An In-Depth Look at ClassDojo’s Comprehensive Communication Platform

In their Series B venture funding, ClassDojo recently raised $21 million, bringing its total raised revenue to over $31 million. The investments will be used to help the company develop more parent-focused features and tools in their already much-celebrated product.

Teachers have long struggled with quick, easy methods to encourage positive behavior and build positive connections with students and parents without disrupting education. ClassDojo offers teachers a new way to communicate directly with parents throughout the day, avoiding surprises at parent-teacher conference time.

Upon creating a new profile, a teacher is easily walked through the process of adding their class to the program (full names are not required) and customizing the skill or behavioral call outs for the positive skills and behaviors their class is focused on. An invite code is generated for parents for each class; once they use it to sign up, they are able to view class-relevant posts.

Teachers can then post in the class “story” throughout the day. They can share text, photos, or even videos of classroom activities in real time. Parents can use the app to view the “story” and directly observe their child learning and participating in educational activities. Teachers report a significant increase in parental engagement through this kind of sharing throughout the day, and parents report that it creates a feeling of community and shared experience.

ClassDojo goes beyond simple classroom sharing, however. It also allows teachers to give real-time, direct feedback to students or groups, adding points for positive behaviors or demonstrated skills. Unlike cumbersome log books, the app allows points to be assigned with a quick tap to an individual student or group. Points can be cleared or reset quickly for use in games or other educational activities.

The founders of ClassDojo are aiming to create an accessible platform for all teachers, parents, and students. Recognizing the benefits of parental involvement in education, ClassDojo aims to enhance and build upon it, to create a truly unique, supportive community learning environment. Already, the program is in use in over 2/3 of US schools and 180 countries around the globe.


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