Ubuntu Fund Chairperson, Andrew Rolfe, and His Remarkable Contributions Worldwide

The tenth Dinner Gala of the Ubuntu Fund is annually held and is aimed at raising funds to benefit campus schools in Elizabeth Port in South Africa. A clinic that was designed to improve care and treatment of children in the campus school was still part of the plan. The local less privileged children will also be benefiting from this program. The program’s goal is to help those youths that are underprivileged by taking care of them from a tender age to the point they will start their careers.

Ubuntu Fund Chairman, Andrew Rolfe was delighted to treat 300 of those who had attended the gala with delicious meals and music performance from the Xhosa choir. Two of the students that had earlier benefited from Ubuntu Fund graced the occasion as special guests. The evening was full of motivational speeches that pleased the guests.

Sinesipho Rabidyani was among those who benefitted from Ubuntu Fund and had the honor to speak at the dinner. She recalled how her drunkard father made her living horrible as she could not get the peace she required at home. She was lucky to get the school’s scholarship where she enjoyed both psychological and social support alongside receiving a quality education. Mentorship is also a program for the students organized by the school that adds up to the education they receive.

About Andrew Rolfe.

In the 3rd of November Andrew Rolfe aged 37, joined SAN FRANCISCO as its International Division president. Rolfe was to oversee stores Gap in Germany, UK, and France. He was also to work on the strategies that would see the company grow internationally. Andrew was also on the Executive Leadership Team as a member and was supposed to report to the CEO and president of Gap Inc, Paul Pressler.

Before joining Gap Inc., Andrew was the CEO and chairman of Pret A Manger, a retailer of food based in London. He is the current Director of WH Smith Plc. He has a degree in politics and philosophy. He also joined Oxford and studied economics. Later on, Harvard Business School gave him an opportunity to pursue his MBA.