Jingdong Company Who Is Quick To Adopt Modern Technology For Better Efficiency


One of the greatest success stories of recent times in the business world is that of the founder of JD.com, also known as Jingdong Mall, the second largest e-commerce portal in China, Richard Liu Qiangdong. He started his restaurant right after completing his education from the China Europe International Business School, but it was a huge flop. Later on, Richard Liu Qiangdong started selling health and wellness products, which worked well for a while before he thought of starting his own business. It is when he started a store in Beijing that sold magneto-optical products. With time, the business grew, and it made it easier for him to introduce new products in his inventory.


Richard Liu Qiangdong worked hard to achieve success, and he never lost hope even in the time of adversity. Richard Liu Qiangdong recently gave an interview in which he said that the first thing that the entrepreneurs should do today is to focus on integrating technology with their business. It would make it easier for the business to be cost-effective as well as more efficient.


Richard Liu Qiangdong has made Jingdong one of the most high-tech e-commerce companies in the world that has the largest AI infrastructure in the world with drone and robotic delivery system.


Recently, Jingdong also tested driverless delivery with its new autonomous truck. The company is also the first to adopt modern technology when it comes to delivering of packages. It is already testing drones to deliver packages to remote areas and is also looking to add more drones to their delivery fleet. Go To This Page for related information.


JD.com has become one of the largest retail companies in the world and second only to Alibaba in China. In terms of consumer electronics, the company ranks very high and boasts the largest inventory in the electronic segment. Jingdong Mall also runs fully automatic warehouses and is expected to transform most of its warehouses to autonomous.


But, it does not mean that the company is not generating jobs. Even today, most of its delivery is being done by its excellent fleet of delivery persons while the drones are being used for the parts that are inaccessible to them.


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Richard Liu Qiangdong Started His Business To Help Family

JD.com offers grown to be the country’s most significant on the web direct sales firm in conditions of deal quantity. In 2014, JD. com got market talk about of fifty-four. 3 percent and was listed upon NASDAQ on, May 22, 2014. Under Qiangdong Liu’s command, JD. com listed in 2014 and by 2016 was the initial Chinese Internet company to help make the Fortune 500 Businesses list. JD. Com is regarded as the 3rd largest internet business internationally and the biggest retailer in China simply by income.


As opposed to various other dominating Chinese é-commerce brands, JD. com made a definite practice of finding products straight from suppliers and reselling to it is buyers instead of offering the platform to market straight but departing the handling of items to outdoors delivery businesses. Visit This Page for related information


This covering practice enables JD to verify the authenticity of products offered, increasing customer rely upon China’s wary e-commerce market. This concentrate on integrity and dependability offers been the driver for JD’s staggering development in China’s vast marketplace. Consequently, Richard Liu’s retail technique and model are credited to get the country’s boom in e-commerce.


The first stage to attaining JD’s global ambition, Liu said, is usually to provide popular international brands to China to ensure that consumers can get what they need without heading overseas. The next step is certainly to take “ excellent Chinese language brands” to overseas marketplaces, he stated. “The initial cause We began my business is that I needed to generate income for the purpose of my grandma, ” Richard Liu stated, speaking in what this individual knew as “Suina English”, after his hometown in China’s Jiangsu province.


“She was unfortunately sick in those days and the lady needed lots of money for the medicine, yet we’d necessary. ” From those attempting times, Liu has generated JD right into a firm with a market valuation around US$67bil, that employs regarding 162, 500 employees and has begun to get abroad as an element of an idea to expand beyond China.


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Richard Liu’s Online Success



Richard Liu Qiangdong was born on 10th March 1973. Liu Qiangdong is a well-known Chinese internet entrepreneur. He is the mind behind JD.Com., popularly known as Jingdong mall which is one of the leading online companies in China. His parents are in the shipping business which can explain Richard’s interest.



Liu Qiangdong studied sociology in the People’s University of China which was well recognized for having the best political connections of the Chinese elites. He graduated with his degree in 1996, and he later got his masters from the China Europe International Business School. He did this because his interest in politics as a young man was evident and growing apart from getting his degree, Liu also took his free time and invested in learning about computer programming.



Richard has faced challenges as an online entrepreneur like all other businesses. The trends are changing with people’s preferences slowly shifting from one brand which previously covered a large percentage of consumers, to a more personal taste and unique brands. This has brought about the need to diversify into numerous brands causing challenges to the business.


Product line partnerships

JD.com seeks to be a unique one by not providing sales alone. The brand’s channel and official websites are sometimes incorporated into the system to cover everything across the board. However, it is not only JD that practices this but other platforms and distributor channels as well.


An upgrade in the system is well needed in order to cover the marketing aspects for various channels. Simply put, it is a three in one; an inventory, one brand one price. This ensures that both online and offline prices are similar because both the inventory and the brand are the same. All three were different save for the brand. That is, the online, offline stores and e-commerce stores kept different inventories. Get Additional Information Here.


The system is therefore aimed at simply strengthening the already existing supply chain. For instance, previously, one could order a product online in a different city and had to wait for it to be shipped. This could take a while. The same product could be found in the same town, but offline. So today shipping from the same city is possible.


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The JOY Of Christmas From JD.com


It’s been some time since I have seen an advertisement as cute as the video featuring what must be the cutest corporate mascot, Chinese online-retailer JD.com’s JOY, bringing Christmas magic alongside cultural icon of cuteness, Hello Kitty. This year, around three-hundred million consumers in China will experience the joy Hello Kitty brings. This is thanks to a partnership between JD.com and Sanrio.


On December 22nd of 2018, China’s largest online retailer, JD.com, launched a special sales promotion featuring these two adorable furry friends in holiday themed outfits. They also launched some precious Hello Kitty-themed merchandise from a wide variety of brands. These are all available from their online platform.


JD.com believes in “enabling consumers to buy whatever they want, whenever and wherever they want it.” In this spirit, which they call “Boundaryless Retail”, they are installing an interactive photobooth in the popular Wangfujin APM shopping mall in Beijing, China. Customers will be able to take a selfie with JOY and Hello Kitty and then scan a QR code that will take them to JD.com’s promotion.


Head of Marketing at JD.com, Jipeng Men says, “We are delighted to be able to leverage our platform’s extensive offerings to bring Hello Kitty closer to over 300 million consumers across China this holiday season. As we advance our Boundaryless Retail vision, we look forward to bringing other beloved characters to our customers, providing a truly interactive and engaging shopping experience, no matter where they choose to shop.”


JD.com has a long history of joining forces with a wide range of companies and franchises. These include brands such as LINE FRIENDS, Warner Bro.’s Justice League and even Walmart. JD is in a great position to help brands reach a wide range of consumers across various platforms. View Additional Info Here.


With all of these avenues, JD.com is pushing to be one of the most successful companies in the world. They clearly are striving to be in touch with consumers as well as helping brands become even more recognized. The advertisement video does a fantastic job of showing their relationship with their business partners and consumers.


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The Oustanding Ability Of JD.com’s Corporate Responsibility

Jingdong is a proven Chinese based company that provide millions of products to consumers. All people have to do is log online to this site to find the products and services they desire. Jingdong or JD.com has been providing this service since 1998 when ti was formally known as 360buy. Today, Jingdong is a leading retail organization. It has hundred of millions of consumers as clients.


One of the most important aspects of Jingdong is their corporate responsibility. People might not realize this but all corporations hold themselves and other companies to a high standard of excellence. These organizations must ensure that they are developing, marketing and selling products in a way that works within the environment.


Jingdong makes sure that their products are meeting standards established by environmental organizations. They are also working to ensure that they are not causing distress to the communities that they serve. Jingdong supports the environment and it also helps to alleviate poverty through its multi-faceted sustainable platforms. Jingdong helps to eliminate poverty through job creation, business ventures and product sales. They also provide education and other resources that helps to get people employed.


Jingdong Mall was honored with SEAL Business Sustainability Award for their outstanding corporate responsibility. This award is typically given to a chosen company from around the world who shows outstanding work in in the area of corporate work.


Jingdong wants to contribute to society. They know that partnering with communities will allow them to make a difference in the lives of people all over China and in surrounding territories. Corporate responsibility should never be taken lightly by any organization. All companies must make it a point to give back to communities they do business with and that they represent.


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Making A Success Of Singles day With JD.com


Beginning 1st November to 11th JD.com held its Singles Day Shopping Festival and it was a resounding success with the store reporting a sales volume of up to US$23 billion. During this year’s event, the company worked hand in hand with physical stores working with them to supply customers. This year Jingdong supplied items from a large number of categories including Electronics, mobile phones, Fresh food, Home and Living, Cosmetics and travel and lifestyle.



From this event, it was clear that Chinese buyers are interested in global products and imported goods with live 12 tons of live Canadian Lobster sold during the event. Brands like Dell, Apple L’Oréal and Pampers performing very well. Imported goods from Japan, the United States of America, the Netherlands along with South Korea were very popular during the shopping extravaganza. CEO Lei Xu commented on this noting that buyers were now more open to buying imported and branded items.



Jingdong’s “Fast Moving Consumer Goods” and Foods division sold over 400 million items including beverages, toilets and packaged foods. Compared to last year this year the company sold two times more items with over 29,500 tonnes of meat, seafood and vegetables sold. J.D.com also reported an increase in the sale of the locally made premium smartphones with certain brands selling double what they sold last year. Home furnishings and decor along with a host of other items classified under home and living sold up to 25 million. Read This Article for more information.



The company has been working on opening up its platform to other retailers and already 600 stores are using the JD.com to advertise sales at their stores. Jingdong also came up with a game that in which customers could exchange the steps they walked for products. 200,000 stores took part in the game and so did 200 brands. On Singles Day Jingdong Mall opened a 7FRESH store, the company’s offline food supermarket, in Langfang, Hebei Province. In the first hour, the supermarket received 10,000 shoppers.



About JD.com


JD.com or as known by many in China as Jingdong Mall, is an online retail store that was established in 1998 by Richard Liu. Jingdong uses high tech delivery methods including drones and robots. Its logistical network covers 99% of China.



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Richard Liu Qiangdong Interview On The Future of JD.com, Long-term Plans For Growth


The popular product that people buy from JD.com in recent years have been consumer goods, food, and also fashion. JD.com have 500 logistic centers which is probably more than Amazon, and their website gives the commitment of a delivery in under either 6 hours or 20 hours, depending on where you live in China, according to CEO and founder Richard Liu Qiangdong.


The delivery process in Beijing is such that they only need about three hours. It is called “3-3-1”, in other words if you order before 5:00 then you will get the product by 10pm. If you order by 1am, you will get it next day. They treat all customers the same, and there is no hierarchy for delivery depending on social status; Even Richard Liu gets the same delivery speed as a customer).


An interview called “An Insight, An Idea” sits down with Richard Liu to discuss his career and how he has transformed the retail industry. His company JD.com is now one of the largest retailers in all of China and it has been very successful.


As one of the wealthier people in China, being wealthy is more of a sense of responsibility because you have power in your hands to grow yourself, your company, and society at the same time simultaneously: that is what Richard Liu Qiangdong would like to do. He jokes that most of his friends are wealthy now. All of his classmates were hardworking people, and regardless of what they do for a living they ended up pretty well.


In terms of goals of expanding into the United States, Richard Liu states that the goal JD.com is bring the best products from around the world into China. The second step is to go Southeast Asia, and then Europe and Asia. The company has four core companies. Refer to This Article for additional information.


His company has weekly meetings with WeChat, and in terms of growth and expansion is looking to switch Richard Liu Qiangdong’s business strategies depending on how each region of the world works. The economy grew over 8% in the past four years and may drop down to a more reasonable level in the coming year. Richard Liu says that they will help users and supplies services to become better during this time, help their suppliers grow, and quality grow as well like better profitability to shareholders.


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Richard Liu Qiangdong: Eyes On International Business


The online retail landscape in China has changed dramatically over the years. Since it was first created in 2004 JD.com has grown to be the number one retailer for the Chinese public. This successful company is headed up by Richard Liu Qiangdong.


Recently Richard Liu sat down and participated in the interview with Mr. Rubenstein who represented Weforum.org. The interview can be located under the moniker “An Insight, an Idea with Richard Liu”. One of the first things that Mr. Rubenstein wants to know about in the interview is where Richard Liu came up with the idea to create JD.com. He explains that JD.com is simply the online continuance of his brick-and-mortar location Jingdong Mall.


This is where Mr. Rubenstein wants to get more information about his previous business with Jingdong Mall. Richard Liu tells him about the foundation of Jingdong Mall in 1998. He explains that the business was originally created because he had a sick family member that needed medication. Unfortunately, the family business had failed, and they were out of money. He needed a way to bring in more money. This is when he started a computer technology business. In 2003 the business was in danger of going under because of a SARS epidemic. This is when he decided to move in the business to an online format. He tells Mr. Rubenstein that this was one of the best decisions that he has made as a businessman. Find Related Information Here.


Today, JD.com is worth substantially more money than it was at the beginning. In fact, it is valued at more than $50 billion. Citizens all over China use JD.com to order anything from computer parts to food. Richard Liu explains that citizens can receive their items in as little as three hours. The maximum shipping time for his items is 20 hours. He states that even people in the United States can receive these items. They are not going to have the amazing shipping time that Chinese citizens are able to obtain but they can receive the outstanding products. Liu Quiangdong hopes in the future he can expand the operation to include better shipping times for international customers.



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