started functioning way back in 1994 after Gregory Aziz purchased it.


Gregory Aziz is the chairperson of the National Steel Car’s board of directors. He attended the University of Western Ontario where he pursued a degree in economics before joining Affiliated Foods in 1971. Affiliated Foods is Greg Aziz’s family business that specializes in importing and exporting fresh food within Eastern Canada and the United States. His stewardship spearheaded the growth of the firm into a large wholesale food enterprise that sourced its products from Europe, South America, and Central America.


Gregory James Aziz later changed his environment in the late 1980s, relocating to New York to pursue his career in the investment banking world. His dream of establishing a leading rail freight car focused on serving the North America Market. National Steel Car incorporates creativity, engineering, and manufacturing expertise to produce quality rail cars. For over 18 years consecutively, the firm boasts of being the best company in the manufacturing industry. National Steel Car has recorded an increase in production levels of vehicles from 3,500 to 12000 freight cars as well as a rise in the number of employees to over two thousand workers. See This Page to learn more.


James Aziz takes part in various charitable activities that provide support to people of Hamilton, Ontario. The businessman sets aside funds from the company’s profit to make donations. National Steel Car provides support to various organizations through financial aid. Establishments supported by the firm include the Hamilton Opera and the Salvation Army among others. The manufacturing company holds a whole Christmas party annually for both current and former employees. The bash involves a food drive fund that supports local food banks. Gregory J Aziz has ensured that National Steel Cars continues to produce high- quality vehicles. The Hamilton community praises him for his contributions to the society. Gregory James Aziz provides immense support to Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, which is an agricultural fair that is renowned in Canada.


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Gregory Aziz – CEO Of National Steel Car

National Steel Car is the biggest manufacturer of railway vehicles in North America. The company is based in Hamilton, Ontario. Founded in 1912, it is currently headed by Gregory James Aziz. In the beginning, the company exceeded the expectations of the investors that started it, but during the great depression in the 1930’s the company fell behind. It just lacked diversity compared to competing companies, and there were no orders coming. During World War 2, National Steel Car renewed its business and orders. In 1990 Dofasco, a group that owned the business, sold the declining company to National Industries Inc., owned by Greg James Aziz. In his hands, the company increased its workforce 6 times and its production capacity 4 times. National Steel Car is one of the few train car manufacturers and rolling stock companies left in Canada.

The CEO of National Steel Car, Greg Aziz, was born in London, Ontario on April 30, 1949. He graduated from Ridley College and completed his major in Economics at the University of West Ontario. His family was the owner of Affiliated Foods, a wholesale foods business. When he joined the company, it grew into a worldwide importer of fresh products, which were distributed in wholesale markets throughout the United States and Canada.

He worked in banking investment in New York during the 80s and 90s. In 1994, he made a deal that would be very successful for him. He purchased National Steel Car and transformed it into America’s leading railroad car manufacturer. Greg Aziz achieved all this through engineering development, manufacturing improvement and investing in a high-quality human resource and staff members.


Gregory Aziz is involved in many charitable events and has a large philanthropy profile. His company, National Steel Car, sponsors cultural activities in the Hamilton area. Some of the things the Aziz family sponsors are the Hamilton Opera, the Salvation Army, the United Way and Theatre Aquarius. This is just a short list of his sponsored businesses in the community. All the employees of National Steel Car are invited to a Christmas Party of the company each year. The company also organizes big food drives for community food banks. Being true Canadians, Greg Aziz and his wife, Irene Greg Aziz, both sponsor and attend the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, which is the biggest agricultural fair in Canada. See This Article to learn more.

Todd Lubar’s Opinions on the Real Estate Industry

Baltimore commonly referred to as the Charm City has a population of many young people. The presence of the youths in the city is opening doors for investments bearing in mind the lavish life youths live. According to Todd Lubar, the real estate industry, in particular, will feel the pressure and urge to provide more housing options. The demand for more affordable apartment options will rise. Renovating older buildings will provide a good number of apartment options for some residents in the city.

Public transportation in Baltimore is expanded and improved. Widening the roads will make the city accessible and as a result, hasten development. Moreover, people wishing to live downtown will have an easy time reaching the town. The young demography has provided numerous business opportunities in Baltimore. The improvement of the business environment will provide space for relocation and set up of new companies. Given that Baltimore supports new businesses investors will be lured to start businesses and invest in the city. For more details visit his website

The cost of living in Baltimore will rise to affordable rates. More amenities will be put in the apartments to cater for the needs of the young population. Real estate developers are developing easy access and quicker roots to luxurious shopping centers and restaurants where youths like to visit. Fortunately, families and middle-class residents will still have affordable housing options.

Todd Lubar is an entrepreneur and businessman in the real estate industry. Lubar has worked in other industries including the entertainment, construction and banking industry. He is the president at TDL Global Ventures and Vice President of Legendary Investments.

Lubar attended the Peddie School in Hightstown for his high school education. He, later on, joined Syracuse University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication I 1995. He started his career journey at the Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He then moved to Legacy Financial Group. Check out to know more.

Lubar leads a simple life. In a typical day, he starts his day with a cup of coffee and breakfast with his kids. The home-remote technology excites Todd Lubar. The technology allows him to control his fans and lights by just touching a button. Lubar’s worst job was working in a grocery store while still in high school.

The expansion plans of Nabors under the leadership of Tony Petrello

Nabors’ plans to purchase Tesco Corporation

Tesco Corporation deals with the manufacture of technological solutions for rig drilling and sustainable energy equipment. On the other hand, Nabors owns largest rig fleet in the world which provides different drilling services including offshore and directional drilling. The equipment that is produced by Tesco can be very useful in the plans of Nabors. For this reason, according to Tony Petrello, who is the current CEO of Nabors, the purchase of Tesco would be a big boost to the plans that Nabors had.

The plans to purchase the company are expected to come to a close in the last quarter of 2017. After the purchase, Tesco will cost $4.62 per share. Since Nabors is interested in the equipment manufactured by Tesco, the deal will bring together the operations to be done by the two companies for business. The business is set to be done before the next year’s first quarter. To this extent, if an agreement is not reached between the two companies, Tesco will pay Nabors a total of $8 million according to the laws guarding their agreement. According to Tony Petrello, there will be $20 million for the first year and a minimum of $30 million for the subsequent years in operating synergies.

The development of Tony Petrello’s career at Nabors Industries

As the president of Nabors Industries, Tony Petrello has registered mature leadership. Because of his outstanding performance, Petrello held the presidency from 1991 to 2011. His two decades of dedicated services have been rewarding both to him and the company as a whole. The policies of any company do not allow people to hold positions for that long if their performance is poor. In 2013, the work pressure became high on the presidency, and the position had to be split for the company to maintain the quality of performance. In early 2014, the position was split to the president and chief Executive Officer. The two positions were assigned different roles. Tony Petrello became the CEO of Nabors in 2014, a position that he has held to this day for more info about us: click here.