IC System’s History

There are numerous receivable accounts companies in the United States today. However, none of them matches IC System regarding delivery of service and commitment to their duty. The company has had a long history that spurns back to 1938 when it began its operations. Clients have had a longstanding relationship with this firm, and this is largely due to the effectiveness of the experience of IC System staff. IC System has been in the market for almost eighty years, and this is an incredible achievement considering the numerous hurdles that are experienced in this field.

History of IC System


This company was started by a couple that was keen to make a name in business by giving what they thought other firms failed to deliver. Ruth and Jack Erickson put all their efforts into developing this family, and it has been succeeded to other generations since then. The couple had strong values that they taught to their employees as well as kids. These values have continually been passed to each generation and this one of the primary reasons why IC System has been successful. In recognition of the ethical values that IC System staff possess, the firm has received numerous awards. Recently, the firm has been a finalist for three years for one of the highly coveted ethics awards.


The company has also achieved a lot especially in the area of innovation. IC Systems was the first receivable accounts company to start using computers at a time when the others were stuck to using typewriters. This company continues on an upward trajectory in the field of innovation. The responsible regulatory bodies have approved most of the firm’s innovations.


In addition to innovation, the company is also committed to helping the surrounding community. They regularly give out to charity organizations and also volunteer in activities such as garbage collection. Various charity projects have benefited from the firm’s commitment. Some of these projects include The Special Olympics, Toys for Tots and Red Cross. (premiergazette)


The company also has a corporate responsibility of taking care of the environment. They encourage clients and employees to practice keeping the environment clean at all times. This is through the use of renewable sources of energy.