Crazy Edits and Updates are Not Good for Online Business

Daily customers know the answer to any question is: “Google it”, and in turn Google answers with a Wikipedia link. Wikipedia is an open source online encyclopedia that is constantly being updated. Writers for Wikipedia are not paid content writers, and further the website deletes any information that is just there for self promotion.

Even Congress members have found it humorous to update a Wikipedia page from time to time. The twitter handle @congressedits tweets any changes made from the House of Representatives and/or a Senate computer. Changes can range from fixing the spelling errors to citing that ham is not chicken. Clarifying that the holiday movie “Rudolph” was noted as fiction, as if being animated did not already provide this knowledge. Putting a zoo animal in a list of politicians that were assassinated is likely insulting to politicians, or possibly animals. It is easy to see how Wikipedia revisions can be construed to be less than professional.

The internet is always open. Building and maintaining a Wikipedia page is confusing and time consuming. Do not waste valuable time going through the rigorous process of figuring out how to create a Wikipedia page just to find that the site finds it too self promotional and has deleted it. Save time and reduce stress using Get Your Wiki, a company that has professionals you can hire a Wikipedia editor from to make and maintain a wiki link for businesses. A page that will not be deleted upon completion. Online presence is a way to stay ahead of the competition. A professional presence with relevant information monitored always is needed for a society that looks to Google for advice. It is important to avoid pointless updates that look childish, or worse being hacked on the open sourced site with degrading untrue information that harms a person or business. Responsibility often lies on the business to protect and monitor it’s own online presence. Still have questions? The best answer to the problem of maintaining a great page is at your fingertips with Get Your Wiki professionals.