Status Labs Recognized by Austin Business Journal

The Austin Business Journal has named Status Labs as one of the 50 fastest growing companies in the Austin area. The award will be formally presented on October 27th at 6 PM. Status Lab’s CEO says that he was honored to receive the news. He is most honored, however, to be trusted by over 1,500 clients in 40 countries with their digital marketing news. This outstanding company assists many firms who have had trouble building or maintaining a positive reputation. In order to serve customers better, Status Labs operates two other offices in addition to the one in Austin.
This is not the first honor that this fast growing company and its CEO has earned. In 2015, CEO Darius Fisher was received the Innovation 50 award by PR Week. The company has also made the 500 Fastest Growing Companies list by Inc. These awards are like icing on the cake, says Darius, because it means that his company is succeeding in helping others.
Huffington Post mentions that Status Labs was founded to help others succeed after some executive with the company or the company made a mistake. It is their believe that one mistake should not ruin an entire career. Yet, many times that is what happens. Therefore, the company works to get the bad news off the first page of search engines knowing that most people do not search any further than the first page.
Darius has also taken steps to improve the reputation of Status Labs proving that he can learn where the weaknesses lay in his own company and take steps to remove those weaknesses. He now allows his employees to spend time volunteering in the Austin community because it allows people to connect a face with his company. He also spends more time listening to his employees because those closest to the problem often have the best ideas on how to solve issues. Finally, he sets realistic times for projects realizing that employees that have time to take care of their personal lives are happier at work and will stay with a company for longer.

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