Stephen Murray Had A Distinguished Career

Stephen Murray climbed to the top of the corporate ladder, and he served as the CEO of CCMP Capital for quite some time. Unfortunately, he no longer is in this role. He died a very early death in his early 50s, but he worked as CEO of CCMP Capital until his death.

While he was the CEO of CCMP Capital, he assisted in the management of a variety of different companies. In fact, there are a number of major corporations that he helped to manage, through CCMP Capital. He even had places on a number of different major corporate boards. Through the boards of these companies, he contributed greatly to their continued success. Read more: CCMP Capital Advisors Gets Backing to Resume Investing From Fund and Ex-CCMP Capital CEO Steve Murray passes away

Stephen Murray attended two different colleges, during the 1980s. For his undergraduate degree in economics, heattended Boston College, which is a very respectable school. However, he moved on from Boston College to go to Columbia University. This is also a very well regarded school.

While at Columbia University, he earned his master’s degree in business administration. He has remained involved with both of these colleges. He has given significant donations to both of them, and he even was the Vice Chairman of Boston College’s Board of Trustees.

After college, he began working for a company called Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. This company was a major bank holding company, based out of New York City. However, the company changed over the years. As time passed, the company went through several steps before forming into CCMP Capital. Stephen Murray played a key role in this transition, as he helped to start CCMP Capital.

Additionally, Stephen Murray was a very successful leader of CCMP Capital, once the company was started. CCMP Capital has assisted in the management of Guitar Center, Aramark, and Triad Hospitals. These three companies just provide a few examples of the broad range of types of businesses the company manages. CCMP Capital manages more than 25 different large companies. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

Stephen Murray has also done quite a lot to give back to the community. He’s a big donor to the Stamford Museum. Additionally, he also is a big donor to the Make A Wish Foundation for the New York City area. He even is involved directly with the Make A Wish Foundation in the New York area, as part of the council of the organization. He also provides donations to a food bank in Lower Fairfield County.

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