Dallas Investment Firm Highland Capital Management

The Dallas investment firm Highland Capital Management has established itself as one of the very best in the industry. It offers a wide range of financial services that have enabled it to stand out among its competitors. One of the things that has allowed Highland Capital to stand out is its specialization in credit and debt managed securities. With this specialization, the firm has been able to help a number of clients more efficiently manage debt and credit. Along with being a leading firm in managing credit backed securities, Highland Capital Management has expanded to other markets throughout the world. It has office locations in Singapore, South Korea, Brazil and New York City. As a result, it has been able to suit the needs of many clients worldwide.


When Highland Capital Management first came into existence it was a life insurance company. It was founded by James Dondero and Mark Okada who had extensive experience in the financial services industry. They used their experience and expertise to put together a company that would offer one of the most valuable insurance policies on the market. While the firm was able to establish itself as a top life insurance company, it was also looking to expand and offer more services to clients. As a result, the firm would work towards improving upon its product line within the next few years.


By the year 1993, the firm would begin offering a wider range of financial services. It would begin offering private equity securities and also asset management. The firm would later begin offering wealth management and financial advisory. These new services helped it gain more credibility and make it more competitive in the industry. In the year 1996, the firm began offering collateralized loan obligations which enabled it to provide services that only banks could in previous years. The firm was renamed Highland Capital Management in the year 1997. Highland Capital would continue to serve many clients with its wide range of services for years to come. Today the firm offers financial services to a number of different types of clients. Highland Capital serves government entities, individuals, pension fund investors and also corporations.


All you need To Know Regarding Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is a multinational investment banking firm that is committed to excellence, leadership, integrity, and service when offering corporate financial consultancy services to public as well as private businesses. Over the years they have helped thousands of clients meet their goals promptly. They vast experience and understanding in the field of corporate finance together with corporate governance that is the reason why they are leading in financial advisory services, M&A as well as valuations. With branches in North America, Asia, and Africa, they have adopted an international view that gives equal focus to local business networks.

Madison Street Capital’s reputation is excellent in areas such as:

Corporate Advisory
• Mergers & Acquisitions
• Capital Restructuring
• Reorganization Services
• Bankruptcy Services
• ESOP Advisory
• Buy-out Advisory
• Corporate Governance
• Private Placements

Business Valuation
• Company Valuation
• Tax Compliance
Valuation for Financial Reporting
• Purchase Price Allocations
• Goodwill and Intangible Asset Impairment
• Share-Based Compensation
• Structured Finance Products

Financial Opinions
• Independent 3rd Party Fairness Opinions
• Solvency & Capital Adequacy

Asset Management Industry Focus
• Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory
• Portfolio Valuation Services
• Restructuring Services
• Financial Sponsor Coverage

Wealth Preservation and Tax Planning
• Tax Planning
• Business Exit Planning
• Build Wealth

Major Services Offered

Capital Raise
They offer the most effective capital model from their diverse funding sources which include commercial banks, mezzanine lenders, asset-based lenders, angel investors, private equity groups, venture capital groups and other creditors. The elements of their custom approach to business funding include corporate valuation expertise, debt restructuring and financing relationships, experience.

Sell-Side Advisory
Overall, their experienced investment bankers play as your trusted partners in negotiating or structuring a transaction to meet your unique needs. They know that realizing the best transactional value normally involves a strategy. That rewards goal achievement and efficiently assists management in preparing earn-outs and other f forms of forward-looking compensation indicators. That includes cash vs. stock considerations together with mechanisms that enable their clients to participate in the growth of a company.

Buy-Side Advisory
For every buy-side engagement, their experienced deal team normally helps identify the potential acquisition targets regionally, nationally as well as globally. They also do due diligence on designated targets, assess the benefits of acquiring the asset, negotiate and seal the terms of the acquisition and close the deal. They have proven cross-border execution potential including mega deals in Canada, Europe, Asia, South America and Africa. Overall, their experienced investment bankers work as their clients’ trusted partners in negotiating transactions to meet your unique needs.

Valuations-Financial Opinions
They assist clients wishing to determine corporate worth for environments and situations such as:
• Initial Public Offerings
• Mergers & Acquisitions
• Shareholder redemptions
• Tax liability determinations
• Succession plans and redistribution of family-owned enterprises
• Collateral value assessment
• International transactions
• Employee Stock Ownership Plans
• Convertible and debt securities
• Stock Options

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Excellent Financial And Accounting Services By Madison Street Capital And How Mr. Anthony Marsala Has Escalated The Firms Performance

Madison street capital is an investment boutique banking that ventures into offering financial advisory services. Being an international investing banking, the firm is committed to its core values and services of leadership, service delivery, excellent and integrity in delivering financial advisory. It also offers financial evaluation and opinions to privately and publicly held businesses and most importantly acquisitioning and merger expertise remains the core business of Madison Street Capital.

Madison Street Capital is an investing banking firm that is highly accorded to standards of professionalism and integrity. The financial institution mode of operation is accredited by the forthcoming clients success in the global market whereby as the company undertakes a new project, the clients goals and objectives translates into its endeavor ranging from successful capital generation, financial advisory, as well as M&A transaction geared towards transferring the ownership to the customer.

With the company Headquarters based in Chicago Illinois, the firm offers fairness and solvency opinion services through nurturing the emerging markets as it is a core component to the its growth as well as its clients. This has garnered client’s trust that has continually preferred the institution services.

In view of these facts, the company success would not have been achieved without the proper management in place. Mr. Anthony Marsala one of the under forty Chief Operating officers and the co-founder of Madison Street Capital, through his readership the company has realized significant success attributed to his ability to make the right decision, leading the team and sourcing clients.

According to NACVA selection criteria, Mr. Marsala being one of the selected persons is endorsed with corporate skills and knowledge such as superior quality, Excellency, visionary in financial and accounting consultancy among others. Also, Mr. Marsala contribution to the community through his professionalism sets him apart among the nominated persons in the matters related to leadership and expertise.

In fact, Mr. Anthony Marsala is instrumental not only in managing and leading the firm activity internationally but also he runs a diligent and analytical team that undertakes business valuation of the firm’s M&A finance and corporate clients. Mr. Marsal excellent academic performance and corporate exposure in technology, food and agriculture as well as national associations equips him with skills and knowledge that are reflected in the leadership, management and excellent performance of Madison Street Capital.

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Investments and Philanthropy with Madison Street

It is rare to find an investment firm that cares about both their clients and the world around them. Madison Street Capital is one such investment firm. They have created a very positive image for investment firms and set a standard for all other companies in their industry that will be very hard to meet.

Madison Street Capital is a world renowned middle market investment banking firm. They work largely in corporate finance as well as mergers and acquisitions advisers. The combined experience of all of their professionals gives the company a great variety of experience in many different financial services. The variety of skills that are available from the many professionals allows them to make sure they can meet each individual clients unique needs in the best way possible for that client.

Beyond their work with their clients, they do a lot of work with the community. One of the most well known organizations that Madison Street Capital supports is the United Way. The many different causes represented by the United Way gives a good look into the type of philanthropic works that Madison Street Capital supports.

The United Way is mainly concerned with the more pressing and important community issues. This is made apparent in the work with emergency assistance such as food and shelter. They also work with various recovery efforts from disasters and will assist with the education, financial stability and health concerns that arise from these disasters. The United Way is known for partnering with many different groups that assist with these efforts and also with similar efforts as well.

Some of the groups that the United Way partners with includes schools, government agencies, businesses, financial institutions, voluntary associations, neighborhood associations, and those within the faith community. Being open to working with so many different groups of people allows the United Way to help many of those who are most desperately in need of assistance.

The hard work they put into assisting their clients as well as helping their communities speaks a lot towards the priorities and concerns of Madison Street Capital. Having knowledge about what a business considers important tells you a lot about those that you will be working with and what kind of care they will take with your concerns and your needs. Learn more:


The Success of Madison Street Capital

Richard Blair’s Investment Advisory Firm

Wealth Solutions, Inc. is an Austin, Texas-based Registered Investment Advisory firm that provides customized wide-ranging financial forecast. Its primary clients are individuals or families with a high net-worth, small businesses owners Austin, Marble Falls, Bastrop, Houston, New Braunfels and Georgetown. Wealth Solutions Inc. helps in changing and adapting new financial plans in the evolving capital markets. The company works toward the development of dynamic, but standard investment resolutions that enable their customers to make profits while still minimizing risks. WSI knows that many of its clients are approaching and preparing for retirement, and, therefore, they need to preserve their affluence, have a stable source of income after retirement, and leave an inheritance for their heirs. The company facilitates the establishment of a comprehensive financial strategy that enables the clients to achieve their desires after retirement.

The company also offers a wealth management policy that helps in providing customers with a suitable way of accumulating and protecting their property. As a method of wealth management, the firm helps in the development of an investment portfolio that produces a proper diversification based on the requirements and ambitions of the client. Investors are given a chance by the skilled wealth management process of the firm to access investments that they may not have such as a broad range of conventional and alternative investment classes. The firm has the expertise to create a portfolio that is based on the customer’s risk acceptance and financial goals. The portfolio enables the client to be active in the markets without facing avoidable risks.

Richard Blair founded the Wealth Solutions Inc. in 1994. He joined the financial services sector immediately after graduating from college in 1993 and holds the designations of Registered Investment Advisor, Certified Annuity Specialist (RIA), Certified Estate and Trust Specialist (CES), Certified Fund Specialist (CFS) and Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP). Blair established Wealth Solutions with a primary objective of making a noteworthy positive change in the lives of individual investors, families, and owners of small businesses. He has been active in the finance sector for more than 20 years.

Mr. Blair’s life has mostly revolved around education. His grandmother, mother, and wife were all teachers, and, therefore, he directly learnt how teaching can boost an individual’s knowledge and confidence. He has since combined the knowledge of instruction and his natural finance skills to help his clients in planning their finances and investments. Richard has sharpened his knowledge through years of experience in retirement strategizing and focuses on assisting his clients in making appropriate plans for their retirement.

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Martin Lustgarten- Investment Banker

Martin Lustgarten in a well known and renowned investment banker. His company Lustgarten Martin is a first round selection when it comes to clients choosing someone to manage their money. This is mainly due the fact that Lustgarten is a veteran in the business world and is business savvy. Through the experience and dedication of Martin, his firm Lustgarten Martin is nationally renowned as a top notch investment firm, which is hard to do in the investing world.
Martin has been described as a hands-on corporate know it all who specifically deals with his clients personally. His ability to communicate with his clients at the drop of a hat, despite his hectic and busy schedule, makes him stand out from others in the industry.
Lustgarten got his business savviness from his experience as an investment banker. The key differences between a investment bank and a commercial bank Wells Fargo, or Bank of America is that investment banks specifically trade securities for large corporations, and wealthy individuals. On the other hand commercial banks such as Wells Fargo, Bank of America and those that are similar, have an account with average citizens in which they keep their money in an account within the bank only offering a minimal return. They also assist companies with help of merging with other companies or acquiring smaller similar companies. The job of a investment bank is to come up with a plan and point out any unpredictable risk before a client makes a major financial movement. Additionally they serve as brokers between companies and potential stockholders. They often buy shares only to flip it for a profit. Through the world of investment banking as noted above, Martin Lustgarten has become a expert in the finance world and now runs a successful venture capitalists firm. Visit Lustgarten’s many social media accounts, including his Soundcloud page.