Food Processing 101: OSI Food Solution

Processing food can be a lucrative job that hosts many rewards. On the other hand, food processing can become very frustrating because of the high-demand. Food processing consists of the management of food products, the distribution of food products and the development of food products. Many of your absolute favorite food retailors get their food products from professional food processors. This statement is 100 percent true, and it can be backed by facts. OSI Food Solutions has become one of the top food processors in the world. This American-based food provider has a global reach thanks to its extremely long supply chain. OSI Food Solutions has strategically built factories along its vast supply line, and this action has helped to speedup the distribution process.

What types of food products does OSI produce and sell? OSI Food Solutions produce and sells a myriad of food products, including fritters, onions, tomatoes, pasta, Tofu, chicken fired steak, beef patties, sauces, cheese, cooked sausage links, flavored sausage, pizza, flatbread, desserts, fresh dough products, poultry products and many more. This list can amazingly go on and on for days. Thanks to the company’s make-it-happen mentality, it now produces tasty custom-food solutions. Innovation doesn’t stop at the kitchen. OSI has added value throughout its supply line. Having the ability to develop end-to-end products is one of the company’s major goals. To be perfectly honest, OSI Food Solutions is no fly-by-night business because it has been in existence for a century.

CEO Sheldon Lavin has worked his magic at the leadership position. This finance-guru became the CEO back in 1975. Since that particular point in time, OSI has been able to successfully navigate the many landmines of the foodservice industry. Lavin’s background in business and accounting has helped to open many new doors for business. As of now, OSI Food Solutions is worth billions of dollars, and that’s a statement that’s backed by facts.

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