Image Recognition: The Face of the Future

Computers have evolved immensely over the past few years, and new technology is constantly being developed. One area that has been advancing recently is image recognition. Although our brains can easily establish distinctions between different types of birds, it’s a little harder for a computer to tell the difference.
The process of image recognition for a computer involves detecting and then identifying an object in either a video or a digital image. This ability can be used in several types of applications including toll booth monitoring, factory automation, and security surveillance.
Most recently, the area of machine learning has made great strides in focusing on the difficulties that often accompany image recognition. Specifically, they have found that one type of model referred to as a deep convolutional neural network can complete difficult visual recognition assignments at the same rate as a human.
There has also been continuous development in computer vision when it is validated against an academic benchmark called ImageNet. Google researchers have found that consecutive models demonstrate steady improvement with each test. This has also been proven by independent researchers.
Image recognition can be a beneficial application for the visually impaired and an important safety feature in cars. Imagine a car that can sense a large animal or another car and what that would mean to auto accident rates. It could also be useful in marketing applications enabling businesses to gain insight from socially shared photos. All of this technology is slowly making its way into our day to day lives as the image recognition applications improve.
One company that is shaping the future of e-commerce and internet use is Slyce. Slyce specializes in online solutions for retailers and e-tailers. By using image recognition technology for both desktop and mobile use, Slyce triggers visual product recognition on current product images or by just taking a photo.
Through their leadership team, Slyce is creating a new standard for customer interaction. Slyce has created a Universal Scanner that is an easy to use answer for the most precise image recognition technology on the market. Slyce’s image recognition technology uses the best qualities of several of their competitors together in their Universal Scanner. It easily processes images, coupons, barcodes, and QR codes.
In today’s world, technology is advancing faster each day making our lives easier and safer. With new image recognition technology, those that are visually impaired will be able to be more independent and cars will be able to sense impending accidents. Many of the safety issues we face today will become a faint memory as image recognition technology continues to evolve.