How The Roofing Services From Aloha Construction Protects People From The Damage Caused By Natural Calamities.

Founded in 2008, Aloha Construction is a roofing business based in Lake Zurich, Illinois. It has become a household name in Illinois and southern parts of Wisconsin due to its commitment in providing best in class roofing services in an attempt to safeguard the families from the wrath of nature. They have completed 20,000 projects to date and is growing at a phenomenal rate. Apart from roofing services, the family-owned business also specializes in kitchen and washroom renovation and total clean up in weather affected regions. Currently, it is a powerhouse in the home improvement industry across Illinois.



They recently were the recipient for the Best Marketplace Ethics award and an A rating industrial certification presented by the Better Business Bureau along.



Every project taken up by Aloha Construction has a 10-year warranty which in itself shows the quality of service they provide. They have a dedicated team of experts with extensive training in the job they do. There is also a provision for free consultations and quotations for interested people who inquire regarding their services on their website. They have partnered with Synchrony financial for providing financial assistance to customers who require it. They start gearing up for the predicted rough season in April of every year.



The current CEO of Aloha Construction, David Farbaky expressed his delight after receiving the awards and mentioned how their services have saved lives from the turbulent weather prominent in these regions of the country. He believes that their services are a gesture of giving back to the community who have accepted them as their protector from natural calamities. David also mentioned the “Building Better Communities” campaign which has raised funding for the Camp One Step project aimed to offer a fun and thrilling experience for children suffering from cancer. Recently they introduced a dedicated team for interior decorations and services that ensure seamless gutter.



Today, they have earned the respect and the loyalty of the people in Wisconsin and Illinois, who look up to them for safety during turbulent weather. They currently started their operations from a new office space in Bloomington, thus increasing their coverage and manpower with the aim of serving a bigger part of the community.


Aloha Construction: CEO happy with the BBB Award

Aloha Construction was the winner of the 2017 Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics. The Better Business Bureau offers the award. Aloha through the CEO David Farbaky expressed joy in winning the award. The company has striven to meet all the qualities of the Torch Award, and finally, the award has come home. The company has consistently tried to satisfy the need of the employees, customers and the community. These are some of the areas that recipients of the Torch Award must have perfected. The award is highly competitive, and many businesses are always looking for an opportunity to win the award. Once a business has won the Torch Award, it gains a higher reputation in the market and is considered a top company in terms of leadership and services delivery to the customers.




The BBB Torch Award rewards business which shows consistent dedication to providing quality and honest work throughout the year. A panel of independent judges chooses the company to be awarded. They look at all the businesses in a particular area and pick the best ones. Aloha Construction was chosen as the best in Northern Illinois and Chicago region. They won the award because of the long service to the people coupled with acts of charity and integrity. The company has a combination of factors that it has looked after keenly and which led to the win.




Aloha Construction provides services such as interior remodeling, roofing, siding, and gutter replacement among other services. The company has been offering the best services in Illinois, and many customers have expressed satisfaction with the way they are getting services done. The company has been around for the past one decade, and so far, they have completed over 20,000 projects. The company is also known for offering financing option in cases where the insurance does not cover services.


Krishen Iyers Secret to Success in Entrepreneurship

A series of technological innovations have paved the way to a huge shift in the way consumers interact with products from many industries. As the years come, experts believe that the popularity of e-commerce will only continue to grow, which along with that will raise more questions that seek to improve the role of customer service in a world that’s highly digital.



Krishen Iyer has a lot of ideas. As the founder of the Fresno-based Managed Benefits Services (formerly Quick Link Marketing), he believes in creating a sense of familiarity in the mind of customers and that how it should go along with brand recognition. Iyer believes that a company must seek to connect with consumers on a personal level in order to achieve the best results.



The success of Managed Benefits is largely contributed by Krishen Iyer, who through the years has provided effective marketing solutions by providing clients with lead-generation companies. When asked how he mastered this craft, Iyer said he’s a naturally curious guy and along with that is a person who’s detail-oriented.



These qualities allowed Krishen Iyer to penetrate the market seamlessly. Through the years, he observed how trends worked and how they gradually shifted. We’re now at a time where customers prefer everything in a digital setup but still would want to connect on a personal and meaningful level.


About Krishen Iyer

Iyer is both the founder and CEO of Managed Benefits Services, a Fresno company specializing in leads, consulting, and other marketing services in the verticals of health insurance and dental insurance. He is a graduate of San Diego State University and is well-known for his expertise in client relations, digital marketing, and technical development.



Iyers also owns Iyer Real Estate Co. and devotes his free time in various beautifications projects within the local community. In his free time, Iyers says he loves traveling and reading.


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The Role Played By Luiz Carlos Trabuco To The Success Of Bradesco Bank

     Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was the Chief Executive Officer of the Brazilian based corporative institution, Bradesco bank. He was born in Marilia city, Sao Paulo in 1951. He went to the University of Sao Paulo and graduated with a degree in Philosophy Science and Literature. He later started working at Bradesco Company in 1969, when he was employed as a clerk at the age of 17. While still working as a clerk at the bank, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi went on to further his studies from Fundacao Foundation School of Sociology and Politics. At Fundacao, he did his postgraduate and attained a master’s degree in Socio-Psychology and Politics.


His leadership positions at Bradesco

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi served in various positions in Bradesco bank before he got promoted to the presidency. This shows the true life story of a real selfless leader who is seeking to help and serve other peoples’ interests before his own. Every employee who worked with him in the company during his time as a clerical officer was predicting his ascension to the top seat due to his competence and skills. He was a good leader who had all the qualifications to steer the institution. He also proved his persistence to assist other young leaders to emulate better business positions in order to have a brighter future.

When Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was working for Bradesco as its clerical officer, he was given a lot of trusts since he was working with loyalty towards the company. This led to the adoption of how he served in the company. He maneuvered to different leading positions including being a marketing director, Vice president, the CEO, and Chairman of the company as he dedicated his whole life to ensure the company experienced growth. He is now given regards as one in the list of best chief executive officers in the financial institutions in Brazil and the world at large, which showcases his influential leadership.


About Bradesco Bank

Bradesco is one of the largest banking and financial institutions in the whole of Brazil and southern part of America. The company has over eighty years of profession and experience in serving people with a good range of quality and financial services. Bradesco bank was listed as one of the leading banking institutions in Brazil, according to their wide equity shares and investments, thanks to Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. When you are looking at the company’s number of customers, it showcases the anticipated source in measuring its success.

Bernardo Chua Starts Organo Gold

Coffee is a significant opportunity for business owners. Millions of people enjoy drinking coffee each day. Many people are willing to pay high rates for quality coffee. Bernardo Chua is a business owner who started a coffee company several years ago. He has done a great job growing the company over the past few years.

Organo Gold is now one of the most popular coffee brands in the area. The process of starting a coffee company is arduous. Many people feel like they have the skills and knowledge needed to succeed. However, starting a business is much more difficult than most people realize. Visit for more details

Why Organo Gold is Successful

Organo Gold is a successful company for several reasons. Bernardo Chua only uses quality ingredients that are sourced responsibly. He firmly believes that business owners should use their wealth to make a positive impact on the world. Although he could get lower prices for his coffee beans, he wants to conduct business in countries where there are strict labor standards.

Some business owners buy products from factories where illegal labor practices are utilized. Bernardo Chua also wants to purchase products from a company that helps the environment. Many of his customers enjoy this aspect of his company. Organo Gold advertises the fact that the company only uses responsibly sourced coffee beans.

Future Growth Projections

Bernardo Chua is confident in the future of his coffee business. He has plans to offer additional products in the coming years. He wants to give people the opportunity to drink quality coffee at an affordable price. He also has plans to provide other coffee flavors in the coming years. The process to create a new coffee flavor takes longer than most people realize. Organo Gold could become one of the most prominent coffee companies in the country over the next few years if current growth rates continue. Check:


Dr. Saad Saad on Pediatric Surgery and Life Achievements

Dr. Saad Saad is a Palestinean is a pediatric surgeon who has been in his line of work for more than forty years. Dr. Saad Saad achieved hi higher education from the Cairo Universityobtaiig his medical degree from the institution about 47 years ago.



After he got his degree, Dr. Saad Saad moved to the United Kingdom where he did an internship and amassed a lot of practice. Then Dr. Saad Saad moved again and started living and working in the United States of America. He took up a residency at the USA Board Certified in Pediatric Surgery. After that, his career took off, and he worked art several large hospitals and businesses. Dr. Saad Saad has several patents and developed a few pediatric surgical procedures. One of the most cherished accomplishments in his career Dr. Saad Saad considers to be the eigh Medical missions to Jerusalem that he did to do complex surgeries on children for free. He has saved many lives in his 40 years of doing pediatric surgery.



Before Dr. Saad Saad retired from his work, he was serving at the K. Hovnanian Children Hospital which is a part of the Hackensack eMridian Health Care System. Dr. Saad Saad was the Collaborative Medial Director as well as Surgeon in Chief.



Over the course of his studies and career, Dr. Saad Saad has met and worked with many experts and inspiring people. One of his most influential mentors has been Dr. H. Biemann Othersn. He mentored Dr. Saad Saad in Charleston, SC when Dr. Saad Saad was still training to become a pediatric surgeon. Dr. H Biemann Othersen advocated for treating patients equally. He taught Dr. Saad Saad passionately about how children’s lives are sacred and on the operating table there is no race, physical or mental ability, or religion but only a life to be saved. Learn more:



Dr. Saad Saad strongly believes in hard work. He was the second highest performing student in Medical School and graduated as a salutatorian. He took it upon himself to achieve on difficult exams such as the one that allowed him to work and study abroad. Dr. Saad Saad had spent his last money to fly to another country and attend the exam. He passed it against all odds and managed to change the course of his life and career.



Another passion for Dr. Saad Saad is research. The research being done today in several medical and scientific fields fascinated him. One of the topics of most interest to him is genetics. Dr. Saad Saad is thrilled about the progression of the field and is excited to follow all future development in how genetics can impact and prevent chronic diseases, cancer, and others.


Gregory Aziz Takes National Steel Car To The Top

Gregory James Aziz holds the titles of Chairman, President and CEO of National Steel Car (NSC). Located in Hamilton, Ontario this freight engineering company has been in business for over a century but it wasn’t until 1994 that Greg Aziz bought the dying company and then put his University major in Economics to good use breathing new life into National Steel.


One would think that already being heavily involved in the family food business, Greg wouldn’t have time to devote to another, entirely different line of work. With a well-tuned sense of business savvy, not only did he have the time, both companies are hugely successful. With his kind of talent and drive to succeed, success in business is a given and others who want to move ahead in the world would do well to watch and see how he does it. Click Here to learn more.


Still feeling the effects of “the great depression” of the 30’s, NSC was just about finished when James Aziz took over and by the year 2000 through his expertise and guidance, production rates were up over 100%. He cut no corners and employees more than tripled. His efforts not only saved the company, he created 1,700 jobs in the process.


Mr. Aziz would tell you himself that the backbone of NSC is its employees. From assembly to the boardroom, they have a right to be proud of what their company has accomplished. By continuously challenging themselves and raising the bar they have earned the trust their customers place in them. NSC is in fact, the only North American rail car company that has been certified ISO 9001:2008. For over ten years running, Greg and his company have been honored with the annual TTX SECO award.


Recognized as a world leader in the manufacture of railway freight and tank cars, National Steel is an “earth friendly” company. They support North American harmonized regulations to ensure tank cars that transport flammable liquids are the strongest and safest that technology can provide. Obviously, rail systems need to be as safe as they can be and men like Greg work towards exactly that.



Leonardo DiCaprio Invests in Livio Bisterzo’s Snack Company

     Livio Bisterzo is proud to have actor Leonardo DiCaprio become his latest and new investor. Livo Bisterzo’s company is not the first food company DiCaprio has ever invested in. Very recently, DiCaprio had invested in Love the Wild, a sustainable seafood brand that markets farm raised fish. Now, the award winning actor has invested in Bisterzo because he is thrilled that this company makes plant-based snacks instead snacks high in sugar, sodium. and artificial ingredients. In 1998, the public became aware of DiCaprio’s dedication to the environment when he established his own foundation to support biodiversity and habitat conservation. DiCaprio was interviewed on a special for Earth Day. DiCapro was chairman for Earth Day 2000, when he met with President Clinton to making the White House more environmentally friendly. Presently, the actor is UN Ambassador of Peace for Climate. He serves on several environmental foundations, including Oceans 5, Animal Welfare, National Geographics Pristine Seas, and more.

Italian entrepreneur, Livo Bisterzo lives in Los Angeles with his wife and three children. At age 18 in 1999, Bisterzo went to the United Kingdom to go to the culinary school, University of Arts in London, England. His first business adventure was founding Maddox Club and Pollen Street in 2003 when he was still a college student. By 2015, Bisterzo discovered Green Park Holding, a natural and nature based food company. He wanted to change the way people eat and snack. HIPPEAS snacks are gluten-free, organic and with less than five grams of protein and fiber. HIPPEAS comes in several flavors that include, chick peas, fajita, jalapeño, cheese puffs, syrupy sweet puffs, pump of pepper, and sweet tomato onion and garlic puffs. HIPPEAS can be found at Albertsons, Amazon. Whole Foods, Starbucks, and Vons. Bisterzo also created healthy drinks as an alternative to soda and other sweet drinks. Little Miracles puts out five brands of tea drinks. One drink is a combination of rooibos tea with a mixture of elderberry, ginseng, ginger, and agave. Little Miracles drinks can be ordered directly from their website.

For more, read about the earth-friendly snack that gained the support of Leonardo DiCaprio.

Great Lawyers

Bruno Fagali

Great lawyers, like Bruno Fagali, make themselves accessible to you, and you ought not have to beg them to converse with you. That does not mean that you have a right; it means their accessibility should vary to the seriousness of what you face. Bruno Fagali is active, but as they say, if you would like something done, ask a busy person.

Bruno Fagali says to me, “I want a great lawyer,” I want to know far more than that. In actuality, I am convinced that most individuals don’t understand what “a fantastic attorney” means but. I am not even sure many attorneys understand what makes a great lawyer but Bruno Fagali is one nonetheless. You can tell. Decide upon the best approach to take so as to achieve the desired result: both customers attaining a negotiation or taking their advice.

They need to be the top lawyers with communication skills and be good listeners to argue before the court’s judges and juries; good speaking skills are crucial. Develop speaking skills through your studies by participating in activities like mooting or overall public speaking so that you can anticipate potential areas of weakness.

Tenacity projection – A lawyer should have good listening skills, to have the ability to analyze what customers tell him or follow a testimony. In 20 years, I have talked to tens of thousands of such individuals.


Complimentary Advice on Hiring an Attorney

I refer about two dozen cases/clients to lawyers every year. These clients vary in value from household law-types of cases whose challenges are associated with persuading a public crowd, communication to a jury or judge, or studying to find the visual and oral message. What do I predict when in this job? Well, the post’s title is a hint. This job is revenue.


Law Isn’t An Abstract

In that, I like making referrals. Yesterday, I happened to give three. My hope is that a game or trend ensues, and, up to now, that has always been true. Please comment with traits. I’m of a unique mindset: quality law services cost more.

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The Power of Asking For Help: Sawyer Howitt’s Journey Toward Success

     Asking for help can seem like you are channeling a weakness within yourself. Asking for help is a humbling gesture, as you are admitting that you need something outside of your own expertise. It is rare for a small business owner to “have it all” and cover all their bases. Not every startup is going to have the necessary funds, expertise, and strategies to bring themselves to monetary success. David Howitt, the founder and CEO of “The Meriwether Group” saw the value in providing a multitude of services to small businesses looking to grow, and built a community of professionals to help business do just that. They provide everything from capital funding to business strategies to optimal growth.

Sawyer Howitt, David’s son has already begun his personal journey, seeking to obtain a degree in Entrepreneurial Finance through the University of California, Berkeley.

Observing the work of his father, Sawyer has the opportunity to take responsibility for his forming business expertise, allowing him to become an effective part of the Meriwether Group. It seems as though Sawyer is preparing himself to take over his father’s business one day, and based on his current work that is not a stretch at all to see that become a reality.

Sawyer is making all of the right moves. He is currently focusing his efforts and time on business-related work and internships, and he is seeking a career in the business world. When you think about it, though, he is essentially “asking for help”. He is becoming educated through schooling and his experience. He does not know everything to make a career right now. Everyone is asking for help. People need to learn if they want to grow, and succeed. The future looks bright for Sawyer Howitt, as long as he continues to ask for help so that one day he can provide help to small business depending on the Meriwether Group’s expertise to grow their practice.

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