Freedom Checks: A New Investment Option

Matt Badiali has been with the Banyan Hill Publishing Company for years, and he is known for exposing several tricks and tips on how to gain more money. He is a licensed geologist who worked with mining and oil companies in the past, and after he attended a conference, he learned something about what his colleagues are referring to as “freedom checks.” To quickly explain the investment option to the public, Matt Badiali made an informative video and uploaded it online. The video went viral, and more people started to think about how they could get their hands on these checks. Matt Badiali explained in his video what the origin of these checks are, where the public could get it, and how they could earn from it. Visit at to know more.

According to Matt Badiali, freedom checks were the result of government intervention during the peak of the oil and petroleum industry in the United States. The United States government noticed that oil and petroleum companies ended up being dissatisfied with operating in the United States, with some of their leaving the country to start anew. To counter the growing number of oil and petroleum companies leaving the United States, the government started to negotiate with the oil and petroleum firms. The United States government agreed to their demands of not paying their taxes, but they also had to adhere to the conditions that are issued by the government.

Legitimate beneficiaries of the Statute 26-F – the name they called the law – should be operating solely in the United States, and they should also provide these checks to their investors if they earned a tremendous amount of profit. Because of the new law, more than 500 oil and petroleum companies banded together, establishing the master limited partnerships, or MLPs. The MLPs are responsible for giving out freedom checks to those who are interested in getting one, and they are also ordered by the government to pay their investors to a system similar to how dividends are paid. Those who have purchased freedom checks from MLPs are stating that they have benefited from the system and they are satisfied with the amount they received from the MLPs.

Matt Badiali stated that those who have invested in MLPs have a huge chance of receiving thousands of dollars every month, primarily if they invested big. For him, freedom checks are just another way of taking the money to somewhere that matters. Visit: