Stream Energy as a Corporate Philantrophy

Stream Energy is not your average company. They are committed not only to their clients and employees but also to the community. When Hurricane Harvey struck, it struck hard, and many Americans lost their homes, their pets, and even their lives. Stream, a Dallas company, didn’t hesitate to jump in and help out. They were one of the first to fund the recovery and to help ease the huge financial burden that fell upon many of their customers.

Corporate philanthropy is a big part of the compassionate company, and they have formed what is known as “Stream Cares.” Stream is a company that gives back, and they are big supporters of many different causes and organizations. The company has relationships with the Red Cross, and Hope Supply Co, as well as many others. Stream teamed up with Hope Supply Co. In order to cover the entrance fee and meals costs for over 1,000 children who are homeless in the Dallas area at the Splash for Hope which is held annually.

Stream Energy was also there when a tornado devastated the lives of countless Texans. Many lost their businesses, and their homes and Stream matched donations that were given to help victims of the Tornado’s destruction.

Stream Energy partnered with Operation Once in a Lifetime to provide both moral as well as financial support to Veterans in the Dallas area as well as their families. Stream provided transportation to disadvantaged veterans and their families and hosted a December lunch at a Texas restaurant. They also co-hosted an all-expenses-paid American Girl Doll Experience for ten daughters of members of the military.

Stream has a big heart does all that they can to help out. They are trying to make life better for many Texans and to spread awareness to the situations of many struggling or who have had their lives torn apart by a natural disaster. The generosity of the company is infectious and more organizations are following suit. Stream Energy is a company that truly cares, and it shows. They try to do good and to spread the love with actions.