Why Ryan Seacrest isn’t Rushing into Marriage

Ryan Seacrest is never scared of telling the world about his numerous jobs and how he managed to satisfy all of his employers. The professional has become a global role model to the young people, especially those who are planning to get into the showbiz section. Ryan Seacrest is always being sought to give interviews by leading platforms. After all, he is one of the most popular and successful people in the media in the United States. His business has also become very popular in the market because of the good skincare products it has been giving to its men clients. Despite the amount of success the businessman has been getting from his numerous jobs, Ryan Seacrest is not rushing into marriage. Those who know him say that he is forty-three years old, and he is happy about dating his fiancée. According to Ryan, getting married is not in his plans.

Ryan Seacrest has also said that his family has not been giving him pressure so that he can walk down the aisle. People have always known as that Ryan Seacrest and his girlfriend, Shayna Taylor have been dating for a long time. The community expected that this couple would be able to get married before the year came into an end. Ryan Seacrest had shocked everyone when he said that his family was very bust with his sister’s pregnancy, and they had completely forgotten that he is not married yet. Meredith Seacrest will be giving birth in just a few days, and all the members of the Seacrest family have concentrated on her issues. Now that the family is distracted about the pregnancy, they have not been pressuring their son to settle down. This is the first time Ryan Seacrest is becoming an uncle, and he is very excited.

In the recent months, Ryan Seacrest says that he has been too busy practicing how he will be handling the newborn baby that will be coming soon. Holding a baby is not easy. The production manager says that he has been practicing using all forms of tools and learning how to deal with the new addition to his family.

How Victoria Doramus overcame great odds to build a fruitful career in the media industry

The creative industry, just like any other sector, is flocked with a myriad of challenges that all professionals worth their salt must overcome to become successful. This was the case with Victoria Doramus , who entered the media and entertainment industry immediately after completing her degree in journalism and mass communication from the University of Colorado. From an early age, Victoria Doramus showed a strong interest in arts and history and her career was the culmination of her passion.

Genesis of Victoria’s career

What would become a glamorous career, started when Victoria landed her first job at Mindshare where she worked as a media planner assistant. This job required her work hand in glove with clients to come up with branded and personalized content as well as negotiate contracts with media vendors. This put her in a catbird seat; where she was able build cordial working relationships with various media executives.

Following her ambition to learn more and do more, Victoria Doramus would switch to Stila Cosmetics where she worked as the creative consultant. This is a job that really exposed her creativity as she had more freedom to express her thoughts and ideas with more experienced art directors.

Further engagements and experience

A few years later in 2007, Victoria decided to change camps and moved to work with the Creative Artists Agency as a group coordinator. During her three –year stay with the Agency, Doramus would handle all the correspondents of the Agency spread across the world besides reviewing market reports and maintaining communication with their clients. She also engaged her creative side and wrote several articles for notable publications such as The Cassandra Report and Trend Central.

Always on the move for better things, Victoria Doramus would move to Trendera where she was tasked with building marketing campaigns, product development, acquisition of new businesses, supervising contract workers.

More about Victoria Doramus

She has assisted in the writing of many books such as What’s Next: The Expert’s Guide and The Modern Girl’s Guide to Sticky Situations both by Harper Collins , and Decades: A Century of Fashion published by Bloomsburry. Victoria has also written for USA Today, Cosmopolitan, and The Huffington Post.