The Impeccable Career of Michael Hagele

There is not much that companies can achieve without the help of attorneys. Enter Michael Hagele who serves as general counsel for several technology companies. He offers his services to technology companies that have specialized in internet, defense, aerospace as well as biotechnology. Besides this, Michael Hagele wears another crown, he has invested in several companies in the hospitality and restaurant industry.

Hagele has spent the better part of his career drafting and closing technology negotiations, as well as licensing distribution. He has for a long time designed agreements in both domestic and international internet, not forgetting to mention the hardware and software fields.
Before his current role, Michael served as general counsel of numerous internet companies. He was in charge of companies’ legal affairs such as corporate governance, employment issues as well as activities regarding acquisitions and mergers. His career however began at Silicon Valley where he was working in the licensing and online commerce group at the Fenwick& West LLP. He attended the University of Iowa for his bachelors’ of arts before enrolling in the University of California from where he earned J.D

One quality that really stands out about Michael Hagele is his persistence. He has never given up on anything. He takes every challenge he faces positively as he believes that they are growth opportunities in disguise. One thing that gets the attention of Michael Hagele is  Artificial Intelligence. He is particularly fascinated by the properties of AI such as genetic programming. With AI, Michael Hagele says that the cost of creating a particular patent can be greatly slashed.

Michael Hagele would not be who he is were it not his ability to always put his clients as a priority. He says that the life of a client or his business depends on the ability of the attorney to do his job in the best possible way. He therefore ensures that he puts the interests of his clients ahead.

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Jeff Yastine Concludes that Mergers and Acquistions are the Future of the Corporate World

Most major corporations are constantly searching for the wave of the future as they look to increase profits, as well as to grow their business while staying ahead of the curve. In sharp contrast to recent years, where executives were seeking to grow their companies internally, mergers and acquisitions have now firmly supplanted that school of thought. In a recent study done by Deloitte, 1,000 prominent executives where surveyed, and the results concluded that two-thirds of them revealed that their cash reserves had increased when compared to previous years, stating that they intended to utilize these extra funds to focus on mergers and acquisitions. While a large percent of the executives surveyed discussed the fact that mergers and acquisitions were high on their list of future priorities, a staggering 40 percent revealed that mergers and acquisitions were in fact, their top overall primary concern. These future investments were almost universally agreed upon in the regard that they will be significantly increased in comparison to years past. According to Dealogic, a financial markets platform that has been collecting data since the mid-1990’s, last November saw the highest increase regarding mergers and acquisitions, and it is of Jeff Yastine’s opinion that this method of investment will only increase as 2018 goes along. Visit Jeff Yastine at medium .com to know more.

As a part of the PBS Nightly Business Report from 1994 to 2010, Jeff Yastine received a number of awards and recognitions, most notably, an Emmy nomination for his role there as anchor and correspondent. During his time with PBS, he had the pleasure of interviewing a number of prominent businessmen, including Sir Richard Branson, Warren Buffet, and Michael Dell. Known for his forward-thinking, Jeff Yastine accurately predicted several of the world’s most significant economic disasters, in particular, the dot-com bubble that burst in the early 2000’s, and was on the scene when the Panama Canal was returned to the Panamanian Government in 1999. As he looks to 2018, he envisions that tax reform will be a major factor due to the fact that it has the potential to reduce corporate taxes by 21 percent, as well as its ability to free up money that has long been dedicated to overseas ventures. Today, he places the future of corporate transactions on the sentiments held by their Chief Executive Officers and board members, making it the most important topic to stay abreast of in the upcoming years.

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Whitney Wolfe Herd Empowering Women

Whitney Wolfe Herd isn’t your average entrepreneur. The one time Southern Methodist University student says she was just an “okay” student. Brilliance in the tech world has helped her thrive in the industry. Her app Bumble is quickly becoming one of the most well known dating applications. The free app has over 27 million downloads. It’s adding 50,000 new users per day. 10% of the users pay a $9.99 monthly subscription fee. That kind of boom doesn’t go unnoticed. She has been honored by national publications for her excellence.

Whitney Wolfe Herd worked with the founder of Badoo to conceive the idea of Bumble. Andrey Adreev first contacted Whitney about the possibility of creating a new dating app. Whitney was striving for something different. She pined for something geared toward women. The eventual founder and CEO of Bumble was hoping to create a cyber world where women could find higher quality dates.

Bumble was created with those thoughts in mind. It launched successfully in 2014. The traffic and appeal hasn’t slowed down since.

Many describe the dating app as “classy.” Bumble allows women to make the first move with men. Men aren’t allowed to reach out to women they have an interest in until a woman has left them a message. It puts more power in the hands of every female. It has brought what some believe to be higher quality dating material. The site utilizes a photo verification process to authenticate users. That keeps fake users off the site. That means more real men to choose from for the women who subscribe.

Whitney Wolfe Herd was part of the marketing team that helped launch Tinder in 2012. She wanted to establish Bumble as something different than Tinder. Her goal was to help women find better dates with incredible men. She wanted to empower women to have control over their selection. Did women like her idea? The statistics don’t lie. Bumble is on pace to haul in over $180 million in revenue in 2018.

Whitney was born in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1989. She was named to Business Insider’s 30 Most Important Women Under 30 list in 2014. These days Bumble has over 30 employees and continues to grow at a rapid pace. Whitney has a book scheduled to publish next fall. It will be titled “Make the First Move.” She has more future apps geared toward women in development.

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Clayton Hutson Conquers Many Challenges in Music and Sound Engineering

The primary duty of a sound engineer is to generate excellent sound recording using the required equipment. Coupled with professionalism and dedication, an astute sound engineer understands the value of producing unmatched work for clients. Clayton Hutson, fondly known as Clay Hutson, is one individual who fits this description.






Like many music tour managers and sound engineers, Clay Hutson started his career at the level of exploration. He was passionate about stage management and sound production. As a child, he involved himself with music. Perhaps his dedication to the industry at that age contributed to his career.



Clay Hutson



We all know that the music industry has its challenges. In one way or the other, Clayton Hutson overcame these by investing time and resources to succeed. After five years of hard work, Mr. Hutson’s talent transformed into a career that now inspires many. This contributed to his collaboration with high-profile individuals such as Pink and Kelly Clarkson.



It is evident that he has made a name for himself in the industry. No wonder he continues to work with the big names in the music industry.



Contribution to the Music Industry



Clayton’s contribution to the music industry is admired. He offers viable advice regarding success. According to him, the best approach to music is entertaining yourself. An individual does not have to face production challenges as that, but instead as stepping stones to greatness.



With massive competition in the industry, he understands that aspiring musician’s dream of conquering the world through their music is a rocky path. Consequently, Clayton advises them to learn the ropes of music production by projecting their listener’s expectations.






In any career, experience breeds mastery. Clayton has vast experience in music production. That is why he has managed globally recognized talents such as Kid Rock and Halsey. His experience brings flexibility, understanding, and commitment, the three aspects he considers essential for the job.



Being an astute sound engineer, Clayton has understood the ropes of perfecting this art. He manages to do this through practice and resilience.



Additional Information



Being an explorer, Clayton has traveled in many cities as a sound engineer and music producer. In his quest to explore the industry, he has worked with the Backstreet Boys, Billy Graham and Alice in Chains.






Clayton attended Central Michigan University and graduated with a degree in theater and production. Being visionary, Mr. Hutson pursued a degree in business from the Stephen M. Ross School at Michigan University.
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Matt Badiali advices readers about natural resources

Scientist Matt Badiali got a life changing experience when a friend inspired him to join forces with him in the finance field. Luckily it was a smart choice and worked out very well for him. With a vast knowledge and education in the natural resources industry it helped him in his finance career. He created a successful newsletter called Real Wealth Strategist. He joined forces with Banyan Hill Publishing in 2017 to make this possible. So far it has been a big hit.

The educated businessman uses his real life approach to help subscribers invest in natural resources from all over the world. He has traveled to a plethora of countries to see these investments in their natural habitat. These countries include Hong Kong, Iraq, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Switzerland, Singapore, Turkey, and Haiti. In these countries he multiple company headquarters, oil projects, and mines. With Matt’s newsletter Real Wealth Strategist he takes readers on a journey with his travels and experiences. By telling his stories, Mr. Badiali makes it relatable and interesting. He is also aware of growing trends in the energy field. One of them popping up is the switch over to electric devices and such. Matt Badiali suggests that electric cars are going to be a big thing, and that investing in them would be incredibly wise. Another piece of advice Mr. Badiali says it is so important to read. He often is engrossed in The Mining Journal, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and whatever else he can get his hands on. He is always absorbing information to learn more. One strategy Matt uses to grow his business is to over free stuff. That is how to gain a good and trustworthy relationship with his audience. He publishes a free e-letter, where he writes in once every 7 days. It gives readers good ideas and advice that they can use in their everyday lives.

Matt Badiali got a BS at Penn State University in Earth Sciences and Geology. Florida Atlantic was his next stop and he received a Masters in Geology and Earth Sciences again. Going for the gold Mr. Badiali attended to the University of Carolina at Chapel Hill. In 2005 he got a Ph.D in Sedimentary Geology, except to the dissertation. With over 20 years of down to earth experience in the natural resources field his knowledge is vast and has helped countless people make smart investments.

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Fabletics-Personalized Service and Great Athleisure Wear

Fabletics is not your average athleisure wear company. In fact, they are competing with some very big companies such as Amazon. They have even worked up to become worth $250 million which is pretty impressive since they have taken their time and scaled slowly rather than using the usual pop up method of growing their company.


Fabletics not only offers great products but they offer great customer service and their Lifestyle Quiz that they have new members take helps to get to know exactly what the customer wants.


It used to be a well-known notion that the higher a product was priced, the better it was presumed to be but not anymore. Fabletics has proved that you don’t need to break the bank to be able to afford stylish and well-made workout wear. Fabletics offers convenience, a personalized shopping experience, and high quality that most people can fit into their budget.


Fabletics has used “reverse showrooming” to their advantage rather than let showrooming affect their business in a negative way. While many businesses are feeling the negative effects of showrooming, Fabletics has found that about 30 to 50 percent of the customers that visit their stores are already members of Fabletics and about 25 percent become members right then and there. That’s because the customers do not have to shop around to get the best deal. It’s already there.


Kate Hudson, the founder of Fabletics, does not have training in the area of business success, but she has founded a very successful company. That is because she is very in-tune to her company and to her customer base. She knows hat her customers want because she is listening. The Lifestyle Quiz that Fabletics encourages all new members to take when first joining the club has proved invaluable in providing information on what the customer really wants.


Kate Hudson stays involved in her company and adjusts her athleisure wear to suit the needs of her clients. If something is just not selling, she pulls it. If something is a hot item, she will keep selling it. Fabletics offer a very intimate and personalized service that is convenient and still remains affordable for the average person to afford. Although she is very good at what she does, Hudson still stays very grounded and humble, and she is a real person with an active lifestyle. Part of her success can be accredited to that.

Black Friday week is still going strong! Shop the sale in stores and online. (Link in bio)

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The Financial Expert Ted Bauman Reveals His Productive Habits.

Ted Bauman is a prominent man due to his expertise in finance. He dedicated himself to ensuring that people get connected to the resources they require to lead an independent life that is free from government intervention or company exploitation. As a result, Ted Bauman has been committed to keeping up with the current trends and changes in a market so that he can offer the right advice to investors. Being updated with the recent findings of a market will keep an investor on his toes and avoid making the wrong investments.

Bauman was born in Washington D.C and got raised on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. However, as a young man, he decided to locate in South Africa where he furthered his studies. Ted attended the University of Cape Town where and got his Postgraduate Degrees in History and Economics. In South Africa, he built his career in two decades as a consultant, researcher, financial planner and fund manager for non-profit housing developments. Follow Ted Bauman at

He has transformed the lives of approximately 14 million people in 35 different countries through establishing Slum Dwellers International a social movement of the urban poor.
In 2013, Ted joined Banyan Hill and became the editor of The Bauman Letter, Alpha Stock alert, and Plan B Club. In this platform, he offers invaluable information and advice on privacy, asset protection, migration issues and strategic low-risk investments. Readers and investors are always looking forward to new guidelines on how to up their investment game and be knowledgeable.

Currently, Bauman and his family reside in Atlanta, GA. He usually works at his basement office in his home after he has dropped her daughter at school.
In an interview when asked about the key factors that have contributed to his success he left valuable tips to be noted.
According to Ted Bauman the essential thing for a writer is to use outstanding skills in writing and narration to explain the importance of specific topics like asset protection and investment. To add to this giving real-life examples is essential to create a clear picture in a readers mind.

Time management is also very essential for maximum productivity, Ted wakes up early in the morning and gets the most stringent work done. He said that those are his productive hours and he guards them for work.
To add to his outstanding writing and narration skills, Ted is continually searching for data sources in media and ambiguous places on the internet to keep readers well informed.

Rocketship Education, Creating Equality For Everyone


Even though American is thought of as the land of the free and equal opportunities, reality proves that this is not the case for everyone. Most people who live in lower income neighborhoods do not receive the same opportunists nor education quality level as people who live in higher income areas. Since most areas lack equal opportunists, this causes this areas to have higher crime rates than usual. Sadly, most of the crime comes from children who are younger in age. Rocketship Education has realized this correlation between education, crime, and lower income neighborhoods. Because of this, the school has decided to pen schools in lower income neighborhoods so that they can be able to help these children.

Most of the time, lower income neighborhoods are over looked because most people think that those types of communities are hopeless; however, Rocketship Education has been helping the neighborhoods, the families in these types of neighborhoods, and the children of these neighborhoods for years now. As of now Rocketship Education has not started to provide education to high school children as of now. They just educate children that are in grades K-12. Since Rocketship Education opened, they have been performing very well; in fact, they’re test scores are typically higher than most schools of the city’s that they’re in.

Rocketship Education is one of the first schools that knows that a student’s home life effects there life as school as well. Many educators have already figured this correlation out, but has done nothing about. Rocketship Education is different however, they found out this correlation and took action. In order to keep up with the students and make sure they’re progressing positively, Rocketship Education teachers develop strong transparent relationships with the parents of the students. This has helped teachers to share what the students are learning in class and who they associate them selves with while they’re at school.

These open practices have caused students to grow significantly and it has caused students’ test scores and knowledge to grow significantly. Rocketship Education is a fantastic place for a child to learn !

Jeff Yastine Identifies Small Industries with Great Potential Jeff Yastine Identifies Small Industries with Great Potential

In most cases when the government begins to regulate particular types of businesses, there are several changes that come into place. Big companies often recruit compliance officers as well as establish departments that are entirely dedicated to avoiding any violations. This is because they understand the consequences of being caught on the wrong side of the law. There are several companies that have been in such situations and came almost to a halt. Read more about Jeff Yastine at to know more.

The Impact of Regulation

Regulations can often have both negative and positive effects on a business. Nonetheless, it is important to be cognizant of the fact that such regulations always translate into more expanse for a business. Consequently, the share prices fall and the investor confidence is eroded. In extreme cases, the values of stocks start to diminish way before the rules start operating. It is always a challenge for business owners to deal with the issue of regulation. This is because the more they comply, the more their expenses will increase. As a result, even their profits are negatively affected.

It is estimated that every year major world financial institutions spend up to $65 billion in a bid to comply with various business regulations. Besides, this amount is projected to increase up to $118 billion in the next two years. Most European Banks dedicate over $1 billion annually just to ensure that they comply with all the regulations.

Effective Solutions

Businesses can take advantage of regulation costs, thanks to “Regtech” technology. Regtech is a new regulatory technology which uses sophisticated computer software for the purposes of reducing costs. It utilizes artificial intelligence as well as blockchain technology. Business organizations can look for companies providing such services if they want to prevent regulatory costs from rising.

Regtech currently has over 100 small companies which most people are not even aware of. They include names such as; Taxometry, OnRule, ComplyAdvantage among others. Most of these small companies have not yet gone public. Regtech firms apparently work closely with insurance companies and banks.

Jeff Yastine joined Banyan Publishing as an Editorial Director in 2015. He has over 20 years’ experience in stock market investment as well as Financial Journalism. He is also the current editor of Total Wealth Insider, one of the most inspiring financial Magazines. With all his experience and insights in business matters, Yastine offers the best investment advice to his readers throughout the country and around the world.

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Investor Sahm Adrangi Shows History of Success upon Retirement

Investor Sahm Adrangi history of success in business is impressive. Sahm Adrangi is a 2003 graduate of Yale University with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Economics who started as an anaylst for the Deutsche Bank and currently holds the position of chief investment officer of Kerrisdale Capital Management, a company that managed around $500 million as of April 2016. Previously employed as an analyst for Longacre fund management in charge of a $2 billion distressed debt fund, Sahm Adrangi left this position to cofound Kerrisdale Capital with an initial $1 million investment and has taken part in the development of the company every step of the way.

Sahm Adrangi works with hedge funds to bet both for and against different companies in a process called short-selling. When working for Paulson and Company after Longacre he managed to make around $6 billion shorting mortgage bonds. His main hedge fund at Kerrisdale showed a trend of an approximate 28% annual return for several years as of 2016. Using this process, Sahm Adrangi was able to raise around $100 million from different investors to bet against a single stock in 2016. This process was one of the first of its kind and was met with great interest in the investment community. Similar tactics were used by Kerrisdale with companies like Zafgen, Sage Therapeutics, and Globalstar, a satellite company.

In 2015, Adrangi decided to retire, possibly not permanently, from the stress of Wall Street and New York. After a twelve year run with great success, one could argue that the break is well earned. Though retired, he still manages to generate much of his current income through seed investments made previously through Wall Street. During his career he was a speaker at several conferences including the Activist Investor Conference, Traders 4 a Cause, the Sohn Conference, the Distressed Debt Investing Conference, and the Value Investing Conference. Despite his retirement, he still plans on doing interviews and being featured in conferences and publications.