The Manse on Marsh Welcomes The Expertise Of New CEO Bernhardt


The Manse on Marsh in California’s central coastal area is pleased to announce the hiring of a new Chief Executive Officer, Farron Bernhardt. Farron brings over three decades of experience to the table. He has been working with the housing authority in Nevada for many years. He understands the in and out of the process and how things work. The CEO has many challenges and Farron Bernhardt is happy to take them on. As the CEO, Farron will be looking for the overall running of the facility to make sure things are in order. He will make sure everyone is treated fairly and that all staff is supportive of the residents and facility. The Manse is happy to have the expertise of Farron and hopes for many years in the partnership.


Farron is walking into a facility with a high ranking. He will do his best to make sure the facility remains one of the top facilities in the state of California. He is responsible for following the laws and regulations for his position. He will make sure all of the inspections are done regularly to keep each resident safe and sound. Farron will also be making suggestions on any changes to the facility. He and his family are proud of his new position and wish him great things to come. The Manse on Marsh is looking forward to seeing what he will bring to the table.


Each assisted living resident has the opportunity to join in on the group activities at the facility. Board games are not the only thing happening. The facility hosts cookouts, receptions, parties for holidays and just because of they want to days. They have arts and crafts sessions that everyone enjoys. They also have a wonderful exercise program that helps the seniors stay in shape. Exercise is very good for everyone. It helps the seniors regain lost flexibility and strength. The exercise programs are geared for the seniors so they are safe. Each person will join the groups that fit their needs and abilities the most.


The apartments at the Manse on Marsh are set up for comfort, and pictures can be sought on The Manse Blog of available apartments in the surrounding area. Each resident is able to choose their own decorations and color palates for their homes. Each resident is lucky enough to have a weekly maid to clean their area and someone to do their laundry. The Manse is happy that they keep happy residents and happy family members by extending the welcome and hospitality everyone deserves.  All you have to do is contact The Manse on Marsh through their website, or on social media including the Facebook page.

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