Duda Melzer – Ensuring Success for Media Conglomerate, RBS Group

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer comes from Sirotsky family, which is considered to be among the wealthiest and the most influential elite families in Brazil. He is the third generation in the Sirotsky family to head the highly successful media conglomerate in Brazil, RBS Group. The RBS Group has business outlets in much different print, TV, publishing, and radio networks.

The company has grown substantially and consistently under the leadership of Duda Melzer, who has done graduation in business from a premier institute in Brazil, Pontifical Catholic University, and Masters in Business Administration from reputed Harvard Business School. Moreover, he has also done a couple of diploma courses from Harvard that has further helped him gain a good understanding of business and finance.

According to Estadao, Duda Melzer understands that the media business is getting competitive in not only Brazil but across the globe. To ensure that RBS Group continues to lead from the front in the time to come, he emphasizes on the integration of advanced media technology to the RBS Group’s business model. Duda Melzer has also helped in the strategic business development of RBS Group in the past few years and helped expand its operational territory and also helped take the company’s operation overseas. The revenue generated by the corporation has also multiplied substantially in the past few years under the leadership of Duda Melzer.

Duda Melzer has worked for many big media corporations, including the Family Communications Network, Box Top Media, and Delphi Corporation. He is also named in the list of top 25 entrepreneurs published by the Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprises. It is a highly prestigious accomplishment and has put Duda Melzer in the limelight in the business sector of Brazil. Duda Melzer is also the founder and CEO of the technology wing of RBS Group., e.Brick Digital. It is active in the digital sector and continuously looks for technology ventures that are worth investing in.

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