CP+B to Lose Lori Senecal;who will Replace Her?

Highly experienced and talented employees that have worked in different companies and utilized their positions to impact their companies are an asset to any employer. CP+B, a global advertising agency, will soon lose one of their most talented employee, Lori Senecal. Senecal is the CP+B’ global CEO in charge of the agency’s global operations and its international offices. Senecal joined the agency in 2015, and she claims that her exit from the agency is a strategic move to allow new generation leaders to take over at CP+B.

Chuck Porter, the agency’s chairman, acknowledged Lori’s performance at the agency. Porter says that he roped Lori in because of her “management genius” and organizational strengths. Lori, in her previous posts, has demonstrated that she is a business revolutionist. When she worked at KBS, she enabled the company to expand its operations beyond the US borders; consequently, increasing the agency’s staff from 250 to 900. Porter believed that CP+B would benefit from Lori’s approach to business, and true to his belief, CP+B has witnessed commendable changes since Lori joined. The company’s revenues grew by 23% in 2016, and according to Ad Week the company has won notable clients from their competitors. Porter credits Lori for creating an efficient global management structure and communications process. He describes Lori as a fantastic colleague and a friend to him.

Who will replace Lori Senecal? Before her exit, Lori and Porter are keen on developing a new generation of leaders that will oversee CP+B’s operations. To this end, lower cadre employees have been promoted to higher positions. Recently, Danielle Aldrich was made the president of CP+B West; a bigger position than the one she held at CP+B’s Boulder office. She is now responsible for CP+B’ Los Angeles and CP+B’s Boulder offices. According to Lori’s 3% Conference Speech, Aldrich is the perfect candidate for the position as she has proven before that she has the interests of the agency at heart. Aldrich has worked with the agency for over 14 years assisting it to handle important clients such as Burger King. She is credited for winning American Airlines from TM Advertising. Lori is grateful for being part of CP+B, and she is proud of her achievements at the agency.


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