Gregory Aziz Continues To Drive National Steel Car’s Growth In The New Year


National Steel Car the operates from Ontario Canada. The company has grown to become one of the largest players in the freight car engineering sector. Established in 1912 the company focused on this area and over the years was able to gain the relevant technology and skills passed down to every generation on the art of manufacturing freight cars. This is a steel-intensive process, and with every such operation, a lot of changes have taken place in the more than 100 years of its existence.


One of these changes has been the advent of technology, both at production level as well as its incorporation within the complete product. Technology has been changing so fast that the company had to ensure that its research and design team was always aware of what the rest of the industry was up to where in North America or around the world. This was one of the reasons that the company has been able to have one of the most effective turnarounds starting from 1994.


The company was acquired in 1994 from its then owner DOFASCO, and at this moment Gregory James Aziz and Economist by profession took over. The company had always been a leader in the manufacture of freight cars, but their capacity for production meant that the company was not enjoying the economies of scale it would if it optimized operations. This one of the main reasons why James Aziz was the right candidate to lead a manufacturing and Engineering company.

Over the next few years, he embarked on revitalizing the company. This entailed bring in more human resources, capital and improving and in some cases doing away with old manufacturing processes and switching to newer ones that were more efficient.


This would cost quite a lot, but having been an investment banker Greg J Aziz knew which doors to knock and what to get rid of. By 1999 production was up eight thousand units and the company has already employed an additional two thousand four hundred staff. This would drive the company into profitability and at the same time introduce J. Aziz to the world as a CEO and president. Visit This Page to learn more.

His previous work experience had helped him achieve these results given the various positions he held in other companies. Gregory J Aziz had worked for their family business Affiliated foods for a number of years and had witnessed it grow its distribution network in Canada and the United States all the while increasing suppliers from Europe and Central America.


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The Journey of Jim Larkin Towards Fighting for Workers’ Rights

Jim Larkin was born in the year 1876, in the city Liverpool, in northern England, where he grew up and went to school. He couldn’t get the best education in his native country, but that could not hinder him from achieving his future goals. In 1903, he married to Elizabeth, with whom they have four kids.

Through his love for people to have their right adhered to, he saw it was good to have a workers’ union, which will be fighting for the rights of the employees which were not adhered to, and in 1907, he founded the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union. The union aimed to unite all the Irish workers, both the skilled and unskilled to work for their welfare. Read more: James Larkin | Biography and Jim Larkin | Wikipedia

It was also fighting for the rights of the unemployed workers to get employed, working for eight hours for a day, and all workers at the age of 60 to be paid their pension money.

He also had concerns about the transport sector, but he was putting more of his strength to the workers. With his union, he led a series of strikes as he knew through demonstration their grievances would be heard, like the one in 1913, which was fighting for the unskilled workers to get more rights to fair employment, and they succeeded through that confrontation.

In the year 1914, Larkin went to the states to lecture; he wanted to raise some money to fight against the British. He joined an American party called the Socialist Party of America and also the Industrial Workers of the World, which were also organizations for change.

After six years, James Larkin was convicted of a criminal case and later, he was deported back to Ireland, where after one year he was looking for recognition from the Communist International and organized a strike with the Ireland Workers’ Union.

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