The Role Played By Luiz Carlos Trabuco To The Success Of Bradesco Bank

     Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was the Chief Executive Officer of the Brazilian based corporative institution, Bradesco bank. He was born in Marilia city, Sao Paulo in 1951. He went to the University of Sao Paulo and graduated with a degree in Philosophy Science and Literature. He later started working at Bradesco Company in 1969, when he was employed as a clerk at the age of 17. While still working as a clerk at the bank, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi went on to further his studies from Fundacao Foundation School of Sociology and Politics. At Fundacao, he did his postgraduate and attained a master’s degree in Socio-Psychology and Politics.


His leadership positions at Bradesco

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi served in various positions in Bradesco bank before he got promoted to the presidency. This shows the true life story of a real selfless leader who is seeking to help and serve other peoples’ interests before his own. Every employee who worked with him in the company during his time as a clerical officer was predicting his ascension to the top seat due to his competence and skills. He was a good leader who had all the qualifications to steer the institution. He also proved his persistence to assist other young leaders to emulate better business positions in order to have a brighter future.

When Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was working for Bradesco as its clerical officer, he was given a lot of trusts since he was working with loyalty towards the company. This led to the adoption of how he served in the company. He maneuvered to different leading positions including being a marketing director, Vice president, the CEO, and Chairman of the company as he dedicated his whole life to ensure the company experienced growth. He is now given regards as one in the list of best chief executive officers in the financial institutions in Brazil and the world at large, which showcases his influential leadership.


About Bradesco Bank

Bradesco is one of the largest banking and financial institutions in the whole of Brazil and southern part of America. The company has over eighty years of profession and experience in serving people with a good range of quality and financial services. Bradesco bank was listed as one of the leading banking institutions in Brazil, according to their wide equity shares and investments, thanks to Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. When you are looking at the company’s number of customers, it showcases the anticipated source in measuring its success.

Why Malcolm Casselle Endorses Cryptocurrency

Nobody likes what they don’t understand. Everybody wants to be able to comprehend what is out there before engaging it. Cryptocurrency is somewhat of a mystery among many people. Since it is new, most investors approach it with a lot of skepticism. It is a new a way of paying for things without the traditional use of paper money. Call it digital money if you like. Malcolm CasSelle, the president of Worldwide Asset eXchange, speaks about how cryptocurrency will be absorbed into mainstream markets due to the rising demand for tokens in most video games nowadays.

This is why he is adamantly marketing his WAX brand in the video gaming community. Malcolm CasSelle is hoping to develop it into an important platform for all video gamers across the globe. Fraudsters over the years have specifically targeted gaming communities and tried or sometimes succeeded in stealing away assets bought within the gaming platforms. This can sometimes leave gaming enthusiasts with purchased assets that have low or no value. This is the reason there needed to be other ways to protect gamers and ensure the safe use of cryptocurrency.

The use of Blockchain technology is one way through which the developers have been able to ensure security. This type of technology has been used since cryptocurrency became of great interest among many individuals today. The work of Malcolm Casselle involves using some guilds for self-governance, and they can be voted on by users. The votes are normally based on how secure or trustworthy the users find these guilds over a period of usage.

Since he is the President of WAX, Malcolm CasSelle is also the Chief Investment Officer of OPSkins which is the platform’s mother company. He has a Master’s Degree in Computer Science, which has always made him have interest in technology. This has however not limited him as he has worked mostly as a financial and investment specialist. He has many achievements among them brilliant leadership, which helped Groupon Platform advance into Eastern China. In Hong Kong, he also spent part of his time as the director of Capital Union Investments. He has always loved video games, and this is why he had a major role in creating Xfire Social Media Platform.


Traits of a Success Investor Inspired by Louis Chenevert

Why is it that some people in the world experience multiple successes, while others fail in most of their projects? Well, the answer is simple, many people are not the people they need to be, to get where they want to be. It is not about the ideas; it is more of the personality.

Louis Chenevert has had success in more than 50 businesses. His traits in all these firms have been similar. Here are some of his traits that lead to his success;


Relentless Focus


One of the factors that influence the success of Chenevert is his relentless focus. He concentrates on the crucial elements of his life.


In school, he was an eager student who wanted to learn everything. His lectures were very impressed with his enthusiasm.


In all the companies that Chenevert has worked starting from his first job at General Motors, he has always acquired senior positions as a result of focusing on his role and making significant changes.

Good Leadership Skills


Louis Chenevert is a great leader. He cares about the welfare of his employees. During the financial crisis, instead of conducting layoffs, he moved them to other sites.

He also believes in investing in his team members to empower them to complete the tasks he delegates to them. Louis Chenevert believes that one can only perform as well as their team members can achieve.


The current CEO of UTC is also following the footsteps of Louis Chenevert. He has maintained the system that allows the employees to acquire the degrees of their choice.

Ability to Invest in the Future


Louis Chenevert strongly believed that the only way he could help save the USA from another financial crisis is by investing in the future. He led UTC to invest in the future.


This was through the acquisitions, for example, the GTF engine that took UTC more than two decades to design and $10 billion. He also bought the Goodrich at $16 billion making history in the nation.

Final Verdict


Sometimes what stops us from achieving our goals is out traits. Before you start a business know the person you need to be, be that person and then plunge in.

Luminesce, a Skin Care Product by Jeunesse for Skin Rejuvenation

Luminesce is a skin care product that has been formed by the use of the modern innovations such that it contains the most advanced methods of skin renewal. It is common knowledge that skin is the most externally located organ of the body. It protects internal organs against foreign materials such as dust particles, disease-causing microorganisms, and bacteria among other. Since it is highly exposed and vulnerable, its cells continually die and can as well be damaged through scratching or injuries. This means that the body cells have to be replenished or repaired.


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Luminesce is a skin rejuvenation cream that helps new cells grown while at the same time repairing the worn out parts of the skin. It can be used as a night repair when applied at night or a moisturizer when applied during the day. Luminesce is one of the most advanced products in Jeunesse skin care products. Due to its effectiveness, it has received accolades around the world, and many people are using Luminesce than ever before.


The customers have well received luminesce because it rejuvenates the body through natural methods. Unlike other products which have to introduce chemicals, Luminesce triggers the skin to repair itself and replace the worn out cells.

Some of the Luminesce products include;

  1. Luminesce Night Repair
  2. Luminesce Restoring Cleanser
  3. Luminesce Essential Body Renewal
  4. Luminesce Ultimate


Benefits of Luminesce

  • Aids in replenishing of the skin color
  • Helps the skin to look revitalized and fresh
  • Aids in eradicating fine lines on the skin
  • Enhances youthful appearance on old skins
  • Luminesce is natural hence no side effects.


About Jeunesse

Jeunesse is a business entity that has been operating since 1999. It is based in the United States and operates in skin care products and nutritional supplement industry. The ability of this firm to use innovative technology has placed on the map as one of the most reliable organizations in this industry. Some of the products created and sold by Jeunesse include the skin care solution Luminesce, which has a large line of other similar products, Instant Ageless among others. Innovations have helped Jeunesse to provide some of the most advanced skin care products and nutritional supplements that have instant results.

The Chainsmokers Memories…Do Not Open Reclaims #1 on Billboard 200

Climbing up the Chart

While the Chainsmokers latest releases have begun their climb up the charts, their previous work has continued to bear fruit on the Billboard 200 ratings. The EDM-Pop Duo’s long-anticipated Album Memories…Do Not Open started at #1 on the Billboard 200 chart and has remained on the table since April 2017 tells of the considerable attention the music world have given to them.


Billboard 200

Yes, the Chainsmokers are back atop the Billboard 200 album chart with their April, 2017 released album “Memories…Do Not Open,” thru Disruptor/Sony Records. The Billboard 200 ranks all the favorite albums across genres every week according to likability. The sales from the Memories album received a boost thru recent album/ticket combo sales.


Recent top charting songs of the Chainsmokers:


  • Closer-#1 9.10.2016


  • Don’t Let Me Down-#14.30.2016


  • Roses #1 on 1.23.2016


  • Just Like This #1 5.13.2017


  • Paris #1 on 2.25.2010


  • #SELFIE #2 on 3.29.2014

The Chainsmokers


When Andrew Taggart and Adam Pall came together to solidify their EDM-Pop group in 2012 little did they know what string of hits would flow from their studio. The Chainsmokers are becoming more mature after each release and are finding it easier to express the true essence of their sound as they dig deeper to come to the core of their sound. It began in 2012 when Adam Alpert arranged a meet between Taggart and Pall. One of the members of the band had left the group and they were looking for a replacement.


Taggart was at the time also looking to play more DJing gigs until the two came together and good things have come from their collaboration since then. Both Pall and Taggart believe their success comes from begin at the right place at the right time and doing everything they can to make it work. After more than eleven of their songs reaching status at the top of the charts they are a force to be watched for in today’s music scene. The Duo credits Avicii as one of the influences of their sound.

Banyan Hill Publishing Is Home To Many Expert Investors, Including Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman offers his readers advice and new tactics for their finances and futures through Banyan Hill Publishing. This company has been growing steadily over the years since it was first started back in 1998, and more than 400,000 readers tune in daily to get the latest tips and advice for their careers. Back in the day, the company was known as Sovereign Society and there is even a weekly publication that follows the original name. In 2016, Banyan Hill rebranded themselves to better represent their markets and provide current information on emerging markets as well, such as cryptocurrency. Investors can tune into Banyan Hill to get the advice of Ted Bauman as well as many other financial experts in various different markets and subjects. View Ted Bauman’s profile on LinkedIn

It wasn’t until 2013 that Ted Bauman joined the team at Banyan Hill Publishing. For a large portion of his life and career, Ted actually called South Africa home, first moving there back in 1980. During this time, Ted was trying to make a living and learn as much as he could to create a successful life for himself. He traveled a great deal all over the country gaining experience as well as knowledge when it comes to finances and political interactions. Ted Bauman has personally written for many publications and journals that operate internationally, which has attributed to his position working at Banyan Hill as a chief editor.

It wasn’t until around 2008 that Ted made a residence change and moved back to the United States when he earned a position working at a non-profit organization. He worked at a company in Atlanta as the international program director. Ted was exceptionally at picking up information and researching, which is how he has so much insight on the economy and the various techniques for being successful in emerging markets. Since Ted joined Banyan Hill Publishing, he has had a steady number of readers that come for his knowledge and insight as well as his weekly newsletters, including his own, The Bauman Letter.

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Wes Edens Plays a significant role in Fortress Investment Company

The financial markets nowadays are not easy to predict. That is why it has become a challenge for financial investors because they need to have the right knowledge and skills to make the right decision. Many companies today are spending a lot of cash to ensure their investments are safe and there is no chance of failure because they hope to make returns. Such investments can be tricky and that is why they should be made by people who already have the right experience. Companies hire individuals with knowledge to help them with investment ideas and help them organize their investment. The experts know the various options in the market that can be a benefit to potential investors. They can give significant insights to help investors achieve success.

One of the people known for making proper investment decisions is Wes Edens who is credited for the success of Fortress Investment Group. His name is famous around the globe because of the many achievements he has made in entrepreneurship. IT may not be easy to make sound decisions when it comes to investing, but Wes Edens had beaten the odds to make a right investment. However, his skills and success did not come without effort. He started humbly, and today he has led some of the biggest companies in the world to excel.

Wes Edens started showing his entrepreneurship interests when he joined the Oregon State University to study finance and Business course. He acquired his degree and was out to offer his skills to companies that gave him the opportunity. The first company Wes worked for was Lehman Brothers where he worked as the MD of the company. Since he is hard working, Wes managed to take the company to another level, but he wanted to acquire various skills. He moved to another company known as BlackRock and worked here for six years. It was also a success working with this company.After years of working with different companies, Wes Edens had now acquired the skills to start a company and lead it to success. He also had the capital to start a company and invited other people he knew would be a great asset to the company. The good thing about Wes is the ability to work with others as partners. Working with a great mind like Peter Briger led to the success of Fortress Investment Company. Today the company has helped many clients and boasts of great investment ideas.

Differentiating Between Customers and Finding the Best Market America Customers

While it is good to have customers, it is important to know that not all customers are equal. As a matter of fact, there are some customers that are going to make things harder for people. Fortunately, the internet makes things a little bit easier when it comes to business. For one thing, people do not have to be in the presence of an angry customer. However, something does need to be done for the best customers. Market America offers unfranchise owners ways that they can reward their customers. The only thing is that they have to figure out a way to pick out the best customers.

The best customers are not picked out based on how much money they spend. There are other factors that Market America considers. Among the factors is the engagement. Companies like Market America are looking for feedback and ways that they can improve their business. The customer who cares the most is going to be the one who submits his feedback. This gives Market America some input as to what they can do for their next promotion. This also helps improve the relationships between the customer and the business. With a good business relationship, this unfranchise is going to grow a lot.

It is not enough to find the best customers. It is also important to give them recognition and reward. For one thing, when businesses do that, they are actually showing people the type of behavior they want. This will give the customers ideas on how they are expected to interact with the business. While it is up to the business to keep up with its code of ethics, it is also important for the customer to treat the company in a respectful manner. Customers that are respectful of Market America are offered extra saving opportunities.

Felipe Montoro Jens Gives His Report Of the IDB Special Meeting Of Governors

An expert on infrastructure projects, Felipe Montoro Jens is reporting the events in the recently concluded meeting of the IDB which took place in Mendoza City in Argentina on March 24. The event is the Special Meeting of the Governors of the Inter-American Development Bank or the IDB.

At the meeting, Dyogo Oliveira, Minister of Planning, Development and Management, advocated for the increase of private investments for Brazil’s infrastructure projects. As reported by Felipe Montoro Jens, the minister emphasized the importance of the creation of financial guarantee systems that will enable the leveraging of private investments in Latin America’s infrastructure projects.Read this article at about Felipe Montoro Jens

According to the report, Oliveira proposed that the IDB should promote studies that will identify more effective solutions for risk management of the projects and to facilitate the capabilities of private investments in this particular region. Luis Caputo, the finance minister of Argentina and also the chairman of IDB’s Board of Governors agreed with Oliveira. Spain’s Secretary of State for Economy and Business Support also agreed by highlighting the dynamic markets of Latin America and Brazil as their country’s investment priority, according to Felipe Montoro Jens’ report.

Oliveira also emphasized the need for fresh investments from the countries that support the initiatives of the IDB, indicating that it is important in facing the fourth revolution in the industry which according to him is already at hand. The minister was quoted in Jens’ report as saying that the challenge is to develop roads and sanitation that will provide water immediately while also investing in modern infrastructure to support the fourth industrial revolution.

Based on the report of Felipe Montoro Jens, minister Oliveira said that the loans extended by IDB to Brazil last year amounted to approximately $12.9 billion. This is 20 percent more than the loan amount that the bank extended in 2016.

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Aloha takes the Torch

Aloha Construction Corporation is a family owned company. With bonded and insured General Contractors, they provide services to those residing in Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. Aloha Construction has completed over 18,000 projects throughout their area. Services range from roofing, to siding, gutters to replacement doors and windows. Being licensed and insured, as well as roofers who finance, they offer a 10 year craftsman warranty The company prides themselves on staying focused on what they do best, which allows them to provide outstanding high quality products and services to their clients.

In 2017 Aloha Construction received recognition by the Better Business Bureau by earing the Torch Award. This award honors selected businesses for having been operated in a highly ethical manner. The award recognizes the company and encourages businesses to do the best they can do, as in doing so, it benefits everyone.

Aloha Construction Company was recognized for their multiple charitable works throughout their communities, and for their forward thinking company culture. From their partnership with Omni Youth services in which they provided all expense paid Christmas shopping sprees to those children in need, to their efforts in helping grant a wish in sending a child with Congenital Heart Failure with 12 of his friends to their very first Bull’s game, and their work with the Boys and Girls Club in Bloomington, Illinois, they stand out as a great recipient of this Torch Award. Likewise, they were recognized for their generous internal employee incentive programs.

The President and CEO of Aloha Construction stated “We are proud to win this prestigious award.” Noting they never set out doing these deeds to receive any acknowledgement, it does still feel good being recognized. He also stated “It is humbling when people notice”, and “The Torch award is another way we can show our customers the dedication we have to them”.