Norman Pattiz; The Man Behind PodcastOne’s Success

PodcastOne was launched by Norman in the year 2012. He is the sole founder of this famous podcast. This startup was a huge success and grew so fast. It became a number one distributor and producer of on demand audio programs.

PodcastOne is currently working with a lot of big name celebrities and brands as well. Some of these include the likes of Dr. Drew, Dan Patrick, TheCHIVE, Nicole Polizzi, WNYC’s Radiolab and more. These are the top-notch podcasts nowadays.

The main reason behind this huge success of PodcastOne is its founder, Norman Pattiz. He has work experience of more than 40 years in this radio field. In addition to this podcast, he also founded Westwood One.

It was Norman Pattiz who took Westwood One to become one of the United States of America’s biggest provider of sports, traffic programming, entertainment and news shows to the industry.

Westwood One worked with a lot of big name brands as well. These include Mutual Broadcasting System, Summer and Winter Olympics Games, Super Bowl, NBC networks and more.

Norman Pattiz was also able to create Courtside Entertainment Group in the year 2010. It was also successful in producing and distributing excellent programming.

Norman Pattiz has seen a lot of success in his career. He was called by President Clinton in the year 2000 and then by President Bush as well in 2002 to be a member of the Broadcasting Board of Governors in the USA.

This Broadcasting Board of Governors has the job of looking over nonmilitary broadcasting services. These include Radio Free Europe, The Voice, Middle East Broadcasting and etc.

Mr. Pattiz was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in the year 2009. He was awarded the Giants of Broadcasting Award as well.

Other than being such a big name in the broadcasting world, Mr. Norman Pattiz is the Chairman of Lawrence Livermore and National Security Labs, a member of the Council of Foreign Relations, a Regent of the University of California and also a member of Pacific Council.

Mr. Norman Pattiz is very talented and a true professional in his field of work. He believes that one should always stay busy doing work.

He also believes that being disciplined and diligent are the two key factors behind achieving great success. He is always the first one to show up in the office and the last one to leave.