Securus Technologies Introduces More Applications for its Clients

Securus Technologies is one of the institutions in North America that offers technology and communication solutions. Securus Technologies offers its important services to the correctional facilities in the country. The company is led by a team of professionals who are experienced in the modern technology, and this explains why it has invented so many applications for the inmates.

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Last year, the company acquired a technology company called JPay. JPay is one of the leaders in technological products and services, and it was started to serve the correctional centers in the state. The new acquisition has enabled Securus Technologies to offer its clients the best services and products in the market, beating all its competitors.


After the acquisition, Securus Technologies has managed to come up with several applications that have improved the lives of the inmates. Not long, the inmates would stay for many days without seeing their loved ones or communicating with them. This changed just recently when the company introduced a video communication.

The video communication application has been a life savior for the families and friends who have their loved ones in the prisons. The families do not have to travel for long distances or make very long queues so that they can have an opportunity to see their incarcerated loved ones. It is also very easy for the inmates to participate in important family events such as birthdays through the communication platform.


This year, Securus Technologies introduced the Inmate Forms and Grievance Application on ConnectUs. The new application was introduced to make important services easily available to the inmates. The individuals working in the facilities will also benefit from the app that uses the latest technology to request important services such as medical forms. Once an inmate requests for a service, it will be easy to record using the app, and it will only take several minutes.


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