Michael Hagele Mountain Biking Prep

Michael Hagele has experience in a number of different fields, some of which include negotiating, drafting, and closing various types of agreements, particularly in the internet, telecommunications, software, and hardware industries. His wide range of experience makes him the perfect person to turn to for outside counsel, which is what his current job is. Hagele provides outside counsel for several technology companies. He is also an avid investor, primarily in technology companies that are in the early stages of development.

While his day job keeps him plenty busy, Michael Hagele makes it a priority to get some sort of physical exercise each day. His activity of choice, which he tries to do each afternoon, is mountain or road biking. For Hagele, it is during this time that he is able to clear his mind and come up with new solutions that will best meet his client’s needs. View Michael Hagele’s profile at linkedin.com

Michael Hagele is a mountain biking guru who holds a vast amount of knowledge of the sport, making him the perfect candidate to provide advice to anyone who might be interested in learning about it. According to Michael Hagele, preparation is key, and he offers a number of suggestions to beginners on how and what to prepare.

First, Hagele says that it is critical to start with a quality equipment. Beginners should look for a bike with a dual suspension system, disc breaking, and a hydraulic seat post dropper. Having these features isn’t mandatory to mountain biking, but it will certainly make the ride a lot smoother and, therefore, enjoyable. Second, he suggests that novice bikers be prepared with personal equipment and clothing. These items would include a comfortable helmet that fits properly; a pair of reliable clipless shoes; lightweight and breathable clothing; and, a good water bottle that fits into the bike clip. Third, he suggests that beginners should prepare physically for their ride. Since mountain biking gets the heart pumping, it is important for beginners to be in decent physical shape before they hit the mountain. The best way to accomplish this, is by cross-training. Additionally, before hitting the mountain it is important to fuel and warm up the body. The last tip that Michael Hagele gives is to prepare for the environmental elements. For example, if it is going to rain, you will want to be prepared for that.

Mountain biking can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to. If beginners follow Michael Hagele’s advice, they are sure to have an enjoyable experience that will leave them coming back for more. Check: https://www.instagram.com/michael_hagele/



Event Highlights The Amazing Career And Contributions Of Judge Marco Antonio Marques da Silva

PUC-Sao Paulo honored judge Marco Antonio Marques da Silva on April 1st. The judge was in attendance when it was announced that one of the auditoriums at Perdizes Campus was named after him. It’s worth noting that the judge is a professor at the institution. He teaches criminal law.


Dirceu de Mello, who is the president of the university, hosted the ceremony. He gave a speech, in which he praised the judge’s character and said that he (the judge) is always on hand ready to help with anything and everything. The president continued to say the decision to name one of the new auditoriums after the judge was the right thing to do. This is because Marco Antonio played a crucial role in the development of them.


Another well-known figure at the university gave a speech too, and he praised the judge. Ricardo Sayeg discussed the judge’s career in his speech, pointing out that at the age of 15, Marco Antonio made the decision he wanted a law career.


In 1997, Marco Antonio became a step closer to achieving his dream when he started to attend PUC. He graduated from the university in 1981 but he still pursued various degrees. He earned several degrees from Pontifical Catholic University. He also attended the Faculty of Law, located in Coimbra, in 2005. It was there he earned his post-doctoral degree.


In 1983, Marco Antonio became a member of the State Judiciary. He has worked in multiple counties, including Monte Alto and Palmeira D’Oeste as well as Sao Paulo. His hard work paid off and eventually he became a judge in the Court of Appeals. Sayeg’s speech included mentions of the judge’s literary work. He said the judge authored over 30 articles and over 10 books.


Marco Antonio Marques da Silva took to the stage and thanked his friends, family and God. He mentioned how he is a man who strongly values education, family, friends and justice. Marco Antonio said he has strong values in those because he believes nothing is accomplished alone. He went on to give thanks to his sister, wife and his mother as well as his two daughters.