Waiakea Water Is More Alkaline Than All Of The Other Brands

We live in a day and age where local water wells and reservoirs have become polluted. This is a result of dumping and leaks of volatile substances. Industrialization, manufacturing and the use of new substances have led to water supplies getting tainted. People near industrial sites have found that their neighborhoods have turned into cancer clusters, with noticeably high traces of toxins in their water supplies. Also, the proliferation of oil lines has resulted in oil leaks in which people find out that they have have oil in their water. This has lead many people to rely only on bottled water for drinking purposes.

A large variety of bottled water brands have sprung up to fix this problem of people not being able to use their local water. Brands such as Poland Spring, Nestle, Aquafina, Dasani, Fiji, Evian, Perrier, Zephyrhills and S. Pellegrina are well known for selling water. There are also many other brands that are very well known, but not as well known as the ones just mentioned. Waiakea Water is one of them.

Waiakea Water is harnessed from Mona Lua, in Hawaii. The volcanic rock that it flows through endows it with minerals that make it alkaline. The thing about alkaline water is that it is least likely to damage the body. Other types of water are rather acidic, and are horrible for one’s health. It almost seems like a fairy tale that the water is harnessed from an eternal flow that flows through a volcano. It sounds like a fake, too good to be true story, but it is not.

Ryan Emmons harnesses the water from property that his family owns in Hawaii. He is not new to the place where he harnesses it, because he frequently visited the place when he was young. In 2012, it was his time to shine as he successfully launched the water brand. Ever since then, the brand has been doing extremely well due to the fact that people realize how healthy it is.