Wikipedia is now Becoming Bigger and Better

Despite the fact that Wikipedia is available to nearly 300 languages, most of these language versions are either small or incomplete. Wikipedia users search for the millions of articles each day in one of the 300 languages. Thousands of Wikipedia editors who have volunteered themselves usually write these articles. Most Wikipedia users search for articles written in the most spoken languages such as the English language. Of the more than 36 million entries in Wikipedia, a vast majority is in commonly spoken languages.

The notable problem is that Wikipedia business page creation that is not available in some languages. More than half of the world’s population is reported to speak only one language. This means that at this age of information, there is information gap if some articles are not in their languages.

This is the reason as to why computer scientists from Stanford University and the Wikipedia Foundation collaborated to come up with a solution to this problem. They came up with a recommendation tool can identify the most important Wikipedia entries not yet available in a particular language. If the Wiki editors for hire are multilingual, they can use these translate the articles to that particular language. If they are not multilingual, they can use the tool to find a second language they can understand to be able to translate the article.

Wikipedia is one of the tools that can be used for marketing purposes. Wikipedia entries usually appear among the top five Google search results. This means that the traffic to your Wikipedia page is guaranteed to be very high. Many potential customers are in a position to view your products and this usually increases sales. As a result, your business will grow. Although Wikipedia is an open-source encyclopedia, the entries are fact-based. Opinions are not allowed when you edit a Wikipedia page and it is only what can be supported by reliable sources that can appear in your page. This minimizes malicious edits aimed at tarnishing the name of your business.

The importance of having a Wikipedia page for your business cannot be overestimated. However, you need to know that it is not an easy thing to create one for yourself especially if you are not a professional editor. For the best results, you should hire Wiki writers like Get Your Wiki. Writers from Get Your Wiki are experienced and make sure that your entry is made correctly for it to be approved by Wikipedia. They also have a monitoring service that monitors the Wikipedia revisions done on your page to make sure that they are not malicious.