Traits of a Success Investor Inspired by Louis Chenevert

Why is it that some people in the world experience multiple successes, while others fail in most of their projects? Well, the answer is simple, many people are not the people they need to be, to get where they want to be. It is not about the ideas; it is more of the personality.

Louis Chenevert has had success in more than 50 businesses. His traits in all these firms have been similar. Here are some of his traits that lead to his success;


Relentless Focus


One of the factors that influence the success of Chenevert is his relentless focus. He concentrates on the crucial elements of his life.


In school, he was an eager student who wanted to learn everything. His lectures were very impressed with his enthusiasm.


In all the companies that Chenevert has worked starting from his first job at General Motors, he has always acquired senior positions as a result of focusing on his role and making significant changes.

Good Leadership Skills


Louis Chenevert is a great leader. He cares about the welfare of his employees. During the financial crisis, instead of conducting layoffs, he moved them to other sites.

He also believes in investing in his team members to empower them to complete the tasks he delegates to them. Louis Chenevert believes that one can only perform as well as their team members can achieve.


The current CEO of UTC is also following the footsteps of Louis Chenevert. He has maintained the system that allows the employees to acquire the degrees of their choice.

Ability to Invest in the Future


Louis Chenevert strongly believed that the only way he could help save the USA from another financial crisis is by investing in the future. He led UTC to invest in the future.


This was through the acquisitions, for example, the GTF engine that took UTC more than two decades to design and $10 billion. He also bought the Goodrich at $16 billion making history in the nation.

Final Verdict


Sometimes what stops us from achieving our goals is out traits. Before you start a business know the person you need to be, be that person and then plunge in.

Potential Entrepreneur? Check Glen Wakeman Out

Almost everyone, at some point, dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur. The idea of creating a business and catapulting it to success is appealing. To put it simply, becoming rich through a genius idea is something that most desire at some point. However, actually following through with this passion is another matter entirely. Few ever truly attempt entrepreneurship, and even those that do are often forced to quit early before their idea is given a chance to take the form intended. The difficulty of being an entrepreneur is a harsh reality, and with the internet giving more opportunity than ever, the competition is at an all-time high. How is an aspiring business owner supposed to break through the stiff market that now exists? Sometimes, even brilliantly created business plans are stifled simply because of a lack of exposure. When it comes to starting a business, figuring out how to get rolling at the beginning is difficult.

Because of the difficulty of starting a new business, many successful individuals have begun creating resources to help those trying to earn a place in the business world. Glen Wakeman is the best example of this effort. Wakeman is the CEO of LaunchPad Holdings, which is a company that creates software intended to help bolster start-up companies during their early stages. Glen Wakeman’s journey through the business world is remarkable and puts him in a unique and powerful position to offer advice and mentorship to those looking to stick out from the rest of the crowd.

Glen Wakeman earned his education from the University of Scranton, and from there, he went to spend time at a number of different successful companies. While the companies he worked for are impressive, the wide number of roles he assumed within the companies is even more so: Wakeman worked in P&L and business development and served as a President, CEO, and Board of Director administrator. His enormous success is exactly what aspiring entrepreneurship should set out to emulate by studying his beliefs. LaunchPad’s software is another resource worth considering, as it is designed for the exact purpose of pushing through the initial difficulties of starting a business. Both are worth examining in an attempt to become a successful entrepreneurship.

The Capital Group Appoints New CEO

Timothy Armour is one of the renowned investment professionals, and he has been serving the Capital Group for many years. The company recently promoted him to serve as its president and CEO. The Capital Group has gained worldwide recognition as one of the leading investment management enterprises and a top partner of most American funds.

Armour will also be serving as the head of the administration panel of the firm and the Capital Research and Management Company. Other co-heads are Phil de Toledo who is the Capital Group’s president, and Rob Lovelace, who serves as the president of the Capital Research and Management Company. Tim will be joining efforts with the company’s committee to achieve its objectives.

The board of the firm was formerly chaired by Jim Rothenberg who died and left the position vacant. He was Timothy’s close friend at work. Mr. Rothenberg’s death was sad to the staff of the company. He had ample administration skills, and therefore, he was able to make many wise business choices that were very helpful to the stakeholders, associates, and customer’s long term needs. The firm has created partnerships with about 7600 enterprises that have been working with the administration’s committee to maintain the 84 years legacy that it has set in serving the counselors and stockholders.

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Timothy Armour was hired by the Capital Group about three decades ago. His long service at the company has allowed him to gain sufficient skills in his field. The first position that he was offered at the firm was at its associate program, and he was its equity investment analyst. His duty at the company was to manage international telecommunication. Armour studied economics at the Middlebury College. He is currently based at the Los Angeles office of the enterprise.

Capital Group lately created a partnership with Samsung Asset Management establish a practical strategic plan that would be crucial in the formation of a property administration solution that would assist them to penetrate the Korean Market successfully. The two firms will be supporting each other to develop a retirement and asset management plan. The investment power of SAM has been improved by the joint partnership. The deal that the two companies made will be helpful to Samsung since it will be able to gain extra knowledge on the Capital-style effective administration. It will also acquire more information on how to control an enterprise and its customers.

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