Traveling Vineyard Releases Resources For Wine Guides

Traveling Vineyard has recently released a report giving wine guides instructions on how to have better parties to attract more people. This came after Traveling Vineyard received several requests for help with preparing for fall and winter.

The first instruction from Traveling Vineyard is for wine guides is for them to have food at every wine tasting. This does not have to be a large meal. Finger foods work great. Things that have worked in the past are cheese and crackers, mozzarella sticks, and wing-bites. There have been instances, however, where the wine guide made the wine tasting venue dinner-like with tables and a buffet. Traveling Vineyard, however, does want to see wine guides spend more money than they’re making.

The next instruction from Traveling Vineyard is for wine guides to create a theme set around fall. The simplest way to do this would be to get supplies from the local dollar store. These supplies can be simple things like artificial fall leaves, fake pumpkins, and other such items. The managers of Traveling Vineyard believe it would be best to be creative with the theme. This system is suggested throughout all seasons and holidays. To know more visit about us: click here.

An additional instruction from Traveling Vineyard is for wine guides to invest in some kind of entertainment. This can be something simple as a guitar player or something more complex like a band or a comedy group. Traveling Vineyard assured wine guides that majority of entertainment acts accept payment up to 15 days after the event.

Traveling Vineyard is also looking for any ideas from wine guides that may have done something truly unique in order to bring more of a crowd to their wine tasting. Anyone with ideas can email Traveling Vineyard, and Traveling Vineyard will post them on one of their many daily blogs.

Traveling Vineyard is a women based organization that was started by women to promote interaction between more women in a comfortable setting. Traveling Vineyard is also known for introducing women to some of the most unique and expensive bottles of wine in the world. This organization does this by what they call wine guides. These guides are work-from-home employees that work for Traveling Vineyard on a daily basis. Traveling Vineyard provides everything for its employees. This even includes the proper license to sell wine from home. On a daily basis, Traveling Vineyard receives 20 to 40 requests from women who want to become wine guides.