How Wessex Institute of Technology Uses its Conferences to Disseminate Knowledge

Academic conferences and symposiums are one of the most effective ways of sharing knowledge and research findings with a larger audience. Such symposiums also provide an avenue for debates over contentious issues. Southampton based Wessex Institute of Technology has made a name for itself in the field of academia by organizing conferences that bring together notable academicians. Its conferences mostly address subjects related to science and technology. A multi-disciplinary approach is applied to make the conferences as productive as possible.

Concluded Conferences in 2016

Wessex has a department that is fully devoted to organizing seminars. Their Wikipedia page explains why all the conferences that it holds are successful. In 2016, it has organized nearly ten conferences, with a similar number in the pipeline. The International Conference on Big Data, which was held in May this year, has been the biggest forum so far. The seminar was held in Spain. It successfully brought together notable names in the field of IT and mobile telephony. The 14th International Conference on Structures Under Shock Impact is another major seminar that has been organized by WIT this year.

Upcoming Conferences

According to their Linkedin page, the Wessex Institute of Technology is organizing a further 10 conferences this year. At the moment, it is planning the 2016 Sustainable Development and Planning Conference. The forum will be hosted in Malaysia in early December, and will bring together planning and development experts. They will focus their attention on the issue of rural and urban planning. The 8th International Conference on Science and Engineering is scheduled to be held in New Forest in mid-September. It seeks to highlight the influence that nature has on present-day scientific thought and design.

The 2016 MARAS Conference is being organized in Siena Italy. WIT intends to hold it between 21st and 23rd September. It will focus on the role of architectural structures in disaster mitigation. In addition, the conference will highlight issues concerning temporary dwellings and origami-based buildings. This technological symposium also aims at finding solutions to homelessness. WIT organizes numerous conferences every year so that it attains one of its core purposes. The institution believes that since conferences are attended by academicians from all over the world, they are the most effective way of sharing knowledge.