Steamwork Brewers by Eli Gershkovitch Dominates the Craft Beer Industry in Canada

Craft Beers of Canada


There is an increased demand for craft beer in Canada. Brewers have shifted their attention to making craft beer to meet its growing demand. Experts predict that by 2020, 20 percent beer sales in Canada will be from craft beer.


The variety of beers available has prompted breweries to compete and come up with creative beer options. Competitions like the U.S. Open Beer Championships have seen many breweries feature their beers in the different categories of the competition. In 2017 only, Canadian breweries have won 24 medals with their beers.


These competitions have brought craft beer brewers to the limelight together with different other brewers, which is a good marketing strategy. Canadian’s Steamworks Brewers also bagged some medals with some of their crafted beer. Eli Gershkovitch leads Steamworks Brewers. It is one of the leading craft beer brewers in Canada.


About Eli Gershkovitch


Eli Gershkovitch is the founder and CEO of Steamworks Breweries based in Canada. He started the breweries alongside architect Soren Rasmussen in 1995. Later in 1997, he bought Soren Rasmussen’s shares of Steamworks Breweries, making him the sole owner of the breweries to date. He says he is not willing to sell the company’s shares because he loves having full control of his business.


Eli Gershkovitch is a lawyer by profession (ReleaseFact). However, he does not actively practice law as he mainly concentrates on running his brewery and expanding his market. Actually, the only client he has left is himself. He represents his business in all the legal matters. He is also a licensed pilot by passion. He owns two planes that add up to his collection of classic cars


When he started his craft beer production, Eli Gershkovitch was very optimistic about its growth. He started with the breweries and a pub where he would sell the produced Canadian craft beer in the pub. This was essential as his customers would taste the beer and give immediate feedback and he would make any necessary improvements if any.

Today, Eli Gershkovitch’s brew pub has grown to have over 700 seats. His craft beer has also grown beyond Canada.