The Quincy – Great Amenities, Safe Environment And Economical Pricing

New Brunswick, NJ has seen a major transformation in recent years as far as the real estate scene is concerned. There have been many interesting projects coming up, and the prices of real estate properties have remained fairly competitive for both the buyers as well as investors.



The Quincy, one of the ambitious luxury rental apartment complexes in New Brunswick, NJ, is the latest entrant in the sphere of real estate in the region. It has all the features a homeowner needs in a community, starting from rooftop pool to onsite garage parking and from club room to the fitness center, pet-friendly amenities, and much more. The Quincy is a thriving community, and the apartments available here has been crafted to perfection to cater the modern requirements of buyers of today, with stone countertops, polished wooden floors, and stainless steel appliances.



Moreover, the convenient location of The Quincy also makes it an ideal location for the residential buyer as well as an investor. There are many bar/lounges, restaurants, activity centers, boutiques, departmental stores, and so on, located in proximity to the complex, which makes it convenient for the members of the complex. There is also sufficient open space and manicured gardens in the complex, which provides for a healthy living atmosphere and can be used for jogging, sports or other recreational purposes. In terms of conveyance, there is an Amtrak very close to The Quincy and Rt. 18 and NJ Transit are just stone throw away from the complex. All these factors make The Quincy an ideal place to call your home. The complex is well guarded and has security systems installed across the perimeter to ensure the comprehensive safety of the members.



The shooting that took place on October 7, 2015, in New Brunswick, NJ, at New Brunswick Apartments should not be a concern for people residing at or are considering investing in The Quincy, as it was an isolated event a few blocks away from the well-guarded The Quincy. NPBD is still investigating the shooting, and the victim who had non-life-threatening wound has recovered. The incident has no bearing on the safety of The Quincy, which continues to be a peaceful, thriving community with respected members.



Also, the armed robbery of the pizza delivery guy for pizza and money he had on him on May 7th, 2013 at Quincy Circle has no relation whatsoever with The Quincy, even though one can easily believe that it happened at the same address as The Quincy. Quincy Circle and The Quincy are two different entities, and this certainly clears the confusion for some who thinks the robbery occurred at The Quincy’s address.



The Quincy is a luxury apartment complex, which aims to provide world-class amenities to its members in a safe and peaceful environment, and goes an extra mile to make it happen.