Paying It Forward How Gareth Henry Mentorship Program Helps Students At Heriot-Watt University

Heriot-watt is one of UK’s leading business Universities. It offers over 400 innovative business and industry courses. Established in 1821, Heriot-Watt is recognized for producing highly educated, employable candidates and world leaders for the business world.

Heriot-Watt University gives students a golden opportunity for success. One particular graduate who found much success from Heriot-watt is Gareth Henry.

Gareth Henry is a 2001 graduate, he has worked as Director of Strategic Solutions at Schroder Investment Management Limited. He also served as an Investment Manager at SEI Investments and as an analyst at Watson Wyatt LLP. Other career highlight includes Managing Director, Global Head of Investor Relations and Partner at Angelo, Gordon & Co. and as a Global Head of Investor Relations at Fortress Investment Group.

With the rising interest of business and technology, Henry believes students will benefit from the programs Heriot-Watt provides. With his years of experience in investor relations, Henry’s understanding of where the future of technology is going. He encourages those wishing to work in the financial arena to take full advantage of Heriot-Watt programs. Programs such as machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Actuarial Science degree. Due to his success, he initiates Gareth Henry Access Bursary. Which is a mentoring and coaching program for students to have long term success well after graduation.

Although the Actuarial Science degree is offered at Heriot-Watt in the UK. The degree can also be credited in North America by the Society of Actuaries for those who graduate and qualify. Which makes this course a global opportunity. Albeit to qualify for the scholarship qualifying candidates must be from the U.K., enrolled in the Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics course, and show financial need.

This is one of the many reasons Gareth Henry is providing mentorship and coaching to qualified students. Gareth Henry success came not only from the great programs offered by Heriot-Watt but also from the tutors. Gareth believes in giving back. Hence why he’s offering to mentor.

With great belief in helping others reach their goal through the Actuarial program, Mr. Henry states, “I am offering one call per term (there are three a year) if they need it, and then a good bit of help as they graduate on career advice and getting a job,” said Henry. “I hope that through this bursary, other Heriot-Watt graduates may see what they can achieve with study and hard work in the Actuarial Sciences.”

Advertiser Turned Mental Health Champion, Oren Frank, Developed Talkspace To Bring Therapy To Millions Online

Like many modern entrepreneurs, Oren Frank has proven successful at more than one career path. An Israeli native, Frank’s initial advertising career included several years working for the highly rated Istanbul-based marketing and Communication Agency, McCann Etickson.

Nonetheless, while advertising provided an outlet for his creativity, Frank had an untapped desire to help humanity. So, in 2012 Oren Frank engineered an online therapy venue specifically for emotionally challenged individuals that find regular therapy too costly, time-consuming, or emotionally stressful. Talkspace provides clients with their own uniquely matched therapist to interact with on their schedule, using text, video chat, audio chat and audio messaging. Talkspace also has a blog which regularly engages paying and non-paying readers alike, tackling meaty subjects, such as

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what to expect when you ‘out’ yourself.

As a mental health advocate, Oren Frank also draws attention to mental health issues on his Twitter space. For example, the “Telegraph,” a UK news source, recently disclosed that female minors that regularly spend more than three hours devouring social media are twice as vulnerable as their counterparts to depression. Meanwhile,”Science Daily,” offered the sobering observation that “depression and anxiety may take the same toll as smoking and obesity.”

Recently, Oren Frank made the bold decision to bring on board the former medical director of United Health, Neil Leibowitz. The decision, designed to facilitate a path for Talkspace patients to have access to prescriptions, follows groundwork already laid out in 2017, when a partnership was instituted with Magellan Health.

Initially unsure about the move, Leibowitz came around after interacting with the Talkspace team, who persuaded him that Talkspace provides greater access to therapy for a large and under-served population. More than six years since Oren Frank launched his dream, Talkspace estimates a million plus individuals have been served by the site.



Talkspace Offers Hope to People with Mental Health Issues

Talkspace has recently taken on a new spokesman. It might be a surprise to people that someone who seems to have no problems in the world would be the face of an ad campaign for mental health services. Michael Phelps is the most successful Olympian in history. He has become rich and famous because of his talents. To an outsider it would appear to be a perfect situation. Under the surface, Phelps had been struggling with mental illness for years. At the lowest point, he considered taking his own life.

Michael Phelps finally made the decision to seek help, and that is why he is so passionate about Talkspace. He knows without the support of trained professionals he would not have made the recovery he has. The first step is to admit that one cannot do it alone. Phelps knows now that mental health is not something that one should be ashamed of. It is impossible to fight it by oneself. Talkspace is hoping to make that less of an issue. Check out to read more reviews on talkspace.

Oren Frank, the founder of Talkspace, saw the problem that many people were not or could not seek help. It was sometimes a matter of cost or a problem with access. Talkspace hopes to eliminate both issues. Talkspace employs fully trained and licensed mental health experts who can be contacted wherever someone can get internet access. Talkspace runs on an online platform, and they can be reached through the Talkspace app, online messaging and video chats. It is a unique way to access health care, and the company hopes that it will allow people, who would otherwise suffer in silence, to get life-saving care from doctors and therapists.

Talkspace also offers a wide online community that can help with a wide range of mental health issues. It is a valuable tool for people to know they are not alone.

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MB2Dental: Having Fun in Dentistry

Owning a practice is hard work. You need employees who have an innovative mindset to handle all of the micromanaging tasks efficiently without you getting involved. Dr. Chris Villanueva knows all about what it takes to run an office and have the best staff to do it. He is the CEO of MB2 Dental and offers help to other practitioners who need it.

MB2Dental has 70 locations and well over 500 employees nationwide. This means that dentists needing help in making their business more manageable can come to any of Dr. Villanueva offices for assistance. He believes in all dentists working together. It is not about competing to get most business but helping each other succeed. The doctors has a good way to get every practitioner together for fun. He recently planned a cruise for any dentist that wanted to participate to Cancun, Mexico. They did get a chance to unwind and talk to each other but also heard what Dr. Villanueva had to say about why he was helping other dentists.

Dr. Villanueva does have his own practice. He sees patients at particular site regularly. However, he still finds time to help other dentists when needed. That is the whole point of his company. Once you have what you need in place, you can take care of what matters most. That is the patient. Plus, you can have fun doing it because you are not bogged down with paperwork and other administrative tasks that take away the focus from the client. If you hire a good staff and they love what they do, every day in the office can be a new adventure. Also, you can stay out of their way while they take care of the all the stuff that takes up so much of your time.

The patients that come in will appreciate what Dr. Villanueva has done. He has taken dentistry to a whole other level, and they benefit because of it. All of the practitioners he helps are grateful for assistance. There is nothing like a pool of dentist pulling together to help each other out. From sole proprietors to fully staffed offices, Dr. Villanueva can offer any type of advice that will help keep that practice relevant and sufficient. If you are a dentist and what to know how to better handle your practice, call one of Dr. Villanueva’s offices right now.

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Edwin Miranda Caps A Successful Career With Retirement

In 2014, El Salvadorian midfielder Edwin Miranda played the final game of his career for the FAS club in the top professional league in the South American nation. Although raised in Los Angeles, California, Miranda played three games for El Salvador through his family connections to the nation in a soccer career lasting from 2004 to 2014 in the professional ranks.

As with most U.S.-based professional soccer players, Edwin Miranda began his career in college where he was a four-year starter for the Cal State-Northridge Matadors. The Matadors played in the Big West Conference where the powerful defensive midfielder was twice named the division’s defender of the year for his strong performances.

The impressive performances of Edwin Miranda for his college team led to his decision to enter the 2004 MLS super draft, which was notable for being the draft class of Freddy Adu. The Dallas Burn drafted Miranda in the sixth round in the hope of him becoming a sleeper pick forcing his way into the team over the coming years. The move to Dallas did not work out for Miranda, who found himself stranded behind more experienced defenders which led to a move to the second-tier of the U.S. soccer pyramid with the Portland Timbers. In his two seasons with the Timbers, Edwin Miranda played 45 games scoring five goals for the team before he moved on to the Puerto Rico Islanders.

The Islanders are the team with which Edwin Miranda is most associated by his fellow players and fans following two stints with the team from 2006-2008 and 2010. Over the course of his career with the Puerto Rico Islanders, Miranda played 79 games which led to his three caps for the El Salvadorian national team in 2009.

Why Ryan Seacrest isn’t Rushing into Marriage

Ryan Seacrest is never scared of telling the world about his numerous jobs and how he managed to satisfy all of his employers. The professional has become a global role model to the young people, especially those who are planning to get into the showbiz section. Ryan Seacrest is always being sought to give interviews by leading platforms. After all, he is one of the most popular and successful people in the media in the United States. His business has also become very popular in the market because of the good skincare products it has been giving to its men clients. Despite the amount of success the businessman has been getting from his numerous jobs, Ryan Seacrest is not rushing into marriage. Those who know him say that he is forty-three years old, and he is happy about dating his fiancée. According to Ryan, getting married is not in his plans.

Ryan Seacrest has also said that his family has not been giving him pressure so that he can walk down the aisle. People have always known as that Ryan Seacrest and his girlfriend, Shayna Taylor have been dating for a long time. The community expected that this couple would be able to get married before the year came into an end. Ryan Seacrest had shocked everyone when he said that his family was very bust with his sister’s pregnancy, and they had completely forgotten that he is not married yet. Meredith Seacrest will be giving birth in just a few days, and all the members of the Seacrest family have concentrated on her issues. Now that the family is distracted about the pregnancy, they have not been pressuring their son to settle down. This is the first time Ryan Seacrest is becoming an uncle, and he is very excited.

In the recent months, Ryan Seacrest says that he has been too busy practicing how he will be handling the newborn baby that will be coming soon. Holding a baby is not easy. The production manager says that he has been practicing using all forms of tools and learning how to deal with the new addition to his family.

Jingdong Company Who Is Quick To Adopt Modern Technology For Better Efficiency


One of the greatest success stories of recent times in the business world is that of the founder of, also known as Jingdong Mall, the second largest e-commerce portal in China, Richard Liu Qiangdong. He started his restaurant right after completing his education from the China Europe International Business School, but it was a huge flop. Later on, Richard Liu Qiangdong started selling health and wellness products, which worked well for a while before he thought of starting his own business. It is when he started a store in Beijing that sold magneto-optical products. With time, the business grew, and it made it easier for him to introduce new products in his inventory.


Richard Liu Qiangdong worked hard to achieve success, and he never lost hope even in the time of adversity. Richard Liu Qiangdong recently gave an interview in which he said that the first thing that the entrepreneurs should do today is to focus on integrating technology with their business. It would make it easier for the business to be cost-effective as well as more efficient.


Richard Liu Qiangdong has made Jingdong one of the most high-tech e-commerce companies in the world that has the largest AI infrastructure in the world with drone and robotic delivery system.


Recently, Jingdong also tested driverless delivery with its new autonomous truck. The company is also the first to adopt modern technology when it comes to delivering of packages. It is already testing drones to deliver packages to remote areas and is also looking to add more drones to their delivery fleet. Go To This Page for related information. has become one of the largest retail companies in the world and second only to Alibaba in China. In terms of consumer electronics, the company ranks very high and boasts the largest inventory in the electronic segment. Jingdong Mall also runs fully automatic warehouses and is expected to transform most of its warehouses to autonomous.


But, it does not mean that the company is not generating jobs. Even today, most of its delivery is being done by its excellent fleet of delivery persons while the drones are being used for the parts that are inaccessible to them.


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Richard Liu Qiangdong Started His Business To Help Family offers grown to be the country’s most significant on the web direct sales firm in conditions of deal quantity. In 2014, JD. com got market talk about of fifty-four. 3 percent and was listed upon NASDAQ on, May 22, 2014. Under Qiangdong Liu’s command, JD. com listed in 2014 and by 2016 was the initial Chinese Internet company to help make the Fortune 500 Businesses list. JD. Com is regarded as the 3rd largest internet business internationally and the biggest retailer in China simply by income.


As opposed to various other dominating Chinese é-commerce brands, JD. com made a definite practice of finding products straight from suppliers and reselling to it is buyers instead of offering the platform to market straight but departing the handling of items to outdoors delivery businesses. Visit This Page for related information


This covering practice enables JD to verify the authenticity of products offered, increasing customer rely upon China’s wary e-commerce market. This concentrate on integrity and dependability offers been the driver for JD’s staggering development in China’s vast marketplace. Consequently, Richard Liu’s retail technique and model are credited to get the country’s boom in e-commerce.


The first stage to attaining JD’s global ambition, Liu said, is usually to provide popular international brands to China to ensure that consumers can get what they need without heading overseas. The next step is certainly to take “ excellent Chinese language brands” to overseas marketplaces, he stated. “The initial cause We began my business is that I needed to generate income for the purpose of my grandma, ” Richard Liu stated, speaking in what this individual knew as “Suina English”, after his hometown in China’s Jiangsu province.


“She was unfortunately sick in those days and the lady needed lots of money for the medicine, yet we’d necessary. ” From those attempting times, Liu has generated JD right into a firm with a market valuation around US$67bil, that employs regarding 162, 500 employees and has begun to get abroad as an element of an idea to expand beyond China.


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Richard Liu’s Online Success



Richard Liu Qiangdong was born on 10th March 1973. Liu Qiangdong is a well-known Chinese internet entrepreneur. He is the mind behind JD.Com., popularly known as Jingdong mall which is one of the leading online companies in China. His parents are in the shipping business which can explain Richard’s interest.



Liu Qiangdong studied sociology in the People’s University of China which was well recognized for having the best political connections of the Chinese elites. He graduated with his degree in 1996, and he later got his masters from the China Europe International Business School. He did this because his interest in politics as a young man was evident and growing apart from getting his degree, Liu also took his free time and invested in learning about computer programming.



Richard has faced challenges as an online entrepreneur like all other businesses. The trends are changing with people’s preferences slowly shifting from one brand which previously covered a large percentage of consumers, to a more personal taste and unique brands. This has brought about the need to diversify into numerous brands causing challenges to the business.


Product line partnerships seeks to be a unique one by not providing sales alone. The brand’s channel and official websites are sometimes incorporated into the system to cover everything across the board. However, it is not only JD that practices this but other platforms and distributor channels as well.


An upgrade in the system is well needed in order to cover the marketing aspects for various channels. Simply put, it is a three in one; an inventory, one brand one price. This ensures that both online and offline prices are similar because both the inventory and the brand are the same. All three were different save for the brand. That is, the online, offline stores and e-commerce stores kept different inventories. Get Additional Information Here.


The system is therefore aimed at simply strengthening the already existing supply chain. For instance, previously, one could order a product online in a different city and had to wait for it to be shipped. This could take a while. The same product could be found in the same town, but offline. So today shipping from the same city is possible.


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Felipe Montoro Jens: The Economic Development Of Brazil

Felipe Montoro Jens is from Sao Paulo Brazil. His role as an successful business man, and a man who lead infrastructure projects, has excelled for twenty-five years. His professional experience includes working in the international communities in Brazil and across the world. His business ideas has guided him to the United States, Brazil, United Kingdom, and Portugal. His proper education has helped Felipe to establish business and finance decisions. Felipe has a superior education background with a undergraduate degree from Getulio Vargas Foundation, which is a very prestigious business school in Brazil. After completing his education there, he went to Arizona State University, Thunderbird School of Global Management. This University is best known for global business management training. Felipe Montoro Jens, then proceeded into the corporate world of business. He began to move quickly within the business, earning him multiple promotions and affiliations. He has worked for many global companies, with infrastructure being the main area of expertise. Check out to read more full interview of Felipe Montoro Jens.

Along with his knowledge of infrastructure building and financial business, he also has partnered with many different agencies. The partnership was developed to help bring clean and environmentally safe waste removal from towns of Brazil. The waste removal has improved life in the regions. Felipe has also worked with government departments to find effective measures to benefit the companies he has served. In January of 2018, Sao Paulo’s first housing project was established. This will be the first Public-Private Partnership for the area of Brazil. Felipe Montoro Jens is leading the construction and development, and is the infrastructure project specialist. The project will provide 34,000 new housing units and will take six years to complete. The development project will generate 100,000 jobs, according to Felipe Montoro Jens. Joao Doria is the mayor of Sao Paulo, and he is very positive about the project. With the help of Felipe, Joao Doria is hoping that the design of the housing development will give the residents honor and dignity and will be an example for other projects.