Whitney Wolfe Herd Empowering Women

Whitney Wolfe Herd isn’t your average entrepreneur. The one time Southern Methodist University student says she was just an “okay” student. Brilliance in the tech world has helped her thrive in the industry. Her app Bumble is quickly becoming one of the most well known dating applications. The free app has over 27 million downloads. It’s adding 50,000 new users per day. 10% of the users pay a $9.99 monthly subscription fee. That kind of boom doesn’t go unnoticed. She has been honored by national publications for her excellence.


Whitney Wolfe Herd worked with the founder of Badoo to conceive the idea of Bumble. Andrey Adreev first contacted Whitney about the possibility of creating a new dating app. Whitney was striving for something different. She pined for something geared toward women. The eventual founder and CEO of Bumble was hoping to create a cyber world where women could find higher quality dates.

Bumble was created with those thoughts in mind. It launched successfully in 2014. The traffic and appeal hasn’t slowed down since.

Many describe the dating app as “classy.” Bumble allows women to make the first move with men. Men aren’t allowed to reach out to women they have an interest in until a woman has left them a message. It puts more power in the hands of every female. It has brought what some believe to be higher quality dating material. The site utilizes a photo verification process to authenticate users. That keeps fake users off the site. That means more real men to choose from for the women who subscribe.

Whitney Wolfe Herd was part of the marketing team that helped launch Tinder in 2012. She wanted to establish Bumble as something different than Tinder. Her goal was to help women find better dates with incredible men. She wanted to empower women to have control over their selection. Did women like her idea? The statistics don’t lie. Bumble is on pace to haul in over $180 million in revenue in 2018.

Whitney was born in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1989. She was named to Business Insider’s 30 Most Important Women Under 30 list in 2014. These days Bumble has over 30 employees and continues to grow at a rapid pace. Whitney has a book scheduled to publish next fall. It will be titled “Make the First Move.” She has more future apps geared toward women in development.

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Fabletics-Personalized Service and Great Athleisure Wear

Fabletics is not your average athleisure wear company. In fact, they are competing with some very big companies such as Amazon. They have even worked up to become worth $250 million which is pretty impressive since they have taken their time and scaled slowly rather than using the usual pop up method of growing their company.


Fabletics not only offers great products but they offer great customer service and their Lifestyle Quiz that they have new members take helps to get to know exactly what the customer wants.


It used to be a well-known notion that the higher a product was priced, the better it was presumed to be but not anymore. Fabletics has proved that you don’t need to break the bank to be able to afford stylish and well-made workout wear. Fabletics offers convenience, a personalized shopping experience, and high quality that most people can fit into their budget.


Fabletics has used “reverse showrooming” to their advantage rather than let showrooming affect their business in a negative way. While many businesses are feeling the negative effects of showrooming, Fabletics has found that about 30 to 50 percent of the customers that visit their stores are already members of Fabletics and about 25 percent become members right then and there. That’s because the customers do not have to shop around to get the best deal. It’s already there.


Kate Hudson, the founder of Fabletics, does not have training in the area of business success, but she has founded a very successful company. That is because she is very in-tune to her company and to her customer base. She knows hat her customers want because she is listening. The Lifestyle Quiz that Fabletics encourages all new members to take when first joining the club has proved invaluable in providing information on what the customer really wants.


Kate Hudson stays involved in her company and adjusts her athleisure wear to suit the needs of her clients. If something is just not selling, she pulls it. If something is a hot item, she will keep selling it. Fabletics offer a very intimate and personalized service that is convenient and still remains affordable for the average person to afford. Although she is very good at what she does, Hudson still stays very grounded and humble, and she is a real person with an active lifestyle. Part of her success can be accredited to that.

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Whitney Wolfe Makes App Dating Even More Popular

People that used to be fans of Tinder are making a switch to an app that was created by one of the co-founders of Tinder. Whitney Wolfe is the leader of the new world of dating apps that are attracting a large base of women that want less harassment and more spam control. This is what Bumble offers because people that sign up for this app must have two things. They must have a Facebook account, and these people must also have access to a minimum of 75 friends. This is one of the reasons that it has become such a successful dating app. It cuts down on a large portion of the spam.

Whitney Wolfe knew from the very beginning that this would be something that would be a big thing if she created a way to cut down on spam. That is definitely the reason why this app became so valuable to professional women. Most women that have degrees are going to be more inclined to utilize the Bumble app over other apps. Bumble has more of a upscale demeanor, and much of this has to do with the fact that Whitney Wolfe marketed Bumble this way.

When people look at the colorful design of the Bumble headquarters they see that it has a plethora of balloon designs. It is easy to see how people would be curious. There are also products that are sold by Whitney Wolfe to promote Bumble even further. There are matchbooks and bandanas that are sold to promote the Bumble brand.

All of this is stuff that has not really been done by most of the other app companies. This is what people have realized with Bumble, and now it appears that more people are going to embrace this app because it allows women to make the first move.

The fact that Bumble is different from the others is something that makes a powerful app for people that were tired of eHarmony, Match, Plenty of Fish and Tinder. Whitney Wolfe wanted to take things to another level, and this is what she has managed to do in a very short time frame. It has been less than a decade, but there are already speculations that this is a billion-dollar app with more than 100 million matches made so far. This is an outstanding amount of user growth for a fairly new app.

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Fabletics Setting an Example for Other Businesses

Businesses and business owners try to work towards success as much as possible. The business world is different now, and the modern consumer finds different things important than they did five or ten years ago. The rise of the internet also changed the way people view businesses, and it is all part of evolution and constant change in the market. Driving the customer base and shifting the market is not an easy task, but those who know what to focus on can do it with paying attention to the right areas within the business. Fabletics is a good example of this kind of market driving.


Fabletics is a brand that was able to grow to 235 million dollars in revenue in a short period for business. It was more than 200%, and only a handful of new companies can achieve such numbers when they are first established. Attaching big names such as Kate Hudson to the business was a smart move, and it generated a lot of interest. However, Hudson was very involved right from the get-go, and it helped the business shape into what people know and loved today. She did it all from sitting in boring planning meetings to talking about marketing campaigns. This kind of dedication is something business always looks for. And it didn’t matter that Hudson has no formal business training. She was a quick learner and learned on the job.


Fabletics is a reliable brand that puts customer support as one of their highest priorities. If customers think the business can be trusted, they will help it become the driving market force. These days it mostly happens via social media and different review sites. Positive customer reviews encourage new clients to choose Fabletics over other brands.


Another important aspect clients notice is the competence of the customer service. Most people will only recommend a business if they have had a good experience with it. Most companies are aware that they are not selling a pure product, for example, Fabletics don’t just sell clothes, and they sell an entire experience.


A business that is open to the customers engages with them and offers a natural process for them to shop is on the right path. The website is well-designed and easy to use for people across age groups. It makes shopping easier and more pleasant as well as simpler.


Fabletics created a little Life Quiz new and returning clients can take before they start their shop to find the best and most suitable kind of clothing for them. The company understands that people are different and they have various levels of activity. Therefore, each person will need a different combination of clothes to feel good and to look good.


Openness and dedication, as well as compassion, are three essential things for a successful business. Fabletics keep the standards high because people rely on companies to keep them in check. Particularly in the market as competitive as active wear. The attention to detail sets Fabletics apart from other companies.

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Fabletics And Their Unique Sales Approach

There are many women who need better activewear in their lives, and they will find it when they shop with Fabletics. This company has spent quite a long time ensuring that women will have the best experience when they shop, and they have built a large following online. They are transitioning to real stores, and this article explains how they plan to reverse showroom their customers. This is a technique that is used successfully in other places, and someone who wishes to learn more about the company may take their lifestyle quiz.


#1: The Fabletics Brand


The Fabletics brand was started by Kate Hudson as a way for women to dress comfortably when they left the house every day with a long list of things to do. Working mothers want to go to the gym, and they need to drop their kids off at school. They want to look good when they are shopping, and they want to look just as nice when they pickup their children. Someone who shops with Fabletics will find all the items they need to ensure that they will look their best no matter where they are going or what they are doing.


#2: Reverse Showrooming


The reverse showroom concept has to do with online companies that become popular in the real world. Someone who comes to a Fabletics store will find all the things they bought online, and they will feel comfortable and familiar with the brand when they are shopping. These women may buy things they would have bought online, and they will have an integrated account that helps them track all their purchases.


#3: Their Account Management Syste,


Women who are using the system will find that they may check what they have bought online and in the store. Fabletics keeps one account for every customer to ensure that they may organize their purchases, and associates in the store will spend the time that is required to find the purchases that someone may have made online. This level of customer service saves quite a lot of time and energy.


The Fabletics brand has done a lovely job of helping all women look their best in their clothing. The company offers a better experience in the store and online, and they are using the concept of reverse showrooming to their advantage. Everyone who enters a Fabletics store will be more than familiar with what they see.

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Kate Hudson Continues to Succeed with Fabletics

The recent environment for retail chains has been challenging, to say the least, however, there is one brand that has enjoyed quite a lot of success in the very competitive apparel market segment, and that company is none other than Kate Hudson’s Fabletics. This athleisure line, founded in 2013, has continued to enjoy continued strong growth in a segment where many established outlets are downsizing or closing down completely. Fabletics has filled the moderate price point that has not been well-served in a landscape where companies such as Lulu Lemon have $250 yoga pants as a staple product item.


Few could predict that avalanche of the every-increasing athleisure industry, and even fewer have had the wherewithal to capitalize on the significant growth in this market. The use of reverse showrooming is just one way that Fabletics has embraced its customer base and given them a buying experience that fits their personalities and desires. Customers are encouraged to browse and shop both online and in shops as the two platforms are very closely tied together.


The subscription/membership model that Fabletics has used to such success, fits in with the reverse showroom concept quite well. Shoppers that visit one of the 18 (and growing) brick and mortar shops will see any item that they try on show up in their online shopping cart as well. It is this type of tech savvy thinking that has enabled Fabletics to enjoy a lot of success with the often elusive millennial shopper.


Kate Hudson is proud of how well her brand is performing, and she is one of few celebrities that maintains an active role within their company. When Kate realized that there were very few options for cute athletic wear at an affordable price point she got to work. It has been her vision, and passion, to meet the needs of regular people whose lives may not mirror that of the typical athletic apparel shopper.


Ms. Hudson believes that passion should always be the driving force of any undertaking and this attitude is certainly evident in the Fabletic brand. The company has helpfully created a Lifestyle Quiz to help customers see which product items are best suited for their size, design tastes, and activity level. The brand has found much success in providing cute, well-designed options for everyday people that want to look stylish even when wearing comfortable clothes. Fabletics is well-positioned for future success.

Adding To Fashion With EOS Lip Balm

There was a kind of medicinal value added to the lip balm genre. After all, they were meant to soothe the lips. Besides, they looked cylindrical which resembled some medicinal tube. And they came in the original flavor or mint. These were mainly available at Target and the pharmacist.

But EOS changed it all. The EOS lip balm added glamor to it. This is why it was able to dislodge established players like Chapstick from the market soon enough.

Rather than a cylindrical tube, EOS lip balm was available on Amazon in orbs. These were in interesting pastel colors.

EOS had done a lot of research before coming out with their product. They realized that despite popular belief, lip balm was used mainly by women. Hence they tried to give it a feminine touch. These orbs were pastel-colored to add a touch of sophistication and femininity to them.

EOS lip balm had to be glamorous and fashionable. This meant there had to be a lot of bright colors as well as fancy variations. Rather than boring mint or cherry flavors, these were available in interesting flavors such as passion fruit, blueberry and so on. This meant that instead of hiding them on some shelf at a pharmacy, these were openly displayed at prominent department stores and beauty parlors.

Earlier the cylindrical tubes (https://www.costco.ca/eos%C3%A2%E2%80%9E%C2%A2-Lip-Balm-6-pack.product.100322342.html) were getting lost in the handbags of women. But these orbs are much easier to find. The shape is so unique and attractive that people love to flaunt them. In fact, this is why so many celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, and others can be seen carrying it around with them and even using them. Hence the oomph factor has gone up with EOS lip balm. People like it, and they like to be seen with it! Visit EvolutionOfSmooth.ca for more information.

The Success of Fabletics

The unfortunate realty when it comes to athletic gear is that it is costly to buy high quality gear that fits well and functions for any type of environment while exercising. For women especially, it is difficult to find athletic gear without breaking the bank in the process. As a result of this issue, one businesswoman took on the e-commerce world of athletic gear and developed her own brand of clothing that is now available to different women all over the world that are of different shapes, sizes, and of women with different preferences to the desired style.


This individual is Kate Hudson, an actress, a model, a mother, and now a businesswoman who is dedicated to women who want to be active without the required funds to buy the expensive gear. Kate Hudson has been not only promoting her new brand that is known as Fabletics to women, but has also been promoting an active lifestyle and a new way to wear clothes in a confident manner. Within just three years of doing business over the internet, Kate Hudson and her marketing team have grown the company exponentially to become a $250 million company. Kate Hudson was able to find a gap within the industry of athletic gear and is now offering excellent quality gear that is also inexpensive.


Kate Hudson has been able to combine many important aspects of clothing which are convenience, fit, as well as style. As the clothes are sold online, women do not have to leave the house to purchase athletic gear, but can instead just visit the website to get started. The process is simple and first time users are taken through the website and are asked what the athletic gear will be specifically used for. Various questions will be given to first time users in order to create a tailored outfit that is based on all of the specifications. With the Fabletics brand, women can wear the gear outside, indoors, or even in a professional environment.


Kate Hudson and her marketing team have not only been promoting Fabletics to the customers, but have also been promoting a new way of life that is full of activity. As a working mom, Kate Hudson understands how difficult it is to get up in the morning and have to look presentable. As a busy individual, Kate Hudson has also created Fabletics for herself in order to have an option in the morning that she can depend on looking great in and feeling stylish.


Women all over the world have begun to experience Fabletics and have begun to purchase the clothing options in bulk without even having to break the bank in the process. Though Kate Hudson is new to the business world, her idea to bring fashion to the lifestyles of active women has been a hit and has gained millions of loyal customers on an annual basis. Fabletics will continue to grow and will continue to promote an active lifestyle for women all over the world.

Why Fabletics, Kate Hudson’s Brand is taking on Amazon

In the fashion e-commerce market, it’s not easy for a new company to carve a niche when already Amazon, a digital giant, is controlling over twenty percent of the share. However, a brand co-founded by Kate Hudson is going against the odd. In a period of just three years, the company is now worth $250 million.


Today, the economy is shifting and brands should re-invent their marketing strategies. It was not like a while ago when quality was associated with price. There is the need to consider factors such as the recognition of the brand, awesome designs and other factors that have affected the modern consumer. The brand is achieving success, and there are plans to establish more physical shops. Their membership and offering personalized items is what has made the brand to tear the market and build a customer base.


“Reverse Showrooming” Method


It’s a method that many companies view negatively since their clients tend to browse offline and go to other places where they can purchase the items at lower prices. However, Fabletics has capitalized on this method, and it’s working in their favor. The brand has made browsing active so as to build a relationship on long term basis with their customers. They strive to understand their local markets by organizing events, and in the end, they can get members at the entry of the showroom.


Using Online Data Appropriately


Data is crucial regarding retail strategy, but it’s worth noting that the data will not achieve success. Fabletics stocks its stores based on factors such as the members’ preferences, sentiments from Social Media, real-time sales activities, and store heat mapping. This avoids stocking items that only appeal to local online users because there is always a shift in fashion trends.


Fabletics Focuses on Accessibility, Culture, and People


The brand also experiences different problems, but some things have made the company to move forward and beat its new as well as established competitors. They consider balancing lifestyles and also educating their customers. They also ensure that their clients have the best experience while shopping. Their efforts are paying.


What You Need to Know About Fabletics


Fabletics is a company that has come with quality wears for ladies such as hoodies, bras, and sports wears. The brand was co-founded by actress Kate Hudson and has the goals of establishing items of high quality yet at an affordable cost. This ensures that every lady can get the attire that they prefer. She focuses on making women feel sexy while wearing Fabletics.


This company has an online platform that is easy to use, and anyone who is interested in being a member can quickly start to enjoy the discounts up for grabs. Getting started with them is easy because you only need to take a short survey for their designers to know your preference and style in fashion. There is also another VIP membership option where you get the clothes at discounted rates every month.

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Kate Hudson Adds Casual Chic Style to Fabletics Active Wear Brand

Actress Kate Hudson always seems to make the best dressed lists on the Hollywood red carpet. She has this easy, breezy style that many have labeled “casual chic,” and that is the signature look she has stamped on her active wear brand.

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The pretty star co-founded Fabletics with business partners Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, two of the best branding experts in e-commerce. The company is located at their headquarters in Los Angeles, where every design is sketched and produced in those spacious offices.

The California start-up came about in 2013 as an online subscription fashion retailer. Shoppers join as VIP members and then receive a lot of bang for their buck, saving up to 50% off regular pricing and earning points towards free loyalty items.

Fabletics makes gorgeous and quality-made women’s active wear in brightly colored solids and prints in cool leggings, tanks, tees, yoga pants, swimsuits, cropped bra tops and cute dresses. Kate Hudson leads an active, healthy lifestyle with her two young boys when she’s not making movies. Like many of us, she has a busy family and wants to stay fit and wear comfortable, figure-flattering work-out gear and athleisure style clothing.

Fabletics’ mantra is “Live your passion,” and Kate Hudson wants to inspire all women who wear her work-out gear to keep moving. The Fabletics community is growing like wildfire, with more than one million subscribers. These VIP members can even shop Kate Hudson’s closet every month, and their first outfit only costs $25 and free shipping.

Fabletics’ new TV commercial stars Kate Hudson in real moments with amazing behind the scenes footage of her in action. The 30-second spot shows the star wearing several Fabletics outfits while lounging in bed, learning to skateboard, playing ping pong, doing yoga, working out on a Pilates machine and even stealing a doughnut snack. About 70% of the ad was shot from Kate Hudson’s personal i-phone.

The commercial has been well-received by pros like Adweek.com, who suggest the spot allows women to see Kate Hudson as authentic, accessible and one who really works out in the colorful active wear pieces that bear her fab casual chic style.


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