The Success of Fabletics

The unfortunate realty when it comes to athletic gear is that it is costly to buy high quality gear that fits well and functions for any type of environment while exercising. For women especially, it is difficult to find athletic gear without breaking the bank in the process. As a result of this issue, one businesswoman took on the e-commerce world of athletic gear and developed her own brand of clothing that is now available to different women all over the world that are of different shapes, sizes, and of women with different preferences to the desired style.


This individual is Kate Hudson, an actress, a model, a mother, and now a businesswoman who is dedicated to women who want to be active without the required funds to buy the expensive gear. Kate Hudson has been not only promoting her new brand that is known as Fabletics to women, but has also been promoting an active lifestyle and a new way to wear clothes in a confident manner. Within just three years of doing business over the internet, Kate Hudson and her marketing team have grown the company exponentially to become a $250 million company. Kate Hudson was able to find a gap within the industry of athletic gear and is now offering excellent quality gear that is also inexpensive.


Kate Hudson has been able to combine many important aspects of clothing which are convenience, fit, as well as style. As the clothes are sold online, women do not have to leave the house to purchase athletic gear, but can instead just visit the website to get started. The process is simple and first time users are taken through the website and are asked what the athletic gear will be specifically used for. Various questions will be given to first time users in order to create a tailored outfit that is based on all of the specifications. With the Fabletics brand, women can wear the gear outside, indoors, or even in a professional environment.


Kate Hudson and her marketing team have not only been promoting Fabletics to the customers, but have also been promoting a new way of life that is full of activity. As a working mom, Kate Hudson understands how difficult it is to get up in the morning and have to look presentable. As a busy individual, Kate Hudson has also created Fabletics for herself in order to have an option in the morning that she can depend on looking great in and feeling stylish.


Women all over the world have begun to experience Fabletics and have begun to purchase the clothing options in bulk without even having to break the bank in the process. Though Kate Hudson is new to the business world, her idea to bring fashion to the lifestyles of active women has been a hit and has gained millions of loyal customers on an annual basis. Fabletics will continue to grow and will continue to promote an active lifestyle for women all over the world.

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