Wen by Chaz Bringing Out the Volume and Shine in Your Hair

If you have ever watched late night television and seen the dial turn over from traditional television programming to informercial, you may have seen advertisements for Wen hair. During the commercial you’ll see a man with fantastic hair speaking about a specially created haircare product. This is Chaz and he is going into detail about the Wen haircare products. While billed as a shower care product, the main offering is a conditioner. The thickness is immediately apparent for anyone who has ever tried it before, but if you are looking for a way to boost the appearance of your hair quickly and effectively, this is the option for you.

WEN products purchased on ebay comes in a very large bottle. A pump tube is attached to it so you can pump out the haircare product. The instructions on the WEN hair product container tell you how many pumps to use on a daily process. Generally, you won’t need as many pumps, depending on the length of your hair. You need to coat your hair like you would any other conditioner and let it sit in your hair for several minutes. You’ll get a feel for the product and how much you need.

After waiting several minutes (which is a great time to shave or do whatever else you need to do in the shower), you are able to rinse off your hair. It is much thicker than what you’ll find with other haircare products out there, but it is the nutrients within the product that is going to make your hair luster, shine and become fuller than you’ve ever experienced before.