Brian Bonar Now on the Cambridge Who’s Who Registry’s List

There is no better way to spur an individual to give it best in any endeavor than to publicly recognize previous contributions. The professional networking community is turning its attention in the direction of no other than Brian Bonar.  Read more: Brian Bonar / People / MG2

Mr. Bonar would appreciate this honor as it is the highest recognition that bestowed on any individual in the finance and business world. Previous winners have been men and women of impeccable records in the corporate world. Out of the hundreds of names shortlisted, only two men and two women in each discipline pick the award annually.

According to Spokeo and Bloomberg, the committee saddled with the task of selecting the final winners must be commended for a job well done. Brian Bonar is long overdue for this honor considering his exploits in the world of finance. All the same, we congratulate Mr. Bonar on his being named the Cambridge Publishing’s 2010/2011 Executive of the Year Representing Finance.

When a man has spent over three decades breaking new grounds and shattering long-held records in a sector like finance, no one should be in doubt of his wealth of professional management skills.

This is the summary of Mr. Bonar experience. He has given so much to Dalrada Financial Corporation than the company could ever ask for. Since he assumed the position of chairman and CEO 10 years ago. The company’s employer benefits, aftermarket products and employee selection has taken a boost under his leadership.

Dalrada Financial Corporation operates as a Marketing Liaison. Its goal is to increase business efficiency by supplying a variety of programs. These programs range from risk management insurance such as workers compensation and business liability to business management service. Employee benefits and promotional management services are among the numerous others.

Mr. Bonar remains an authority in the corporate world being a Ph. D holder and a strong member of the American Finance Association,