Venezuela is a country located on the northern coast of South America. This is a brief article recently posted on Facebook about what has been happening recently in Venezuela.
The country is facing an acute energy shortage currently which drove hundreds to the streets in protest. Many of them were arrested for looting during the demonstrations which followed a 24-hour blackout. Their government has declared that they will be cutting electricity supplies by closing malls early during the weekdays and scheduled and unscheduled hours of outages for residents in the country. Very many citizens will be significantly affected by this as their daily activities solely depend on an infinite supply of electricity.

The drought-stricken country is also facing a food shortage making the prices of food products hike to unaffordable prices. This is also another reason stated by Danilo Diaz why the people of Venezuela protested against the current state of their country.

Political unrest in the country amid the energy and drought situation could just be the downfall of the country known to be rich in oil. The government has declared this a natural disaster, but the citizens disagree saying it is purely a man-made catastrophe. They say this is because their country is a heavily petroleum dependent country which is manned by selfish people. The result is the high prices of food, stagnant income for employees and an increase in crime rates level.
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