The expansion plans of Nabors under the leadership of Tony Petrello

Nabors’ plans to purchase Tesco Corporation

Tesco Corporation deals with the manufacture of technological solutions for rig drilling and sustainable energy equipment. On the other hand, Nabors owns largest rig fleet in the world which provides different drilling services including offshore and directional drilling. The equipment that is produced by Tesco can be very useful in the plans of Nabors. For this reason, according to Tony Petrello, who is the current CEO of Nabors, the purchase of Tesco would be a big boost to the plans that Nabors had.

The plans to purchase the company are expected to come to a close in the last quarter of 2017. After the purchase, Tesco will cost $4.62 per share. Since Nabors is interested in the equipment manufactured by Tesco, the deal will bring together the operations to be done by the two companies for business. The business is set to be done before the next year’s first quarter. To this extent, if an agreement is not reached between the two companies, Tesco will pay Nabors a total of $8 million according to the laws guarding their agreement. According to Tony Petrello, there will be $20 million for the first year and a minimum of $30 million for the subsequent years in operating synergies.

The development of Tony Petrello’s career at Nabors Industries

As the president of Nabors Industries, Tony Petrello has registered mature leadership. Because of his outstanding performance, Petrello held the presidency from 1991 to 2011. His two decades of dedicated services have been rewarding both to him and the company as a whole. The policies of any company do not allow people to hold positions for that long if their performance is poor. In 2013, the work pressure became high on the presidency, and the position had to be split for the company to maintain the quality of performance. In early 2014, the position was split to the president and chief Executive Officer. The two positions were assigned different roles. Tony Petrello became the CEO of Nabors in 2014, a position that he has held to this day for more info about us: click here.

Businessman and entrepreneur Mike Baur and the Swiss Start Up Factory merge with Fintech’s Fusion to help more entrepreneurs thrive

Ever since Mike Baur was a teen, he had been fascinated by the banking industry. From his boyhood days growing up in Fribourg, Switzerland, he soon made his dreams become his profession.


Baur started Swiss Startup Factory in 2014, which is a Zurich-based accelerator that is 3 months long and that offers services including coaching, mentoring and a network of entrepreneurs helping the company to achieve its goals. The network extends outside of Switzerland and has members practically around the world. Swiss Startup Factory has been noted as Switzerland’s number one financial advisor firm.


As founding partner of Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur has 20 years of experience in the banking industry in Switzerland. He is also fundraiser and financial rounding at the Factory. Baur worked his way up from being a commercial apprentice at UBS to an executive position for a large Swiss Private Bank. He began his entrepreneurial journey at age 39 and stands behind a number of other startups in Switzerland. He serves as both financial advisor and mentor to other startups.

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Baur earned his Masters of Business Administration from University of Rochester in New York. He also obtained an Executive MBA from Bern. He formerly worked for both Clariden and Sallfort banking industries before developing his own startup. Baur’s drive with SSUF is to ultimately help other startups, aligning them with the appropriate investors, while coaching and evaluating them during the development stage.


Just recently, Baur’s company SSUF announced plans to launch an accelerator program which will primarily focus on Geneva –based fintech companies. The company is working closely with Fusion, a fintech accelerator.


Reports have indicated that when Zurich based Accelerator Swiss Start Up Factory and Geneva based Fintech Accelerator Fusion partnered up, it improved both of the financial companies outlook. These accelerators are collaborating on such things as a pre-selection process for startups, acceleration of startups, cooperation with universities, exchange of mentor networks, joint events and startup shared office space.


Baur said that the linguistic diversity between the two accelerators, as well as the cantonal and regional separation, will help the Switzerland startup to improve efforts to concentrate on the strengths and resources. Guillaume Dubray adds that Switzerland will help provide excellent conditions for existing and new entrepreneurs to thrive, thanks to the country’s leadership in innovation.


Fusion was launched in 2015 to capitalize on the global hub position that Switzerland has, helping to further drive the agenda Fintech already has. Fusion, along with SSUF, will drive to find talent that will help lead the innovative financial services in Switzerland and abroad.

Ken Goodgame’s Achievements and Career Path

As marketing, sales and retail merchandising executive at True Value Corporation, Ken Goodgame is the best in the industry. He is the Senior President and Chief Merchandising Officer and has diverse executive leadership at Fortune fifty retailers plus consumer goods and hardware manufacturing. He has also developed and led innovative retail growth strategies that have significantly taken wholesale to another level and sales for Ace Hardware retailers.

Kenneth Goodgame is known well for being a product showcasing agent where he makes sure that potential buyers realize a product and its pricing is also greatly strategized to be pocket- friendly for them. With his vast resale experience, he has created CPG programs that have an impact in the marketplace with changes in the external and internal factors that may affect the ability of an asset’s resale value. Profitability tends to in turn grow specific brands to another level which facilitates ease of marketing and movement in the market.

As a leader, it is mandatory to create new purchase lines and new buyer that will help in moving the products in the market and in doing so; the target crowd should also be taken into consideration. With over twenty years of retail and CPG experience, he is involved heavily in profitable creations, GM management, SKU rationalization, private label strategies and building high-performance teams that make sure products are marketed, and they move as they are produced increasing purchases.

Through his inventions and knowledge, he has made True Value Corporation a state of the art seller of hardware operating more than eight thousand independent wholesalers worldwide. As a highly experienced Operations Management leader, he specializes in creating OEM excellence through a good business plan and good marketing strategies. He works with a full specialized team to ensure SKU Investment is driven to the corporate level. In turn, this ensures that all the values of items are put to a standard in all parts of the globe.

The primary focus is to deliver a balance of employee engagement and standard pricing across the whole market territory. They also ensure installation of proper quality assurance systems to ensure production of grade one products that meet the market standards. In addition to this, sale negotiations and production strategies should be changed.

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Dedicated Businessman and Philanthropist: Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier has made a career of investing in business ventures and start ups with much success. A New Jersey native, he studied literature, computers, and environmental studies at Harvard University. He also took courses at MIT. After graduating college, he moved to Los Angeles to start his first company, People Doing Things. The goal of this company was to address certain needs, like education and health care, through the use of technology. He continued to found and fund other ventures. Some of his other ventures include: Desktone, Akana, and Media Platform.

He also has actively been involved in government projects with similar goals. In 1997, he was chosen to head the Presidential Technology Exhibition in Washington, D.C. called “The Bridge to the 21st Century.” He has also been chosen to advise on councils and forums. After the exhibition, he was chosen to take part in Al Gore’s health care and technology, which advises on healthcare and technology-related initiatives. He is a supporter and participant in Clinton’s global initiative, tackling similar and other issues. Read More Here.

Pulier has contributed far more than just his ideas on business and technology. He has been a driving force in Starbright World. This project has been able to connect kids who are living with chronic illness and to help them build a support network. It links over 75 hospitals, allowing the children to find support with each other. He also donated to a camp dedicated to chronically ill children, The Painted Turtle. Eric Pulier gives back to his community.

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Talk Fusion’s New 30 Day Free Trial

On April 12, 2016, Talk Fusion has announced that it has launched its 30 day risk free trial of its video marketing solutions. The free trial is available in nine different language in 140 countries. It wont even ask for a credit card or personal information except for a name and an email address to get started.

The free trial version will provide its users with many resources including video product tutorials, step by step guides and papers that will provide helpful tips on how to boost your business. Users will also gain access to Video Email, Video Newsletters, Live Meetings, Sign-up Forms and video chat which has won the 2016 WebRTC Product of the Year Award.

The CEO and founder, Bob Reina, who established in 2007, has said he wants to get it in as many hands around the world as possible. He strongly believes that once people see what Talk Fusion can do for them, they will want to buy it. Talk Fusion introduced, first to the world, an instant Pay Compensation Plan. It also gives a lot of funds and attention to families, friends, communities and animal charities to promote positive global change.

Before the founding of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina had numerous jobs while he was completing his degree at the University of South Florida and went on to be graduate number one in his police academy class. Even though his family and friends thought he was crazy for giving up his career as a police officer, Reina went on to be successful in his pursuit of direct selling. His dedication to his work is what makes Talk Fusion a success.

In his free time, Reina supports non-profit groups that aid animals. He loves animals to the point where he even brings his two dogs, Shadow and Bindi, to his office every day. He also helps his work associates who inspire him to work harder and think bigger. They give him the drive he needs to help them succeed and to succeed himself, which he has with Talk Fusion.

Slyce Starts Service Agreement With Shoe Carnival

Shoe Carnival is one of the largest retailers in the nation. They sell a wide variety of shoes for men, women and children. They are a great retailer to visit if you are interested in shopping for name brand shoes for the whole family. They have 400 locations, so they are easy to find, but if you want to save yourself time in line, then you should read the rest of this article. They recently joined forces with the visual search mogul called Slyce, so they are now available via Slyce’s visual search application. The app is free to download, and it can really save a lot of time for consumers.

Partnership Between Slyce And Shoe Carnival

The partnership between Slyce and Shoe Carnival Inc. started last year, but they have now officially started offering Shoe Carnival’s products via the innovative application that they offer to consumers. The app is convenient because people can do their shopping online, so they don’t have to spend a lot of time waiting in line at stores. It is also convenient because there is no need to conduct lengthy searches on the internet by using keywords. It can be hard to find the exact items that you are looking for when you are shopping online using traditional means.

Slyce’s platform makes it easy for anyone with a smart phone to search their platform by using the camera on their device. The platform allows users to take a picture of the product that they are interested in purchasing, so they can forgo the traditional methods for online shopping that can sometimes frustrate consumers. The system is fully automated by use of an artificial intelligence. It allows consumers to search for products by using a variety of pictures. Consumers can take a picture of the real product in front of them, of course.

Slyce is revolutionizing the way people shop for things online. They gain revenue for their company by having retailers sign an agreement that is renewed monthly. Many investors look closely at Slyce because they are growing rapidly, and they are changing their market.