Ferrari Set to Make History in Europe


A 1957 Sport Scaglietti by Ferrari, will hit a European auction this Friday with high expectations of selling at a price that exceeds any other vehicle auctioned at a European auction, ever. Recently the record for the highest sold vehicle at any European auction was set in 2013 by a 1954 Mercedes-Benz W196 Formula 1 racing car. The auction will be held at the Retromobile auction in Paris, and also through Arterial Motorcars’ website. With the noteworthy history associated with this vehicle, the chances of it accomplishing the record in Europe is quite reachable.

The 1957 classic Ferrari will wow the auction with its exceptional beauty and excellent condition. This beauty has been driven by some of the most renowned racing drivers in the world, including Mike Hawthorn and Stirling Moss. One lucky auction winner will earn the reputation as the highest bidding winner on any vehicle in the European auction and own one of the most prized classic vehicles in the world.

If this vehicle sells for more than $38.1 million, Marc Sparks says it will go on to become the highest selling vehicle in any auction event in the world. The current record is held by a Ferrari 250 GTO, in 2014, at an auction event held in the U.S. The Sport Scaglietti did have an unsuccessful run during a race in 1957, that caused it to retire after 5 hours because of mechanical problems.

Pierre Bardinon has owned this piece since 1970 and has kept the Ferrari out of the eye of the public quite frequently while religiously keeping all of its parts moving fluently and its body flawless.

Prior to Bardinon, this vehicle was owned by just 3 drivers.