Founded in 2006 by the AVA group of companies, AvaTrade customer reviews has established itself in the online brokerage business. It has spread its offices around the world in Europe, Japan, Australia and South Africa. Here, it is regulated by Central Bank of Ireland, FSA, and FFA, ASIC, FSB respectively.


AvaTrade gives a wide array of trading instruments:

  • Forex – All majors present, there are over 50 currency pairs to trade at any time, with competitive spreads with low pips of 0.8 and leverage reaching 400:1


  • Cryptocurrency – with 9 cryptocurrencies, leverages reaching 20:1, examples are Bitcoin, Ripple etc.


  • Indices, Bonds, Stocks, ETFs & commodities with high leverages and low spreads.


It has established itself to suit everyone. This is visible in its Meta Trader platforms for 4 platforms, Mac, Mobile trading, floating spreads and web trading, in addition to the AvaTradeAct platform, a proprietary platform.


To better suit its various client’s needs, AvaTrade review has made advancements in automated software using: Mirror Trader, Robox, Zulu Trade, API Trade, MQL5 Signal Service.


With as little as $100 one can open an AvaTrade account. This is a standard account. A Demo account is also offered to train its potential clients. Deposits can be done via credit cards or wire transfers.


These methods apply for withdrawal taking up to 5 business days for processing. traders can apply for its fastest method of withdrawal, the Ava Debit Mastercard. Withdrawal is free!


It is also suited to fit religious boundaries offering Muslim traders ‘swap free accounts’ in the constrains of the principle of interest free trading of Sharia. Professional traders are also suited to MAM account to manage multiple accounts efficiently.


The icing on the cake is bonuses, reaching levels of $1400 for new traders depending on their first deposit. Referral bonuses are also available ranging from $75-$400 for successful ones.


AvaTrade has multilingual support for their customers via lie chat, email, social media, fax, telephone, and FAQs.


AvaTrade proves to be a customer friendly trading platform with awards like: ‘Best Customer support, ‘Best Financial Derivative Trading Provider’ etc.

Gregory Aziz – A Lesson in Leadership

Gregory James Aziz is a remarkable individual. Friendly, congenial, and outgoing, he is easy to like. Dressed in his usual white cotton shirt and preferring to be called Greg Aziz, he is the epitome of a no-nonsense businessman. The current CEO and Chairman of the Board of National Steel Car, he expanded the company within a few short years from producing 3,500 rail cars a year with less than 600 employees, to producing over 12,000 a year while providing over 3,000 well-paying jobs.


He refuses to call his people workers or employees, and he insists on calling them “the team.” He is adamant that it is the devotion, dedication, and work ethic of the members of his team that is responsible for the phenomenal success of National Steel Car. Today, under Aziz’ leadership, National Steel Car is engaged in, in the words of its website, “a relentless pursuit of excellence.”


Gregory J. Aziz personally leads the way in supporting the surrounding community of Hamilton, Ontario, sponsoring local non-profits including Theatre Aquarius, the Hamilton Opera, the United Way, Salvation Army. Aziz is particularly proud of the fact that thousands of past and current employees participate in the company food drive in support of the local food banks. Aziz, his wife Irene, and daughters Natalie and Karina, sponsor Canada’s most important agricultural event, the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.


Schooled in economics at the University of Western Ontario, Aziz graduated in 1971. Degree in hand, he went to work at Affiliated Foods, a wholesale food venture established by his family. By 1987, it was bringing in fresh foods from throughout the Americas and as far away as Canada, and providing fresh foods at wholesale from distribution points throughout Canada and the United States.

Gregory J Aziz soon found opportunities in investment banking and moved to New York City. One of the deals he worked on involved a company called National Steel Car, a manufacturer of rail cars established in 1912. Through his contacts and experience gained in investment banking, he was able to raise the money to expand and modernize the company. In 1994, Aziz assumed control, and the rest is history. Visit This Link for related information.

The Adam Goldenberg Vision for Businesses

When it comes to successfully running a business, there are only a few people that are going to have more knowledge than Adam Goldenberg. This is especially true in the clothing industry where he has worked as the cofounder of several companies that cater to women.

What Adam Goldenberg has said time and time again is that he drives a business that focuses on the sales that are being processed on a regular basis. He believes that his companies are driven by metrics, and he contributes this passion to his successful. There is always someone in place to study the trends and the way that women are making decisions.

Goldenberg believe that it makes sense for him to study these trends because this is his customer base. He has numbers when it comes to women that are buying clothes for working out. His team also has numbers for women that are interested in shopping online for matching purses and jewelry for the clothes on huffingtonpost.com. That is why he has all of this contained in a single website called JustFab.

Goldenberg has the many concerts in mind and he has worked well with Don Ressler. JustFab will prove to be quite a successful venture, and it will usher in a new style of fashion. Many women shop and subscribe to this site because the clothes are all affordable and the quality is decent. Goldenberg knew that these were two things that he would have to combine in order to lure women to the website.

Another thing that he has been able to do incredibly well is find the right partners to help him build businesses. Done Ressler has been a long time friend that appears to be a great business partner, but the latest venture acquired a third-party. Fabletics would be the business venture that would take more than a duo of Goldenberg and Ressler to get the company off the ground. It would take Kate Hudson, an actress with a famous mother, that would reach several generations of women that were interested in getting in shape. Source: http://www.crosscut.vc/adam-goldenberg

Fabletics has taken off quite well, and many people are still discovering this business. Adam Goldenberg is someone that always believe in Fabletics from the early start. The numbers were already there for these type of sales. He just had to acquire the right team to make it happen. Hudson has helped Goldenberg realize his vision.

Ken Goodgame’s Achievements and Career Path

As marketing, sales and retail merchandising executive at True Value Corporation, Ken Goodgame is the best in the industry. He is the Senior President and Chief Merchandising Officer and has diverse executive leadership at Fortune fifty retailers plus consumer goods and hardware manufacturing. He has also developed and led innovative retail growth strategies that have significantly taken wholesale to another level and sales for Ace Hardware retailers.

Kenneth Goodgame is known well for being a product showcasing agent where he makes sure that potential buyers realize a product and its pricing is also greatly strategized to be pocket- friendly for them. With his vast resale experience, he has created CPG programs that have an impact in the marketplace with changes in the external and internal factors that may affect the ability of an asset’s resale value. Profitability tends to in turn grow specific brands to another level which facilitates ease of marketing and movement in the market.

As a leader, it is mandatory to create new purchase lines and new buyer that will help in moving the products in the market and in doing so; the target crowd should also be taken into consideration. With over twenty years of retail and CPG experience, he is involved heavily in profitable creations, GM management, SKU rationalization, private label strategies and building high-performance teams that make sure products are marketed, and they move as they are produced increasing purchases.

Through his inventions and knowledge, he has made True Value Corporation a state of the art seller of hardware operating more than eight thousand independent wholesalers worldwide. As a highly experienced Operations Management leader, he specializes in creating OEM excellence through a good business plan and good marketing strategies. He works with a full specialized team to ensure SKU Investment is driven to the corporate level. In turn, this ensures that all the values of items are put to a standard in all parts of the globe.

The primary focus is to deliver a balance of employee engagement and standard pricing across the whole market territory. They also ensure installation of proper quality assurance systems to ensure production of grade one products that meet the market standards. In addition to this, sale negotiations and production strategies should be changed.

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Linda Owens joins Highland Capital philanthropy

James Dondero always trusts the very best in his latest partnership

It is not just when he is making money that he trusts the very best in the industry, James Dondero’s pursuit of Linda Owens is a testament that he intends Highlands Capital’s charity wing to be the best.

While making the announcement, James reiterated that the goal at Highland Capital is to ensure that their charity organizations maximize on the impact they have on the society.

The fund kitty has grown over the years, and Linda’s presence will see her experience, formerly with Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation, ad currently as a civic leader in Dallas greatly help Highland Capital Management enhance its overall impact.

James Dondero has over thirty years in management. He is a distinguished academician having graduated top of his class from the university of Virginia. He is also a certified CPA, CMA, and CFA. Perhaps his academic acumen may precede his management portfolio, but it is not likely.

Dondero previously worked with JP Morgan as an analyst shortly after his graduation before moving on to American Express as a corporate bond analyst. When he joined GIC under the then new subsidiary Protective Life, he was already a winner. He helped the subsidiary move from insignificance to over $2billion assets in barely five years.

Despite all this success, Dondero moved on and cofounded Highland Capital Management the same year he left protective life. He has been the president since.

Currently, apart from it aggressive client-based service, Highland Capital has expanded its philanthropy and wanted experience and passion to move forward. The company had identified Linda Owens who holds a BA in Economics and a JD from the University of Texas.

Linda happens to be this person who has community interests at heart. Highland Capital Management’s philanthropic portfolio is growing and currently includes Dallas Zoo, uplift education, veteran programs, Centre of brain health among others. James expressed optimism that through her experience, the firm will achieve its charity goals.

Linda Owen also expressed her admiration for Highland Capital’s dedication. She was very optimistic that Highland’s environment would encourage enthusiastic people to give their services.

This article recapped http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20160608006430/en/James-Dondero-Teams-Dallas-Civic-Leader-Linda

Bernado Chua Consistently Succeeds

Bernardo Chua is a very well-accomplished expert in the field of multilevel marketing. Chua has led Organo Gold and its exceptional product line to becoming incredibly popular among consumers and associate marketers. Consumers love the fine taste of the various beverages available in the product line. Markets absolutely love having a product that is capable of selling.

Chua’s success as a manager and guiding light at the company is on display in the stunning debut of Organo Gold in Turkey. Turkey is number 39 on the list of countries in which Organo Gold has expanded into. Organo Gold is definitely popular around the world as it remains a unique blend with natural health-boosting ingredients added to the mix.

Chua developed a well-conceived plan to expand his beverage line across the globe.

In early 2015, Bernardo Chua was given several accolades at the People’s Choice and Dangal ng Bayan Awards. He had won five awards, a feat not very many others can lay claim to achieving. As a Napoleon Hill Foundation Gold Medal recipient, Bernardo Chua is no stranger to having received honors for his work.

Before he brought Organo Gold to such prominence, Chua previous did very well with a company named Gano Excel. Chua has many years experience in sales and marketing and this experience has helped his current company rise to grand levels in the coffee and tea market.

Brian Boner Opens 4-Star French Restaurant Bellamy’s

Patrick Ponsaty currently is the chef that caters to the new Bellamy’s restaurant. Located in Escondido, the chef says that everything about his place makes him think of his hometown in France. He said that it reminds him of Napa or the gîtes of France. Learn more about Brian Bonar: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/imaging-technologies-ceo-brian-bonar-interviewed-on-wallstreetreportercom-74409637.html

The restaurant is in a charming 1880’s structure that has been recreated to mimic a temple or gastronomy. They tend to stick to lyrical cooking, as it is what Ponsaty is known best for.

He is a soft-spoken Frenchman that is capable of celebrity status, but he prefers to live low key. He loves being the master chef cooking in a small restaurant that he can turn into something great. At times, he feels like he is one of the Beatles playing at a local roadhouse.

He wants to make the menu both approachable yet inspired. So what kind of foods do they serve? Well, how does Farm beet sorbet with watercress and goat cheese sound? Or, one can dine on mushrooms and sea scallops with carpaccio that is truffle scented. When asked how he describes his food, his only comment is “French.”

The owner of this fine establishment is none other than Brian Bonar. Brian Boner is a Scottish entrepreneur that has made his mark on the world for his mini-empire of restaurants.

The eatery is close to the Ranch at Bandy Canyon. His long-term goal is to turn the 144-acre property into a classy event space that includes an upscale place to eat. The marquee chef is important to pull off this big feat. The top-notch staff is the key to making this restaurant serve some of the best food in the area.

Brian Bonar is a man who works hard at all of his many endeavors. He is not afraid to get his hands dirty, nor is he detoured by what the public might say. There have been some tongues wagging at the thoughts of him taking a rustic place like Bellamy and turning it into a 4-star restaurant, yet that has not stopped him from seeing the full vision.

When others may see a hole-in-the-wall, he sees opportunity. This has pretty much been the pattern over his life.

Being from Scotland, he wanted to bring food that had more of a European flair to the people of California. If anyone knows eateries, it is Boner. This is not his first time at the fair and certainly, will not be his last. It seems everything he touches turns to gold.

VTA Publications Puts Out Jim Hunt’s WealthWave Program

The WealthWave program by Jim Hunt has been published by VTA Publications, and the company is trying to put out as much material as it can about how people can manage their money. The WealthWave books are things that help people get started on a new path to being in a good financial place, and Jim Hunt has produced something that anyone will be able to use at any time. The time that is spent reading these books will help people make sure that they are investing in the right way, and they can keep more of their wealth in the process.

The problem that most people have is that they do not know where to start. They will actually do pretty well for themselves when they are using the WealthWave system, and then they can just take the advice that Jim Hunt has for them and apply it to other parts of their life. The company has been putting together a lot of different things for people to read, and that is why they are so keen on publishing the WealthWave system from Jim Hunt.

The people who want to learn about to manage their finances better should really think about what can be done to get help. They can start reading with VTA Publication, and they will find a lot of other things to read including the WealthWave books from Jim Hunt. He has made it so that people can learn how to manage their money, and the VTA Publications staff wants to teach people a lot of things about business. That is how companies will stay in good shape, and it is how people can become investors even if they have never done it before. That is the power of the WealthWave system, Jim Hunt and VTA Publications.  Both Jim Hunt and VTA offer free articles on their website, to provide free investment lessons.  Hunt also runs a YouTube account for much the same thing.

Stephen Murray Had A Distinguished Career

Stephen Murray climbed to the top of the corporate ladder, and he served as the CEO of CCMP Capital for quite some time. Unfortunately, he no longer is in this role. He died a very early death in his early 50s, but he worked as CEO of CCMP Capital until his death.

While he was the CEO of CCMP Capital, he assisted in the management of a variety of different companies. In fact, there are a number of major corporations that he helped to manage, through CCMP Capital. He even had places on a number of different major corporate boards. Through the boards of these companies, he contributed greatly to their continued success. Read more: CCMP Capital Advisors Gets Backing to Resume Investing From Fund and Ex-CCMP Capital CEO Steve Murray passes away

Stephen Murray attended two different colleges, during the 1980s. For his undergraduate degree in economics, heattended Boston College, which is a very respectable school. However, he moved on from Boston College to go to Columbia University. This is also a very well regarded school.

While at Columbia University, he earned his master’s degree in business administration. He has remained involved with both of these colleges. He has given significant donations to both of them, and he even was the Vice Chairman of Boston College’s Board of Trustees.

After college, he began working for a company called Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. This company was a major bank holding company, based out of New York City. However, the company changed over the years. As time passed, the company went through several steps before forming into CCMP Capital. Stephen Murray played a key role in this transition, as he helped to start CCMP Capital.

Additionally, Stephen Murray was a very successful leader of CCMP Capital, once the company was started. CCMP Capital has assisted in the management of Guitar Center, Aramark, and Triad Hospitals. These three companies just provide a few examples of the broad range of types of businesses the company manages. CCMP Capital manages more than 25 different large companies. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital: http://patch.com/connecticut/stamford/stephen-p-murray-52-financial-executive-stamford-resident-vice-chair-boston-college-board-trustees

Stephen Murray has also done quite a lot to give back to the community. He’s a big donor to the Stamford Museum. Additionally, he also is a big donor to the Make A Wish Foundation for the New York City area. He even is involved directly with the Make A Wish Foundation in the New York area, as part of the council of the organization. He also provides donations to a food bank in Lower Fairfield County.

Online Reputation Company Makes Waves in the Shark Tank

Technically knowledgeable business visionary Patrick Ambron went to the big deal sharks of Shark Tank looking for $2 million for 13.5 percent of BrandYourself (see a BrandYourself review here), an online platform for managing reputation he helped to establish alongside Pete Kistler and Evan McGowan-Watson. It’s similar to others in the online reputation industry like Five Blocks. The organization first happened as intended when Mr. Kistler experienced issues finding a vocation since bosses continued mistaking him for unpleasant characters who had the same name when they “googled” him. BrandYourself now helps people oversee what shows up when somebody looks for them online.

Patrick Ambron tells the sharks about what the company can do and has accomplished so far. “If an employer, client, colleague, or even a date looks them up, they won’t find that embarrassing blog from college. Instead, they’ll find what you want them to find: accurate, relevant results about you”, Patrick says of BrandYourself. He boasts that BrandYourself utilizes a “freemium” model platform with two levels of paid administrations, and that the organization’s deals developed from $400,000 in its first year to $800,000 in year two, and they are on track to surpass $2 million up year three. While each shark was fascinated by the open door, most had issues identified with either the organization’s future development potential or the about $15 million valuation, which drove Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Daymond John, and Kevin O’Leary to all go on contributing. Robert Herjavec be that as it may, had different thoughts, and offered $2 million for 20 percent of the organization.

Robert Herjavec offered to give BrandYourself of the largest amounts of money in the show’s entire running history. Tragically, Patrick Ambron had as of late raised $3 million from funding financial specialists at the $15 million valuation, and didn’t feel good taking shark Robert Herjavec’s arrangement at a lower valuation. Ambron respectfully declined and left the tank. The company has still been doing well since then.

Source: http://onlinereputationreviews.com