Improving Education through Quality Educational Technology Innovations

ClassDojo is an education technology application that connects parents, teachers, and students into one community. Since it was launched in 2011, the application has grown its recognition as the best educational technology that brings a ground-up change in education.

To preserve their recognition Liam and Sam Chaudhary have been negotiating for venture funding from various investors. In ClassDojo’s latest series of venture funding that was led by General Catalyst, they raised $21 million. The investments are set to become profitable in the near future as ClassDojo seeks to become a freemium platform. This comes after the company’s app won the hearts of educators and parents across the world.

ClassDojo Company is working to improve the application further to feature more content that grows students’ mindset. In the future, the company seeks to join the likes of Spotify and Netflix in the subscription business as a leader in the provision of education materials. This is why the company seeks to partner further with Stanford University to provide more educational content. Some of the content will be available to users for free while more content will be available to premium users only.

General Catalyst is ClassDojo’s primary investor. Due to ClassDojo’s promising future in the education technology industry, other new investors like GSV, SignalFire, and Reach Capital have expressed their interest in supporting them financially.

Speaking after Class Dojo’s series B round of venture funding, General Catalyst’s Managing Director asserted that the funds were raised to make more advancement on ClassDojo application depending on the needs of parents and teachers. In future, ClassDojo could be used as a platform where parents can purchase learning materials and make various transactions.

Such improvements would expand their market and make it an important application that creates a positive culture in schools. Sam Chaudhary assured clients of high privacy standards that make ClassDojo fit for use by the student. In an official statement, he said that instead of selling clients’ data, they would build premium features that clients would pay to use.

Today ClassDojo plays a significant role in schools. Through ClassDojo teachers and parents have teamed up to empower students to develop various life skills like working hard and leadership skills. The positive views from parents and teachers enable students to discover some of their unique talents.

Besides, ClassDojo has reduced the distance that existed between home and school. ClassDojo keeps parents aware of all daily activities taking place in school. In the past parents were only updated on school matters in parent-teacher meetings that were scheduled once a term.



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