How Arthur Becker Has Found Success in Business And Investing

Arthur Becker is the Managing Member of his real estate and biotechnology investing firm, Madison Partners, LLC. During his long career prior to founding Madison Partners Becker has held many roles such as being the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Zinio, LLC, the well-known website that offers the globe’s largest digital newsstand. He has also been the CEO of NaviSite which was a company that provided internet hosting and technology services to businesses throughout the United States and the United Kingdom. Prior to leading these technology firms he was a consultant to fashion company Vera Wang.

While Arthur Becker ( worked at Zinio and NaviSite he developed a large interest in real estate and technology. After he departed Zinio he expanded his real estate empire by investing in residential condominiums in both Miami and New York City; in New York City alone he has over $500 million invested. Another interest that he developed was biotechnology both in the financial opportunity it provided but its impact on helping human lives through cures and treatments for various life threatening diseases. Of particular interest to him is cancer treatment and the various methods that researchers are using to prevent and treat cancer.

A recent real estate project that Becker was involved in was the condo and townhome development on Sullivan Street in New York City. In return for his investment in the boat-shaped condominium project Becker gained ownership of three adjacent townhomes that are worth an estimated combined $80 million. He currently plans to live in one, in which he has invested an additional $4 million, and will either lease or sell the other 2 townhomes. It’s estimated by Real Capital Analytics that he invested a total of $20 million in the residential real estate development.

Arthur Becker attended college at Bennington College in North Bennington, Vermont, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in 1974. He went on to earn his degree in Business Administration from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth.