Businessman and entrepreneur Mike Baur and the Swiss Start Up Factory merge with Fintech’s Fusion to help more entrepreneurs thrive

Ever since Mike Baur was a teen, he had been fascinated by the banking industry. From his boyhood days growing up in Fribourg, Switzerland, he soon made his dreams become his profession.


Baur started Swiss Startup Factory in 2014, which is a Zurich-based accelerator that is 3 months long and that offers services including coaching, mentoring and a network of entrepreneurs helping the company to achieve its goals. The network extends outside of Switzerland and has members practically around the world. Swiss Startup Factory has been noted as Switzerland’s number one financial advisor firm.


As founding partner of Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur has 20 years of experience in the banking industry in Switzerland. He is also fundraiser and financial rounding at the Factory. Baur worked his way up from being a commercial apprentice at UBS to an executive position for a large Swiss Private Bank. He began his entrepreneurial journey at age 39 and stands behind a number of other startups in Switzerland. He serves as both financial advisor and mentor to other startups.

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Baur earned his Masters of Business Administration from University of Rochester in New York. He also obtained an Executive MBA from Bern. He formerly worked for both Clariden and Sallfort banking industries before developing his own startup. Baur’s drive with SSUF is to ultimately help other startups, aligning them with the appropriate investors, while coaching and evaluating them during the development stage.


Just recently, Baur’s company SSUF announced plans to launch an accelerator program which will primarily focus on Geneva –based fintech companies. The company is working closely with Fusion, a fintech accelerator.


Reports have indicated that when Zurich based Accelerator Swiss Start Up Factory and Geneva based Fintech Accelerator Fusion partnered up, it improved both of the financial companies outlook. These accelerators are collaborating on such things as a pre-selection process for startups, acceleration of startups, cooperation with universities, exchange of mentor networks, joint events and startup shared office space.


Baur said that the linguistic diversity between the two accelerators, as well as the cantonal and regional separation, will help the Switzerland startup to improve efforts to concentrate on the strengths and resources. Guillaume Dubray adds that Switzerland will help provide excellent conditions for existing and new entrepreneurs to thrive, thanks to the country’s leadership in innovation.


Fusion was launched in 2015 to capitalize on the global hub position that Switzerland has, helping to further drive the agenda Fintech already has. Fusion, along with SSUF, will drive to find talent that will help lead the innovative financial services in Switzerland and abroad.

Education and Technology are Key to the Growth of Brazil

Brazil like many Latin American countries struggles with a foundering educational system. While other countries develop and grow through the use of the Internet and technology, schools in Brazil continue to have issues with understanding how to integrate technology into the classroom.

Flavio Maluf a renowned businessman in Brazil supports the use of technology in the Brazilian school and is working towards making technology available for student use. He suggests that the problem lies in a lack of training. “Teachers still don’t really understand how they can use technology to emphasize and create better lesson plans.”

The availability of educational software, internet in school and resources is essential but teachers also need to understand its importance and learn how to use this tool in the classroom.

Current studies do show improvement in the area as 45% of all public schools have used internet at some point for topic research and activities. Even so, Maluf believes that for the Brazilian educational system to develop, educators need to integrate more activities that are technology based.

There needs to be an increased focus on improving education while at the same time making the learning process fun for the kids. These are children that have grown up in the digital age, they know how to use technology for entertainment purposes but need to learn to use their devices to learn, to obtain information and to develop their brains.

For Brazil the solution is to offer better training for educators in the best practices of technology within their field. Brazil needs to develop more educational software, activities and resources of this nature to integrate into the educational subject matter being taught. “It is going to take a bit of effort,” says Flavio Maluf, “but with some planning and a little effort we can do it.”  Be sure to follow Flavio on Twitter for further information.

Ken Goodgame’s Achievements and Career Path

As marketing, sales and retail merchandising executive at True Value Corporation, Ken Goodgame is the best in the industry. He is the Senior President and Chief Merchandising Officer and has diverse executive leadership at Fortune fifty retailers plus consumer goods and hardware manufacturing. He has also developed and led innovative retail growth strategies that have significantly taken wholesale to another level and sales for Ace Hardware retailers.

Kenneth Goodgame is known well for being a product showcasing agent where he makes sure that potential buyers realize a product and its pricing is also greatly strategized to be pocket- friendly for them. With his vast resale experience, he has created CPG programs that have an impact in the marketplace with changes in the external and internal factors that may affect the ability of an asset’s resale value. Profitability tends to in turn grow specific brands to another level which facilitates ease of marketing and movement in the market.

As a leader, it is mandatory to create new purchase lines and new buyer that will help in moving the products in the market and in doing so; the target crowd should also be taken into consideration. With over twenty years of retail and CPG experience, he is involved heavily in profitable creations, GM management, SKU rationalization, private label strategies and building high-performance teams that make sure products are marketed, and they move as they are produced increasing purchases.

Through his inventions and knowledge, he has made True Value Corporation a state of the art seller of hardware operating more than eight thousand independent wholesalers worldwide. As a highly experienced Operations Management leader, he specializes in creating OEM excellence through a good business plan and good marketing strategies. He works with a full specialized team to ensure SKU Investment is driven to the corporate level. In turn, this ensures that all the values of items are put to a standard in all parts of the globe.

The primary focus is to deliver a balance of employee engagement and standard pricing across the whole market territory. They also ensure installation of proper quality assurance systems to ensure production of grade one products that meet the market standards. In addition to this, sale negotiations and production strategies should be changed.

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Talk Fusion Big Charity Efforts

Talk Fusion and the CEO of the company a giving back to their communities through their employees. The company is currently running a campaign that will allow each Talk Fusion associate to have the ability to give back a free Talk Fusion account to the charity of their choice. CEO of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, is fully backing the idea and he is committed to being a responsible leader for great causes.

The charity plan gives people an inside look on how Talk Fusion is using charity to show off their technology. The charity account comes with a host of features, including video presentations on how to operate and promote the Talk Fusion charity account.

The account sell itself and is a practical gift for a growing charitable organization. The technology features include video conferencing, emailing features, and newsletter campaigns can be created by account holders. These are only a few of the features that the Talk Fusion charity account has.

Talk Fusion is the type of company that has always given to the community that they serve. Mr. Bob Reina is also known in the Tampa, Florida area for being an advocate for animals, and animal treatment. A few years ago Mr. Reina make a 1 million dollar contribution to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, clearly Mr. Reina cares about all life and is keeping in mind that there is a bigger picture to focus on.

Through Talk Fusion’s efforts the company will continue to support charity organizations by donating valuable technology to help organizations stay current. Talk Fusion’s valuable tools are instruments of charity that could have positive impacts on organizations that matter.

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Dedicated Businessman and Philanthropist: Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier has made a career of investing in business ventures and start ups with much success. A New Jersey native, he studied literature, computers, and environmental studies at Harvard University. He also took courses at MIT. After graduating college, he moved to Los Angeles to start his first company, People Doing Things. The goal of this company was to address certain needs, like education and health care, through the use of technology. He continued to found and fund other ventures. Some of his other ventures include: Desktone, Akana, and Media Platform.

He also has actively been involved in government projects with similar goals. In 1997, he was chosen to head the Presidential Technology Exhibition in Washington, D.C. called “The Bridge to the 21st Century.” He has also been chosen to advise on councils and forums. After the exhibition, he was chosen to take part in Al Gore’s health care and technology, which advises on healthcare and technology-related initiatives. He is a supporter and participant in Clinton’s global initiative, tackling similar and other issues. Read More Here.

Pulier has contributed far more than just his ideas on business and technology. He has been a driving force in Starbright World. This project has been able to connect kids who are living with chronic illness and to help them build a support network. It links over 75 hospitals, allowing the children to find support with each other. He also donated to a camp dedicated to chronically ill children, The Painted Turtle. Eric Pulier gives back to his community.

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The Difference Matters and Diversant LLC Has It

In the business world, today being successful isn’t enough for true success. Business partners, clients, and even talented employees want to know they work for a company that is different from the rest. The leadership must be different, the culture must be different, and the businesses path to success has to be different. No one wants to feel like a cog in the machine and that is one of the reasons that Diversant LLC, is one of the largest IT staffing firms in the country and hands down the largest IT staffing firm owned by African-Americans in the United States.

Part of the Diversant LLC leadership board is John Goullet, who acts as their Principal Executive. It is people like Mr. Goullet who help make Diversant LLC a different brand of business with different values and greater appeal to their clients. He originally started in IT consulting but switched to IT staffing in 1994 with the creation of Info Technologies. This business grew to a valuation of $30 million in short order and was even listed as #8 in Inc. Magazine’s list of 500 fastest growing, privately-held firms in the US. That is the kind of difference that makes a difference to everyone involved and in 2010 Info Technologies merged with Diversant to form Diversant LLC.

Not only is Goullet a leader who has a unique way of looking at things and achieving them but he is also a leader who cares. The Diversant method to selecting and placing consultants is built on respect and proper assignment. None of their consultants are forced to rush learning new skills just to find placement with a client and instead are placed where their tried and true skill set will shine the brightest. Furthermore, John and Diversant support their community in inventive ways. One such inventive way is the support of STAR which helps veterans find employment after leaving service.

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Linda Owens joins Highland Capital philanthropy

James Dondero always trusts the very best in his latest partnership

It is not just when he is making money that he trusts the very best in the industry, James Dondero’s pursuit of Linda Owens is a testament that he intends Highlands Capital’s charity wing to be the best.

While making the announcement, James reiterated that the goal at Highland Capital is to ensure that their charity organizations maximize on the impact they have on the society.

The fund kitty has grown over the years, and Linda’s presence will see her experience, formerly with Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation, ad currently as a civic leader in Dallas greatly help Highland Capital Management enhance its overall impact.

James Dondero has over thirty years in management. He is a distinguished academician having graduated top of his class from the university of Virginia. He is also a certified CPA, CMA, and CFA. Perhaps his academic acumen may precede his management portfolio, but it is not likely.

Dondero previously worked with JP Morgan as an analyst shortly after his graduation before moving on to American Express as a corporate bond analyst. When he joined GIC under the then new subsidiary Protective Life, he was already a winner. He helped the subsidiary move from insignificance to over $2billion assets in barely five years.

Despite all this success, Dondero moved on and cofounded Highland Capital Management the same year he left protective life. He has been the president since.

Currently, apart from it aggressive client-based service, Highland Capital has expanded its philanthropy and wanted experience and passion to move forward. The company had identified Linda Owens who holds a BA in Economics and a JD from the University of Texas.

Linda happens to be this person who has community interests at heart. Highland Capital Management’s philanthropic portfolio is growing and currently includes Dallas Zoo, uplift education, veteran programs, Centre of brain health among others. James expressed optimism that through her experience, the firm will achieve its charity goals.

Linda Owen also expressed her admiration for Highland Capital’s dedication. She was very optimistic that Highland’s environment would encourage enthusiastic people to give their services.

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Brian Boner Opens 4-Star French Restaurant Bellamy’s

Patrick Ponsaty currently is the chef that caters to the new Bellamy’s restaurant. Located in Escondido, the chef says that everything about his place makes him think of his hometown in France. He said that it reminds him of Napa or the gîtes of France. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

The restaurant is in a charming 1880’s structure that has been recreated to mimic a temple or gastronomy. They tend to stick to lyrical cooking, as it is what Ponsaty is known best for.

He is a soft-spoken Frenchman that is capable of celebrity status, but he prefers to live low key. He loves being the master chef cooking in a small restaurant that he can turn into something great. At times, he feels like he is one of the Beatles playing at a local roadhouse.

He wants to make the menu both approachable yet inspired. So what kind of foods do they serve? Well, how does Farm beet sorbet with watercress and goat cheese sound? Or, one can dine on mushrooms and sea scallops with carpaccio that is truffle scented. When asked how he describes his food, his only comment is “French.”

The owner of this fine establishment is none other than Brian Bonar. Brian Boner is a Scottish entrepreneur that has made his mark on the world for his mini-empire of restaurants.

The eatery is close to the Ranch at Bandy Canyon. His long-term goal is to turn the 144-acre property into a classy event space that includes an upscale place to eat. The marquee chef is important to pull off this big feat. The top-notch staff is the key to making this restaurant serve some of the best food in the area.

Brian Bonar is a man who works hard at all of his many endeavors. He is not afraid to get his hands dirty, nor is he detoured by what the public might say. There have been some tongues wagging at the thoughts of him taking a rustic place like Bellamy and turning it into a 4-star restaurant, yet that has not stopped him from seeing the full vision.

When others may see a hole-in-the-wall, he sees opportunity. This has pretty much been the pattern over his life.

Being from Scotland, he wanted to bring food that had more of a European flair to the people of California. If anyone knows eateries, it is Boner. This is not his first time at the fair and certainly, will not be his last. It seems everything he touches turns to gold.

Shaygan Kheradpir Takes Up The Leading Position At Coriant


Coriant has recently appointed its new Chief Executive Officer, Shaygan Kheradpir, who has previously worked with the company. His move to the company is seen as a strategic movement since based on Shaygan’s previous successes. During Shaygan’s time working at Coriant’s parent company, Marlin Equity Partners, he built a strong partnership with the management at Coriant due to his exceptional knowledge and expertise.

The company’s previous CEO, Pat DiPietro is moving on to serve as a chairmen of the board for the company. Pat had played a crucial part in the initiatives for networking at Coriant, and now it is expected that Shaygan will be able to bring new innovative solutions to technological issues. Shaygan thinks the company has an exceptional ability for total customer satisfaction.

As the new CEO, Shaygan Kheradpir will be responsible for driving the growth of new sales for the company’s products, and further enhancing the company’s standing in the market. Shaygan has spent his career working in technology, finance and telecom industries. Because of this, Coriant believes they have chosen the perfect man for the job. Since standing down, Pat DiPietro will be taking up his old position as an operating partner at Marlin Equity Partners.

Shaygan personally has nearly 3 decades of experience dealing in the industries of finance and technology, and he has worked at many different firms. Before starting off his career, Shaygan earned his degrees at the University of Cornell in Electrical Engineering. Before his current executive position at Coriant, Shaygan also worked at GTE Laboratories, Verizon, and Barclays bank, all of which he managed to achieve executive positions. He started in the department of network routing at GTE but managed to climb his way up to the company’s CEO. He also managed to earn tenure at Verizon due to his innovative strategies that highly diversified the products of the company.

While at Barclays, Shaygan created Pingit, a mobile payment software that earned a ton of recognition and success. This in turn had Shaygan appointed as the CEO and was tasked with global sales at Barclays in 2011. Shaygna has managed to receive invitation to be apart of many different boards for different enterprises because of his exceptional record and history of career achievements. He has personally been able to serve at the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology’s advisory board and keeps a standing relationship with the Cornell University’s counsel of engineering. When it comes to the telecom and technology industry, Shaygan is often called upon for his exceptional reputation and expertise.

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Stephen Murray Had A Distinguished Career

Stephen Murray climbed to the top of the corporate ladder, and he served as the CEO of CCMP Capital for quite some time. Unfortunately, he no longer is in this role. He died a very early death in his early 50s, but he worked as CEO of CCMP Capital until his death.

While he was the CEO of CCMP Capital, he assisted in the management of a variety of different companies. In fact, there are a number of major corporations that he helped to manage, through CCMP Capital. He even had places on a number of different major corporate boards. Through the boards of these companies, he contributed greatly to their continued success. Read more: CCMP Capital Advisors Gets Backing to Resume Investing From Fund and Ex-CCMP Capital CEO Steve Murray passes away

Stephen Murray attended two different colleges, during the 1980s. For his undergraduate degree in economics, heattended Boston College, which is a very respectable school. However, he moved on from Boston College to go to Columbia University. This is also a very well regarded school.

While at Columbia University, he earned his master’s degree in business administration. He has remained involved with both of these colleges. He has given significant donations to both of them, and he even was the Vice Chairman of Boston College’s Board of Trustees.

After college, he began working for a company called Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. This company was a major bank holding company, based out of New York City. However, the company changed over the years. As time passed, the company went through several steps before forming into CCMP Capital. Stephen Murray played a key role in this transition, as he helped to start CCMP Capital.

Additionally, Stephen Murray was a very successful leader of CCMP Capital, once the company was started. CCMP Capital has assisted in the management of Guitar Center, Aramark, and Triad Hospitals. These three companies just provide a few examples of the broad range of types of businesses the company manages. CCMP Capital manages more than 25 different large companies. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

Stephen Murray has also done quite a lot to give back to the community. He’s a big donor to the Stamford Museum. Additionally, he also is a big donor to the Make A Wish Foundation for the New York City area. He even is involved directly with the Make A Wish Foundation in the New York area, as part of the council of the organization. He also provides donations to a food bank in Lower Fairfield County.